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Original title: ” does knife of the bold in snow go ” is Chen Xiliang divine secondary attack? Ever was abjection student, big ending changes boreal Liang adviser! Article of # of travel of knife of the bold in # Zhang Reyun snow / Luo Xiaoke is hoped by Zhang Reyun, Li Geng, the teleplay of the Zhang Tianai, main actor such as Li Chun ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” heating up sow, this drama big Ga gathers the hotspot is full, told about Xu Feng of children of old and well-known family year the story that experiences the decay after cross to become boreal Liang king. Of Zhang Reyun personate is hero Xu Feng year, he is the children of old and well-known family of highbred, apparently cheesy unruly, actually abdomen has fine to seek, jeopardy when however ability pulls raging waves. Each part in drama has distinguishing feature each, besides Xu Feng year beside ” female bosom friend ” people outside having the effect that hold the balance, chen Xiliang of cold door children also is the career god secondary attack of hero. So is Chen Xiliang what kind of person also? He once was one interpose the poor student of abjection be frustrated, dan Han sparkles after window mug, can a thousand li of decide the issue of the battle. In dedicate oneself to the service of one’s motherland after temple debate, he and Xu Feng year feel like old friends at the first meeting, two people become the bosom friend of keep no secrets from each other to hold a good friend concurrently, mutual appreciation and favour sb, first what big ending became boreal Liang adviser!

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In origianl work novel, to Chen Xiliang the depict of this character has pen of very few number only, but his extraordinary to having however boreal Liang sense. In know a world child Xu Feng year before, chen Xiliang is one interpose the poor student of have too many problems to deal with, but he left warm trace however live than oneself even the little girl of tired out. And this little girl is known be thankful, she regarded him as already the family member in life. So why is Chen Xiliang humanness so gentle and kind? Although he draws near without a single cent or penny personally, flounder and drift from place to place were experienced countless times in the life, mix tastily from what take a scholar easy, bellyful talent however from beginning to end nowhere put to good use, so-called a lot of money begs Bai Le easily to be searched hard is also.

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And destiny still thick needed this abjection talent, xu Feng Nianhui eye is known bead, he the talent of special appreciation Chen Xiliang, put forward to want to take him to answer boreal Liang effectiveness, it is hero career those who go up is left arm sword arm. A few years when make are appreciated in boreal Liang be in power, chen Xiliang spare no effort in the performance of one’s duty, relative strength is in person, he made this land gradually noisy rise bright read book sound. However, when adviser this road is not plain sailing, the process also was full of mix zigzag hardships, chen Xiliang is opposite after all Xu Feng year it is loyal and devoted, he auxes would rather mountain forest putting in concealed ‘s charge, also not be willing to plan plan strategy to leave Yang Shizu.

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Till Xu Feng the year’s harvest is new allow boreal Liang queen, chen Xiliang gives mountain once more, show an ability hard, become the strongest adviser beside him and humerus official, it is the most outstanding among all adviser that. Can say Xu Feng year decay course all the way bramble and flower, and Chen Xiliang is best bosom friend absolutely, the most reliable existence, still have the most dependable bosom friend. Say, reading is to lead to the highest road in the soul, all the different kind all inferior reads only tall. Probably, read to make you rich certainly but enemy state, but the cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine that reading is lowermost cost certainly.

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the cold door children that can depend on to having a branch especially, reading is the armor of counteractive hardships of a journey or of one’s life, it is that sweet candy in agonized life, let you can look up at stars from beginning to end in darkness, live to enlighten finally that bundle of oneself light. Mr Yang Jiang once, your problem does not depend on wanting too much, and depend on reading too little. The Chen Xiliang of the person that above average in the scholar, he can be walked out of from inside lowliness, those who lean is bellyful talent and wisdom. Probably, outstanding soul always is whacking likeness, ku of fine silk fabrics of their crack oneself up, flunky of one each chamfer, the view that is modesty nevertheless stopped, actually is low-key have actual strength however. Everybody is close people, you how does look upon Zhang Reyun, Li Geng hope, the main actor teleplay such as Zhang Tianai, Li Chun ” does knife of the bold in snow go ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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