Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Good door lock, it is the one link with live the life the most important alone

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Looked last night ” door lock ” , there is film to show the setting that come out in up-to-date brain. Hit in Shenzhen as go all out, the person that hires a room to move more than 9 times comes, a lot of setting in the film have era to enter very much feeling, compare reality even more make a person impressive. The friend that knows me knows, I like drama to appear not quite, especially new piece. Everybody impressions is different, to the work achievement of others, if have fun at to this topic,can look. Just objective for, mirror the film of problem of real woman safety so, you also cannot ask it very realistically, very comprehensive, want to be able to have little caution effect to us only so already very valuable. Before seeing a movie, I had seen a few criticisms, someone says, this film is right ” of female safety topic use up ” , the extract that because reveal,comes out is very few. Also someone says female advocate reaction too not accord with actual logic, when the bad person that knows Zheng Fei is staking good friend, prep before chooses past person’s little place desert however in dining-room hall, is this farther from safety? Actually this just is the expressional gimmick of cinematics, gut is otherwise direct big ending, what do we see. Return somebody to give play directly, without giving thought to gut, performance, spit the Eight Diagrams in groovy actor reality directly, move toward the opposite that love me from this, what is bad. Such viewpoint more not objective.

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In fact in film no matter camera lens is behaved, the actor’s deduction, returning be phonic effect collocation is pretty good, to me very strong generation is entered several paragraphs feeling, still have a bit even small fearsome. Reside a phenomenon alone now more and more general, the youth is hit in big city go all out to be resided alone, parental old person is resided alone in native place, peep, pinhole is photographed like the head, trip, how ask for help waits similar news a moment not little also. So these year of movie with an existing very much similar and real reaction. To us, see a movie especially, should ponder over this how to choose more, how to ensure the life. I feel to choose to be resided alone without the problem, should encourage brave, but should learn a few safety to ensure knowledge more, whole even society should perfect relevant system, protect us each the individual’s life suffers bit of harm less. Every year a lot of youths choose to leave one’s native place dozen go all out, close hire, be being resided alone is inevitable choice. I feel the movies of this subject matter still should look, want to understand at least, outer reside alone must raise safe consciousness.

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