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Original title: 6 decide the Han drama of archives next year, li Zhongshuo Lin Yuner presents as leading role, among them an investment is as high as 40 billion The Han theatrical work that shows this year ” squid game ” let Han drama fire all over the whole world again, very much person hopes this drama gives continuation quickly; Confuse to drama of a lot of Han for appeared this year not little explode paragraph Han drama, ” attic ” ” squid game ” etc; Was about to go immediately this year, so broad Han drama is confused begin to care next year to be able to show a few what kind of theatrical work.

20211231130349 61ceffb53bfc0

Already theatrical work of not little Han of big shop sign has filmed ended, can show formally in next year; And ” squid game ” continuation also carries program, the director expresses to be able to go up as soon as possible in be interviewed newly continuation; And the contract that flew to issue 3 with respect to the autograph with the net, mean not only ” squid game 2 ” , still can give the 3rd then.

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The theatrical work that does not know this series can catch up with next year to be shown formally, let the Han theatrical work that next year is about to show in light of us today; Each are luxurious battle array is added hold, next year can be regale of drama of a Han.

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” Big Mouth ” the Han theatrical work that this drama shows affirmative meeting to have a lot of is confused seek theatrical work, be destined from the point of the main actor battle array of this drama he can explode fire; The main actor is long leg male spirit Li Zhongshuo returns somebody to enrage female star Lin Yuner, such battle array can says is king blast; A few this years Li Zhongshuo did not film what work, looking ” when your sleep deeply ” later, the theatrical work that Li Zhongshuo receives is little.

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This one regression brought the theatrical work of level of blast of a king, also suffer fully with Lin Yuner’s combination expect; Two people also are CP feels dye-in-the-wood it seems that, this Li Zhongshuo gives the role that perform is second-class lawyer, accident by be involved in homicide incident; Be in before in the drama that Li Zhongshuo films, he gives the male look that the role that perform is high intelligence quotient, be inside this drama nevertheless second-class lawyer, do not know to be able to have the place with other and conspicuous what.

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This drama still is filming now in the center, film plan already passed most, be being shown in next summer is not too big question; The combination of Li Zhongshuo and Lin Yuner had given this drama to decide explode of the paragraph go qualitative, to colour pink people for, this drama looks is to must be chased after.

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The part of Lin Yuner personate is Li Zhongshuo’s wife inside drama, look this theatrical work is a lot of less amative play, two people married directly; Because oneself husband is treated unjustly, serve as the injustice that she of the wife can assist marital him wash so, look this drama estimation is big female advocate play, also can see clue from drama name after all.

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This also is the first drama that after Li Zhongshuo takes military service, comes back to film, very much Korea male star is met after taking military service to come back grow stout get fat; Taking military service to be told to male star of a lot of Korea is annihilative blow, after fortunately Li Zhongshuo is returned to although get fat, but although he adjusted his position; Throw the job again nowadays in the center, he after believing regression can bring not little surprise again.

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2. ” Surinam ” the investment of this drama is exceedingly large, the cost that makes allegedly achieved 40 billion Han yuan, refresh the record of the cost that make with Han so old drama; Below so large investment, the battle array nature of this drama also is those who comparative is luxurious, ginseng of giant star of old brand of one numerous Korea acts, acting is pulled full.

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River eaves, Huang Zhengmin, Piao Haixiu is waited a moment, big shop sign gathers, the story that relate also is adapted according to real story; Because this drama invests too big, took 6 part only so, the net flies for this drama also was to leave original capital.

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What gut tells about is the real story that Korea poison fierces and ambitious, around move Korea poison fierces and ambitious Quan Yaohuan will tell about gut; The power of this poisonous ambitious is exceedingly enormous, even the palm controlled country of whole South America, this country is Surinam; Fierce and ambitious to capture this big poison, korea police also is laborious idea, in this moment, a young entrepreneur that wants to get rich to here comes to this country.

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Be involved in falls in the circumstance of a strange combination of circumstances the dispute of drugs empire, go out to can escape, young entrepreneur Jiang Renjiu can cooperate with Korea police only; Developed the plan that fights secretly for this, it seems is one is told about lie the drama of the bottom, and allegedly Zhang Zhen and autumn porcelain dazzle also go out performed this theatrical work; Do not know two people to be able to go out again inside this drama perform what kind of role, this kind make greatly alarm bandit drama really very suffer a netizen to expect; Small making up also is very below one when value this drama to become a net to fly explodes paragraph, investment is so otherwise large, if attacking, the net flies be afraid of is to should have a deficit miserable.

