Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: ” the Luoyang since wind ” already be over year is the most miserable male advocate on line male advocate express: Envy Wang Yibo really! Author: Old Confucianism say recreation clicks top right corner, attention is old Confucianism say recreation, get daily and newest information more quickly!

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” the Luoyang since wind ” already be over, this drama makes those who received people excellently chase after hold in both hands, person energy of life also is exceedingly tall, although be not a patch on broadcasts at the same time,rely on some big IP adapts play. But also be year hot theatrical work.

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” the Luoyang since wind ” this drama male advocate also be be commented on by the netizen ” the most miserable male ” . Male advocate be born for undesirable well, where is undesirable well? Undesirable well is then ” archaic convict concentration camp ” . Undesirable well go-between is called undesirable person, the person lifetime that makes mistake cannot give a well. And male an undesirable deputy Shuai Ye that is undesirable well is an undesirable person.

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But male advocate do not be content with the current situation, arrived a flock of good brother give a well, below infer knowledge big the Tang Dynasty scene. But male advocate what did not think of is, this ability is the beginning of nightmare, this also is the setting of teleplay gut, male advocate began his more miserable life accordingly namely.

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And male advocate those who form bright contrast is us is male 2. Male old and well-known family of official of 2 one’s previous experience, old and well-known family of a high official in ancient China, familial property is very much, and family special be very fond of her, and still have the woman of the small willow that confuse younger sister of a bigger old and well-known family make eyes at sb while others are not looking, can say to let male advocate exceeding envy.

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At present this drama already be over, special recommend everybody to watch! Attention is old Confucianism say recreation, get daily and newest information more quickly!

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