Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: This Thailand small playlet, exciting alarmingly dangerous! Although say what teleplay films peaceful is some more state-owned,still had held out, especially love drama, but the teleplay that everybody also did not forget Song of a few horrible Jing, very much high public praise also is in inside peaceful drama. Small today make up this drama name that brings for everybody to be called ” cunning talks about Tuesday ” , listen to this name to had had that taste with respect to the feeling.

20211231125403 61cefd6b02902

This drama altogether has 8 market, of each collect when grow to be controlled in 30 minutes, do not calculate for whole grow particularly. Can calculate going up is dapper and the peaceful theatrical work with high quality, and each collect related different story. The name according to it actually this is program of broadcasting station of a late night, arrived the there can be countless in the evening telephone call of every Tuesday is hit, and go to compere by the audience share a few horrible stories that oneself had experienced.

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Small make up tell a story simply for everybody here, the first story is ” the house that has a person ” , inside this story, our female advocate a short message was gotten when be badly in need of wanting money, content wants her to recite book in fixed time for an old person only namely, she can win very high pay.

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Then female advocate went among the short message describes address, destination is a very big house, then she began herself here read the job. There are a lot of servants inside this house, but they are very strange, work silently, there is one Ding Dian’s expression on the face, still can give out very strange noise from time to time, without the fault, this house is not a normal house actually.

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There still are a lot of scenes from the back or hold out Jing Song, plus the bloodcurdling atmosphere of peaceful drama foil, let every story infuse immediately the soul, the old practice that what this drama is worth to be carried very much is every independence is very brilliant, take alone very good-looking also, the young associate with great courage people be opposite absolutely this drama very have fun at.

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This today’s drama or a bit heavy taste, see be used to small pure and fresh love drama, now and then change taste to adjust adjust, the word does not say more, collect good name to be able to join your detailed list that seek theatrical work!

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