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Original title: 2 need theatrical work of the battle that sow espionage, language of sign of Jin Dong king is popular, but he 53 years old is worth to expect more The espionage war play of soul-stirring, it is the heart institute love of a lot of people. From ” conceal ” arrive ” kite ” , from ” before dawn ” arrive ” cliff ” . Nice espionage battle theatrical work, always can leave more aftertaste spaces to the audience. 2021, also broadcasted picture ” traitor ” wonderful in that way espionage war play, although give a mark not as good as above a few, but also be an excellent work.

20211231130118 61ceff1e7aee1

Coming 2022, still an excellent work of battle of a few espionage is worth to expect. Today, bring two to expect to be worth very expensive espionage battle theatrical work to everybody. Watch a battle array, ordinary members of theatrical troupe, that is quite firm.

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01, ” very close to each other ” this teleplay is make up oneself by strange way guide oneself, jin Dong, wang Likun, zhang Zhijian presents as leading role to act the leading role, wang Zhiwen is special an espionage battle theatrical work that perform. Watch this battle array, have very the flavour inside espionage war play. Jin Dong, go out before had acted ” the person that pretend ” medium bright building.

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Having multiple capacity, can be in however of be more than equal to a task of complex bark puppet government deal with everything. This part or very attract white.

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Be in these a few years, he is to go out more performed a lot of heat to sow teleplay. ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” ” happy eulogy ” ” my before half a lifetime ” ” break out of an encirclement ” , popular feeling of his development of elite male figure. The audience that also has a lot of said, although Jin Dong acting is pretty good, but part thunder absorb is very tall. This year, he still broke through himself, received a few thematic work. In returning to espionage war play again, audience people or very those who expect.

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He goes out this those who act is hero land abundant, from a child is brought up in orphanage, acted under orders to enter 76 to lie bottom, made ritzy other secret service. Introduce here, attentive netizens can discover, this is mixed ” the person that pretend ” medium person is set very similar. Story setting is bark bogus period, and Jin Dong is delitescent secret service, reckon some netizens or meeting think of bright building. Serve as those who present as leading role to act the leading role likewise, still have Zhang Zhijian. Everybody is familiar with Zhang Zhijian very much, be in ” people’s name ” in, of his personate is Gao Yoliang. Still won award of optimal male costar.

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Zhang Zhijian is the earliest it is to give those who perform a stage play, after entering industry of movie and TV, also dedicated a lot of wonderful performances. Actual strength clique and partner of old show bone. Besides, still have special piece act drew the look that often makes up. That is Wang Zhiwen. Wang Zhiwen’s acting and actor’s lines, be ceiling level.

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His occurrence, always can let teleplay be full of advanced feeling. Be worth what carry is, wang Zhiwen gives the espionage battle work that perform a lot of, spy boss figure, it is thorough popular feeling more. Be in ” rumour ” in, the traitor boss of his personate, careful Su Youpeng when, that is acridity, that treacherous. Let a person shudder.

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In espionage war play, inquisition by torture is a very important segment, but the eyes that has Wang Zhiwen only, let a person feel fear. This is the glamour of good actor. Be in ” cheongsam ” in, he also goes out those who act is traitor boss, although be opposite character, but the look that always can attract an audience however. Espionage war play ” traitor ” in, of personate of king sign language is our comrade, overturned before figure. Acting still not Huang lets more.

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This, be in ” very close to each other ” in, of his personate is Mu Xihe. In prevue, heavy rain is boundless, cloudy weather, his shave is worn bareheaded, making the scene of the umbrella, atmosphere feeling is pulled full. Is it possible that is this he traitor boss?

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02, ” the city of Chi Zha ” besides ” very close to each other ” besides, still play of an espionage war is worth to expect. That is director of willow cloud dragon, wang Hailin playwrite, liu Yunlong, yu Hewei, the teleplay that the person such as thunder favorable reply acts the leading role ” the city of Chi Zha ” .

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It is one numerous old show bone, actual strength of ordinary members of theatrical troupe is not Huang lets more. Liu Yunlong of 53 years old is the father of espionage battle. The maiden work of his director ” plot against ” the tall fraction that took 9 minutes.

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Play of an espionage war ” kite ” also took 8.8 minutes. Some people say, this one drama if not cutout is decreased, that went up 9 minutes for certain.

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Although Liu Yunlong’s teleplay is high grade, it is to belong to however ” slow work yields fine products ” the sort of. According to average 5 years of plan of a drama, this theatrical work is enough audience people wait. Playwrite Wang Hailin, once had participated in ” Ji Xiaolan of tooth of iron tine copper ” creation. These a few years of work are little, but heat is not decreased. Yu Hewei, thunder favorable reply, the top that also is circle of father’s younger brother flows, acting actual strength not Huang lets more.

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Overall for, subject matter of ordinary members of theatrical troupe is worth to expect very much. Want play reach a standard only, so public praise should be firm. Do you expect these two teleplay?

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