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Original title: Saw 25 market ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , my mood is complex, these 3 villain in drama in wanting to be drama are querulous At present till ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” always broadcasted a quantity to had exceeded 2.6 billion, this data is taken, become absolutely case ” explode end of the year paragraph ” 4 big character. But say really, this drama sees the 25th market, I pour pair of leading role Xu Feng year without how old good impression, how to look after all, he is person of a tool, will string together namely use. Even occasionally, xu Feng year style of a few act, I do not look at all. Instead is a few nobodies in drama, instead is the experience of character of a few brims in drama, look to let me sob unceasingly, so this article, I want to be these a few nobodies to cry rough!

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The first is Lin Tanhua! Why I can have good opinion so to Lin Tanhua, is actually main reason Lin Tanhua don’t have err what? Tell really, at the beginning Lintan spends single person be equal to the horse goes to north cool Wang Fu, want He Xufeng year controversy, and even Xu Feng of assassinate of final Lin Tanhua year.

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I feel his motive does not have a fault. After all the king with a monstrous ascendancy as form of a address for an official or rich man, at the moment still prepares ” not replace hereditarily ” , the Lin Tanhua that passes book of sages and men of virtue to reading, this is a country thief, this is the person that kills surely.

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All will look from this motive, I am to feel Lin Tanhua did not have err, xu Feng year, xu Xiao should be killed really! A bookman, go to for the cardinal principles of righteousness in him heart dead, I feel this is heroic behavior! As to from the back, lin Tanhua lives to protect oneself Home Lin, must not take Yu Xufeng gamely year, must become the bodyguard beside him, from the point of this, this also is behavior of big filial piety. Arrive again from the back bulrush swings one battle, almost all bodyguard are feeling a fish, only Lintan spends one person is to be in really desperately, have him only one person is the true acceptance in carry out him travel.

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Till final Lin Tanhua is mixed igneous armour perish together, say really, when seeing this one act, I am what the gentleman act that is spent by Lintan really moved. One Yan Si horse chases after gentleman hard, he does not see even if go up Xu Feng year, but he promised to want to protect Xu Feng year, aux would rather the life that gives oneself also will not grudge. Strong this one gentleman is magnanimous swing, develop this one cardinal principles of righteousness, I feel Lin Tanhua is this drama in most grievance, most carry case ” gentleman ” the person of 2 words. So his dead, I am held out really regretful, after all the level that Wen Nengda spends to explore, fierce can arrive the 2 degree that taste ace, this person gets a versatile person of above paragraphs fierce!

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The 2nd is the Zhao Jie of Liu Duanduan personate! I feel this part also subdues Zhao Jie a bit, act not just, return the one’s lot because of Zhao Jie, and make a group, hold out really denounce of happy event. About Zhao Jie’s one’s life experience, actually everybody was clear about, royal illegitimate child, was put to be in on Yin Xuegong, what what he thinks is with emperor child the identity sees light again, leave Yang Huang as to contention therefore.

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But be an illegitimate child after all, and power only power is thin, so his act style, a bit bizarre. Especially Zhao Jie in come across of dragon tiger hill Xu Long resembles this part, can die person laugh simply. Originally he encounters Xu Long to resemble, it is to prepare to start work bloodguilty, after all wife’s younger brother is not killed, killing a wife’s younger brother also is possible.

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But who ever thought, had not waited for him this idea expression comes out, the division of master Zhao day that Xu Long resembles appeared suddenly. See Zhao Tian division, zhao Jie identifies Song immediately. Zhao Tian division lets him apologize, he is an apology not just, that is immediately darling genuflect come down, still pulling Jin Jia one case even genuflect come down.

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Had not said satisfaction in Zhao day division when, zhao Jie asked again unexpectedly: “Otherwise my knock? ” it is this word, make Zhao day division directly won’t, had seen Song, had not seen so of Song, division of final Zhao day can put Zhao Jie go only. And this detail, also be I like Zhao Jie most one of reasons of this part, as emperor child, can Qu Nengshen, this is the act of v/arc true man completely. And this character, also be ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in I feel the most interesting, a the most humorous character, do you feel?

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The 3rd is pacify king father! When seeing this play, everybody is Cong Xuxiao, cong Xufeng year angle goes who judging is good person, who is hellion. But say really, change an angle to see this play, we can discover, the everybody that comes on the stage in drama, do not have the cent of what stand or fall, have the branch of footing only. For instance pacify king as form of a address for an official or rich man this part, cong Xufeng year for angle, it is a hellion absolutely. Especially the one battle that pacify king as form of a address for an official or rich man to swing a design in bulrush, it is flawless simply, serpentine and sinister.

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But the angle that as form of a address for an official or rich man from pacify king will tell, I feel pacify king father is designed this, that is wonderful unsurpassed. Cong Xufeng year the princess that dallies with him intentionally, to pacify king father promises Zhao Jie, a layout, and even from the back he sends a princess with one’s own hands. Work the plan that field bulrush swings, it seems that everything is in Xu Feng year the palm accuses in, actually, true chess player, right play chess person should be pacify king father. Can say if want to kill Xu Feng really,pacify king as form of a address for an official or rich man even year, one battle swings in bulrush, he has this actual strength. So final Xu Feng Nianan ins good health like that leave green city, still took away pacify princess even, can say only, all these is the program that pacify king father has planned. Let leave in relief royalty satisfactory already, also did not rip turn against with boreal cool king truly, so in the final analysis, where of pacify king father is what hellion. His idea is mixed actually Xu Xiao is same, just be the territory under one’s control that wants to protect oneself, just be to think a mu to defend his 3 distribute land just.

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And pacify king as form of a address for an official or rich man this part, most most let my fear after the event is, xu Feng year why to ask he wants and oneself son grabs a woman? The answer that pacify king as form of a address for an official or rich man is: “I see this woman be not appeared, ability goes beside should put her to me of course! ” odd from this, can understand actually why pacify king father can contend for emperor, this calculation is in, it is a disastrous character really, it is a character that cannot despise really. So summary looks, this ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , have really too much and too much be worth to relapse the character of deliberate. Instead is Xu Feng year this leading role, without what connotation, deserve the place of deliberate without what. The otherwise that says on his mouth touchs blood to walk out of the 3rd road, but taking run of be ashamed of Lin Tanhua, easy, phoenix word from him,this batch of people are set foot on when all corners of the country is itinerary, he had been on the road of that lord that Xu Xiao designs to him. Want lord, must walk beside the person’s skeleton one step by step upgrade climbs!

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Censure Xu Feng face to face when pacify princess so year be ” crocodile tears, true affectation ” when, I am to feel this princess is to hit the nail on the head really. Just regrettablly is, no matter how many person is Xu Feng finally year and dead, he does not agree to admit his from the person that is an affectation at the beginning. So one look, instead is Lin Tanhua, Zhao Jie and pacify king father this batch of costar want than him a few truer, do you feel? Civil / the recreational diary of fine fine? Achieve Piao article copyright formerly: The recreational diary of fine fine asks what do not have any forms to reprint without accredit

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