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Original title: Leave sweet the chance that bestows favor on drama is not much Author / Bei Bo recently, city romance is sweet bestow favor on drama ” fine character is enjoyable ” VIP receives an official, sweet 2021 the market that bestow favor on drama also comes to an end subsequently. ” fine character is enjoyable ” open the Yanzhi that sows Luo Yunxi of earlier Ceng Yin, Cheng Xiao and person energy of life to attract partial audience, subsequently because set is set, gut demon changes, wait for a problem mussily logically, its broadcast consequence to still stay in vermicelli made from bean starch to encircle a layer, it is in the market competition of big play of year end much ministry and a dark horse, the trend is dim, valve of the beans before this a list of plays gives a mark 4.8 minutes.

20211231125309 61cefd35739a7

Art favour data ” field of market of 2021 homebred drama considers to report ” show, the line on 2021 annual is homebred drama anthology 341, among them most constant with ” sweet bestow favor on ” the love of elemental photograph correlation, ancient costume and drama of city subject matter, hold with 30 % , 22.3 % , 17.6 % respectively drama anthology broadcasted 2021 the amount occupies before comparing 3. Farewell is considered sweet this year the market that bestow favor on drama, from ” when you smile very beautiful ” ” collect love not carefully ” , to ” the Imperial College came a female child ” ” see admire ” , arrive again sweet this year the work that bestows favor on drama to receive an official ” Qing Qing my heart ” and ” fine character is enjoyable ” , sweet although the market that bestow favor on drama is hot, although the amount is much, effects public praise fares badly more however, each are big in pop chart sheet, those who rank front row is sweet bestowing favor on drama is very few more, before be fond of is being savoured with what the audience upgrades in big play competition, still be ” below ” . “Critical point ” change all the time since, sweet the romantic love story that bestows favor on drama to depend on relaxed and simple figure relationship and relaxed Gao Tian, make the way of scramble for sth of drama market market, expand one of main force of drama market field gradually, be in however a lot of and coessential turn work under concussion, the audience begins to produce visual exhaustion. This year is found a party 100 years, anthology of many thematic drama comes in great numbers, heat and public praise all were harvested not common expression, be in diffuse continuously to young group and produce long end effect, the audience is right sweet the visual exhaustion that bestows favor on drama is below the concussion of all much great theatrical work reach critical point.

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2021 beginning, told about arousal time 100 condition life and teachers anew of the historical picture scroll that literacy campaign, May 4th movement of 1919 builds to the Chinese Communist ” arousal time ” , average every market viewing rate 1.241% , break free from conventions the audience encircles a layer, be held in both hands by youth heat. Broadcast subsequently ” hill sea affection ” ” ideal and beamed China ” ” exploit ” wait for the high quality such as great revolution, great history, great reality drama of thematic movie and TV gives a group again and again, lifted a discussion upsurge. Be in a lot of and high grade below the converging attack of big play, gather is all sweet the advantage that bestow favor on drama, have ” play of idol of the Taiwan 15 years ago ” of reprint say ” collect love not carefully ” , and ” a change in form but not in content ” He Aojiao of girl of ancient costume useless bavin father of king of fine silk fabrics Ku is sweet of interesting love story ” Qing Qing my heart ” appear especially bleak.

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The cloud adds up to data to show, TOP10 of grading of valve of beans of new theatrical work is medium on H1 2021, cut market of 8 minutes of drama in all 9, have sweet the drama anthology that bestows favor on an element only ” drive grants small Wu to make ” 1, at present fabaceous valve gives a mark 8 minutes; And drama of thematic subject matter takes 4 place, among them, drama of the assault fortified positions that take off deficient ” hill sea affection ” at present fabaceous valve gives a mark 9.2 minutes, revolutionary history drama ” arousal time ” fabaceous valve gives a mark 9.3 minutes, go up in nearly 5 years platoon of new homebred drama concentration is advanced 3. TOP10 of grading of valve of beans of new theatrical work is medium on Q3 this year, pure sweet bestow favor on subject matter drama to not was in sheet of a list of names posted up, contain sweet bestow favor on elemental drama anthology, have theatrical work of ancient costume love only ” Zhou Shengru reason ” with contemporary city drama ” so I love you very much ” in the row, grading of current beans valve mixes 7 minutes for 7.2 minutes respectively. And in Q3 entire network serials broadcasts bully screen a list of names posted up effectively in, sweet bestow favor on subject matter ” the honor that you are me ” broadcast 2.085 billion rows effectively the 2nd, city is occupied rate for 2.59% , current beans valve gives a mark 6.8 minutes. Annual heat a list of names posted up, sweet bestow favor on drama only also ” the honor that you are me ” in the row.

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From the above-listed data can see, the change of the be fond of watching opera of the audience is not temporarily, practical subject matter erupts, high grade thematic drama anthology bully screen, the audience watchs the interest of drama and preference move, this was brought up on certain foundation sweet before bestowing favor on drama to still reside each platform discharge, hot however and not igneous phenomenon. Cognitive deviation is sweet the depart that bestow favor on drama at play of traditional and green idol, and green idol play belongs to love drama limits, extraction of green idol play gives love theatrical work medium ” dream ” ” romantic ” , again will among them ” Gao Tian ” ” bestow favor on be addicted to ” portion waiting for play and attribute enlarge, form sweet bestow favor on. Change character, sweet bestowing favor on drama is platform and foundation of the company that make audience be fond of and market demand again and again the child below perpendicular become divided, melting and relaxed love story and simple figure relationship are his main characteristic. The cloud adds up to data to show, the 2021 users that 4 big platform watch settle on to sow drama newly alone first half of the year, average age is controlled in 29.5 years old, the female is occupied than be in 63% to 69% between. No matter from the user habit or user keep base look, the female with exquisite affection suffers numerous became sweet bestow favor on drama view main force.

