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Original title: Those come on the stage limelight stars with respect to what had built feminine lead people, besides Song Yi and Zhu Zhu, still have them

20211231130255 61ceff7f2ec63

Civil / violet according to ” the Luoyang since wind ” receive an official, final lover becomes 2 man of Liu Qiniang and a hunderd li eventually spouses, they are far from together lay, leave a god, have been to truly good life. Song Yi fails this to appear in the female costar on placard, make complete theatrical work the biggest win the home? Woman of Yao of female bosom friend committed suicide, sweetheart Wu Saiyue died to protect an elder brother, two women role sacrificed, look only stand aloof from the worldly affairs, crazy crazy foolish foolish 7 mothers lived to come down. This is not first time of Yi of the Song Dynasty with costar identity, the ability has covered the sport of leading role. Let us come today below statistic, these year, female costar limelight has covered the theatrical work of heroine, have what star. The first: Song Yi she most Jing letting a person is colourful, it is much mix before New Year of partner of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song ” the person that pretend ” .

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This is mixed by Hu Ge, Jin Dong, Wang Kai the play of war of time suspense espionage that Liu Mintao acts the leading role together, it is one of teleplay that I love very much all the time. 3 sister younger brother combines the bright family name of Shanghai, be ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” the old cast. Two drama of noonday sunshine broadcasted early or late 2015, established its market position inside the circle directly. The official of bright stage in drama matchs is Cheng Jinyun, this does not have strange woman flatly, with Hu Ge a bit CP feeling is done not have, be suspected to be belt endowment is entered for a time at that time group.

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And the Yu Manli of personate of Yi of the Song Dynasty and bright stage, with respect to the identity character, they are great difference simply, one is rich home childe, one is hooter a criminal awaiting for execution. No matter appearance or person are set,can be, go up in acting even, the costar Yu Manli of personate of Yi of the Song Dynasty, the Wang Manchun that the second killed king gull personate and female 2 Cheng Jinyun, let everybody remember this amorous feelings at a draught 10 thousand kinds part. Especially her to save bright stage, oneself cut off cord jumps down a city wall that momently, simply, in making my heart forever painful.

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From ” the person that pretend ” to ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” , again ” the Luoyang since wind ” , song Yi is deduced very much give prize, even many people feel, want her to come on the stage only, female advocate immediately dim and blank.

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This Liu Qiniang one horn, look foolish is foolish, disposition is very actually lovely however, the existence of one of making process of strenuous crack a criminal case bright look.

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The 2nd: Zhu Zhu

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On the celebration of the China vessel award that just ends, postpartum and rapid reappearing Zhu Zhu, for our emersion La Xinjie, it is a memory is killed really. Zhu Zhu is being depended on this ” traitor ” La Xinjie one horn, obtain ” award of the 32nd Hua Ding is optimal female costar ” nomination.

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From marry to be pregnant, arrive again reappear, zhu Zhu heats up search all the time online, because,be on one hand her 2021 brush the ground like screen to appear in departmental heat to sow drama almost in; On the other hand, her countryman is spent really as ” traitor ” when the river rises the boat goes up too.

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From ” gold lawyer ” coquettish, the second kills the Li Na of heroine, arrive ” big Qin Fu ” amorous and the Zhao Ji that indulge in sensual pleasures, arrive again ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” have an artifice, have the Lou Shuwan of the independent female of pursuit, arrive again nowadays ” traitor ” dancing girl one’s previous experience, living La Xinjie is begged in troubled times.

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All the time since, of her personate is 10 thousand kinds of the sort of amorous feelings, to there is the woman that cannot describe attraction the man. Zhu Zhu ever successive 8 years selected ” the whole world is the most beautiful face ” . Every time she comes on the stage, can the force by oneself, successful second reduces feminine lead. ” elite lawyer ” in, zhu Zhu and La Ying are filled with a station to be together, relative superiority or inferiority stands now.

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Be in ” traitor ” in, the La Xinjie of Zhu Zhu personate, no matter be set from appearance or person, the second kills Tong Yao, make one of parts with complete the most welcome theatrical work. The 3rd: Dilireba

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” carat lover ” on firm sense, it is Tang Yan’s masterpiece, also be a hot drama before she gives birth to the child. But in this drama, most give prize should be female 2, dilireba the Gao Wen of personate. She still does not calculate in those days too red, it is the part like the vase obviously, be deduced to get live scene to be born however sweet. Because Gao Wen grows beautifully, figure good, disposition still is taken feeling, is not evil-minded female the person that match is set.

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Include her to be in ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” in, come on the stage although the frequency is not much, the emotional line of gentleman of emperor of Feng Jiuhe Dong Hua also is deputy line, but however because she is lovely lively, nifty but the person’s disposition and circle pink.

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This ability had ” submit a written statement to a higher authority of pillow of 3 unripe sansei ” hot.

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The 4th: Tong Yao must say, have contrast, just know where difference is. When Zhu Zhu follows Tong Yao one case, former get the better of; But when Tong Yao and Jiang Shu shadow together when, also be former get the better of. 2020, of river thin film, Tong Yao and main actor of wool dawn red ” 30 just ” hot whole town.

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From the point of placard, the C with river thin absolutely film, it is, and left Tong Yao is 2, the Mao Xiaotong of right is female match. This is jumping-off place with 3 30+ females, for us true and reductive the life that countless north bleach with Shanghai. Say normally, the king of personate of river thin film overflows Ni, show share is very heavy, also be the epitome of countless people, should be most take of feeling.

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Result, however by the Gu Jia of Tong Yao personate, the second gets broken bits residue not remnant. Because although she is a full-time madam, double however business is online, already can advocate outside can advocate inside, do everything in perfect orderly. Regrettablly, she still cannot be cast off by off the rails destiny, can consider the processing way of beautiful, honest too belt feeling.

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Can say, the reverse the position of the host and the guest that consider fine, become absolutely C. No matter be acting, person,set, still accuse to the character’s palm, tong Yao gets the better of Jiang Shu shadow slightly directly. So, in award of white yulan magnolia, tong Yao is nominated, and be obtained finally optimal female advocate; Mao Xiaotong and by nomination optimal female match, only big female advocate shadow grain does not have Jiang Shu close.

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Of course, tong Yao is in ” great river great river ” and ” if exemplary,pass ” the performance in is particularly excellent, belong to perform a fire one. The 5th: Zhang Jia Ni

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Wanting the theatrical work of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that says the hottest this year S+ step is which, blame ” dirt of of through the ages ” not belong to. The drop with this drama the biggest dispute,

20211231130313 61ceff91b5a78

She ever was crossed to be small yellow duckling deridingly previously, accordingly, give period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am performing celestial being when her, overturned at a draught everybody heart is Sino-US admire cannot the set of honest other people.

20211231130314 61ceff929719f

With respect to this, small eye, thick lip, one face slow-witted appearance, do not calculate really going up is peerlessly beautiful. Accordingly, the wash of overgrown with weeds of personate of Zhang Jia Ni, regard complete theatrical work as the greatest villain in drama, show itself instead. Although she because cling to ascendancy, begin demon to change slowly, did countless bad things. But what still can let a person cannot help highly praising Zhang Jia Ni at the same time is fine-looking, at the same time approve of she ” most the belle matchs ” title be worthy of. She is colourful really press Zhou Dongyu, make the most dazzing presence. Epilogue has some of person, even if female costar, the person that also can feel by outstanding feature and belt is set, with excellent acting, leave deep impression to the person. They are destined is heroine, come on the stage the woman role that limelight is the same as drama too with respect to meeting lid. Are you agreed with?

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