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Original title: He is the act person of Buddha Budda, as a result of too too distinct meet with person worship on bended knees In 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” in also have a such actors, as a result of figure too too distinct also appeared a few issues that make him be between tears and smiles. This actor is ” Buddha Budda ” Zhu Long of the person that act is wide. Bright red Long An is to be born in the Shaanxi Xi’an person 1939, he is graduated from Lanzhou art institute to perform a department, went out 1985 act ” on the west travel notes ” personate ” Buddha Budda ” .

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Of 85 years of edition ” on the west travel notes ” You Yangjie’s director films, this drama delineator content modelling is bizarre, disposition is bright, shaped each classical character image, let a person see common occurance. In drama, zhu Long goes out widely act to be less than a hour merely, with respect to the figure development popular feeling Buddha Budda, let millions upon millions audience remember him.

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At that time film the condition is very pallet, wait for high-tech technology without skin of beautiful Yan Xiu, zhu Anlong is recumbent oneself understanding and research, will ” Buddha Budda ” show lifelikely in people at the moment.

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Although ” on the west travel notes ” break up later patted a lot of times, without who can comparable, on Zhu Anlong body the sort of by inside and the Buddha smooth illuminate all things that appearance reveals Budda, zhu Anlong gets Buddha Budda depict really keen.

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