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Original title: ” 39 ” premonitory and open! The real romance of mature woman and friendship are touched indefinitely be about to spread out ” aircraft medical service ” Cai Song and come back eventually! Tian Meidou hand in hand Allah of Jin Zhixian, Sun Yi performs teleplay ” 39 ” will be about to meet with everybody in Feburary 2022! JTBC new teleplay ” 39 ” by ” Run On ” assistant director Jin Shanghao and ” boy friend ” coact of playwrite Liu Ying Ya, what happen one this when shortly will enter the good boudoir honey that tells about 3 to be known in high school 40 years old year is a chain of be full of deepness about friendship, love and life the actual Luo Man of like a rising wind and scudding clouds history.

20211231125150 61cefce67a1a1

” 39 ” the harangue is caused on the network after the message that acts the leading role by Tian Meidou, Jin Zhixian and Sun Zhen certainly comes out. What make public from a few days ago is premonitory in illuminating, can see the happy face of old boudoir honey is in 3 actors seem of sunshine beamed below more show dazzling, the warm atmosphere that give out comes loose to also make an audience more curious in the photograph the content of drama anthology can be made with what kind of means appear.

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Sun Yi is really in drama personate Changjiang Delta the dean of clinic of a dermatological department ” Che Meizu ” it is a warmth of from time to time sometimes special cruel, be brought up not to need to admire the person of others below rich environment. In the Sun Yizhen in stage photo sturdy eyes shows the nature with a sedate part. The person of fashionable whole world enraged afterwards 2019 teleplay ” the crash of love ” hind the Sun Yizhen that Kui violates 2 years to hold the position of a main actor again is received played the role with him age conform to, in 80 hind in Korea actress exclusive one wins film award how will she of vole explain Che Meizu the curiosity that this part also arouses many audiences.

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Tian Meidou criterion personate dreams to become an actor, however reality not from, become acting teacher finally ” Zheng Canying ” . Although Zheng Canying talks very poisonous tongue, because wait for person sincerity,always let a person be fed up with her without method so nevertheless. Tian Meidou is challenged this with oneself disposition slightly discrepant part, the deep acting that accumulates in melodrama and the living theatre and ” quick-witted doctor lives ” in accumulative person energy of life makes a lot of audiences special expect Tian Meidou to be behaved mediumly in new theatrical work, and ” 39 ” whether can let her also was caused many attention again by the favour of the audience.

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Finally is Jin Zhixian is in drama personate disposition is scrupulous, had not talked about cosmetic of department store of a love truly up to now brand manager ” Zhang Zhuxi ” . The just of frown and smile that Jin Zhixian is full of cure is good with expect to write can be in the talks about a good love finally pure disposition of 30 generation happens to have the same view. Reach in melodrama likewise with Tian Meidou there is the Jin Zhixian that writes rich experience on the living theatre, relatively a few more unfamiliar to the audience of teleplay, expect she can be passed through ” 39 ” the impression that gives an audience profundity, also will see henceforth Jin Zhixian is on work of movie and TV more expression.

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