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From in recent years change of drama market field is knowable, subject matter breach is changing forever, after a domain reachs saturation, the habit of this domain user can be changed naturally also, sweet the Yi Ran that bestow favor on drama, however partial company and platform interest make like that, choosing ignore change currently, bring about the market to produce cognitive deviation to audience be fond of. “Although,at present epidemic situation is affected come out, but policy is tightened up, besides playlet domain, the cost that long video innovates and risk are too big, think so smooth and steady the person that get along is very much, most person is mixed for heat composition Zhang, can output inferior quality play and long video continuously only. This also was quickened sweet set of the gut that bestow favor on drama is coessential change, ‘ complete Malisu ‘ gut is sent more low age change, acting of height of work shortage thought, actor is machine-made wait for a problem, sweet bestowed favor on drama to be affixed accordingly ‘ without the head ‘ ‘ useless ‘ label. But should adapt only proper, still may be born what the actor chooses very much ” the honor that you are me ” same discharge public praise double stop theatrical work, see the play of innovation conversely, innovation drama anthology gets the audience affirms this year also have only ” corvine young lady and lizard gentleman ” give a group with little scope ” drive grants small Wu to make ” two just. ” producer flower spends say. In light of whole, sweet bestowed favor on drama to already made innovation and reform on the foundation with esteem aesthetic audience, and small have result, because,be only epidemic situation, stay behind in ” cognitive deviation ” medium person is relatively some more just. Sale ” a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role ” 2021, below the influence such as epidemic situation and policy, amount of the line on drama anthology presents contractive position, on the other hand, whole of mass of homebred drama anthology changes directional development to high-quality goods, discharge gradually retreat, “Tell good story ” importance is sent more highlight.

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Art favour data shows, drama of TOP10 of index of 2021 year televise is centered, pure sweet those who bestow favor on subject matter is only ” the honor that you are me ” 1, involve sweet the drama that bestows favor on an element has ” Si Teng ” and ” the city barracks and the enclosing walls that you are me ” 2 work; Televise index TOP10 sowed drama alone 2021 in, pure sweet bestow favor on subject matter ” the honor that you are me ” go up again a list of names posted up, involve sweet those who bestow favor on an element is only 1 ” Zhou Shengru reason ” . Woman theme respect, “Small and beautiful ” city woman play ” love is very delicate ” make one of theatrical work of year a dark horse by right of true and light gut. Sow anthology of the drama in a list of names posted up at heat relatively however, each platform heats up search a list of names posted up this year, a lot of low grading, broadcasted the drama part with less quantity to become frequenter, to reflect gut is mixed before the part ” candy ” , beyond the mark sale, gradually a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, encroach different profession domain even, offend numerous anger.

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This year in June, so-called the idol play that is subject matter in order to show life of electric contest player ” when you smile very beautiful ” after broadcasting, because borrowed,professional battle group is taken to mark, ID, team, open bureau speak bluntly to make the issue such as false contest, offend electric contest bottom line, and female advocate the data when entering the court is lower than the reserve, but all attack kill more than 500 wait for gut, insult audience intelligence quotient and electric contest industry. Right now, this drama before this excessive and outstanding sale ” electric contest ” part, and female advocate person of girl of contest of group hype report sets Cheng Xiao to be gathered up to go out by the netizen, mix heavily in original work problem under operation of undeserved beyond the mark sale, ” when you smile very beautiful ” be scolded to go up for many times by public figure of electric contest trade and a lot of netizen hot search, cheng Xiao public praise also by embroil.

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Watch suspense instead sweet bestow favor on drama ” drive grants small Wu to make ” , its are given priority to with explore case, sweet bestow favor on for complementary, “Without the discharge, hair that do not have announce, small funds ” , rely on audience tap water to bring profit only, ceng Chong is divided high 8.4 minutes to fabaceous valve. Content of characters in a play not because of sweet bestow favor on and deliver in syrup overly, below the circumstance that is based on character and times set however, hair affection stops ceremony, relaxed and magnanimous act style lets ” candy ” become more natural and delicate, also be further sweet the innovation reform that bestows favor on drama opens new thinking. From sweet bestow favor on drama to ” candy is divided ” the incident of sale can see, through in recent years countless sweet those who bestow favor on subject matter after bombing wantonly, the audience is right ” candy ” the concept also is changing, too too apparent ” factitious saccharin ” had earned audience good impression hard, build forcibly, the result can get immediateness turns over bite only. Current, content is decision work stand or fall as before the first element, if want from coessential in changing predicament, show itself, deep ploughing quality is to just needed, innovation reform is main trend, just can make content of characters in a play more fresh and interesting so far, drive sweet progress and can last what bestow favor on subject matter drama development.

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