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3. ” the young son of plutocrat home ” another drama of Song Zhong radical, before paragraph Zhong Jigang just took the Song Dynasty of time to enrage award to the person, be heat explodes canopy when; This drama also predicts to be able to be controlled March in next year on line, this play is adapted according to homonymic caricature; Song Zhong radical films after the divorce ” Wen Senzun ” explode again fire, gave again nowadays new big.

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The investment of this drama is not little also, devoted charge has been as high as 20 billion, all of the backstage group that make is elite group; Song Zhong radical this of the partner is of actor plum emperor, Shen Xianbin, the battle array is worth to expect likewise, song Zhong radical also is to go out again perform strong president.

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Allegedly this drama still adulterated the element of renascence, those who tell about is to regard leading role of plutocrat home secretarial as renascence so the young son that made plutocrat home, try after renascence the story all glom on to; The set that joined renascence rose to this drama not little fresh degree, drama of renascence of this kind of plutocrat plus vengeance element; The next will naturally be become to explode after showing paragraph, the acting of Song Zhong radical is very outstanding still, do not know to be able to bring what kind of show again inside this drama.

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4. ” paper house ” make another times when the net flies greatly, this drama adapts the popular teleplay from Spain ” card room ” ; What gut tells about is the dacoity about mint case, rob in this among the case a few cateran that wearing a mask kidnapped 67 celebrity pledge; Operate for the condition with these 67 hostage the story of police, origianl work can says is the god was made, do not know to a what effect can be after adapting.

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The battle array of this drama is likewise luxurious, the Quan Zhongrui after Liu Zhitai, shadow, Piao Haixiu waits actual strength a moment to send Korea actor to go out performed this theatrical work; Look Korea also is to be fond of now film this is planted alarm bandit drama, staking robs this kind of dark black element is the theme that Han drama likes to film all the time; This also is Korea most drama of adept a kind of movie and TV, at the outset Asia alarm bandit drama pats best is Hong Kong, that time Korea also is done not have little by Hong Kong alarm bandit drama edification; Because this numerous Korea directs the play that is fond of this type very much, just now harbor piece downfallen, good-looking alarm bandit theatrical work is less and less, otherwise unapt also go seeing abroad alarm bandit drama.

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This drama predicts to be able to roll out 12 collect, also can show 2022, the specific nevertheless date that decide archives does not have a message, know only probably; The drama that next year net flies off is subject matter of this kind of crime, look ” squid game ” let many Korea directors see the market really; Because of,also be this savor the benefit of guilty drama.

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5. ” one hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred and ninety-one ” this drama is You Nazhu conspicuous and Jin Taili’s main actor, announce already formally to decide archives to was shown on Feburary 12 in 202 years at present broadcasted; The gut time line of this drama whole is very long, the men and women that tell about advocate two people span from 1998 the story 2021; Between so long experience, men and women advocate also grow gradually, the relationship of two people also followed time to produce very big change.

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Female advocate the part of personate is champion of fencing of an Asia Game, and male advocate it is a reporter, two people are interviewed in in the center encountered; Those who tell about also is a men and women advocate the story that grows jointly together, line of this kind of time spans very long love drama, korea is directed or very of expert; The Yan Zhi that two main actors also give this department theatrical work was brought assure.

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6. ” ghostliness doctor ” this drama is drama of medical treatment of a when act the leading role by Rain strange unreal, with the name of this drama, those who tell about is two doctors with disparate disposition, through adding the story that the kind of the body happens; Those who tell about also is a few about dying hind the story of the ghostliness doctor that does not have method to leave a hospital to still have a patient, subject matter is very novel still; Main actor Rain also is when the time that lies between two years returns to teleplay again, this Han shed day of Wang Yin to have the attention of many vermicelli made from bean starch.

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The poster that puts and premonitory very interesting also, when becoming an operation, the leading role of Rain personate is hanged on the body of another leading role all the time, of two people the movement also is very comical; Look Rain gives the ghostliness doctor that the role that perform says among drama name namely, do not know he can have what kind of special technical ability again.

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Of the regression of Rain making also is to make a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch exceeding expect. Terminal above decides the drama of big popular Han of archives next year a few times namely, you more which to expect? The welcome leaves a message in comment division lower part discuss. Code word is not easy, the hope can give small make up nod an assist to nod an attention.

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