Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: This kind of teleplay will broadcast henceforth The friend that often seeks theatrical work should have seen the play of this kind of type, one collect 40 minutes, titles trailer takes three handleless cups, antecedent abstract and next collect are premonitory hold share of dichotomy clock feature even, positive begin still has 34 minutes of content and on market is same, come so positive decreases. In those days especially mango stage likes to do this kind of thing, also was not scolded less because of stage of mango of this kind of behavior, can scold return scold, family still persist one’s old ways, make numerous netizen bitter can’t bear character. Nevertheless this kind of teleplay is afraid now should say good-bye thoroughly. Total bureau of national broadcasting television was released on December 22 ” teleplay mother matrix makes a standard ” mother matrix of clear to freeboard of high-definition, 4K teleplay is made raise a requirement, to teleplay ” affusion ” behavior made clear limitation.

20211231130537 61cf0021c987c

The respect grows when be aimed at, total bureau of national wide report asks: Grow when feature of groovy drama anthology not less than 41 minutes; Grow not to exceed 90 seconds when titles; Grow not to exceed 180 seconds when trailer; If have,picture of every collect ending begins a picture with what play one part repeat content, grow not to exceed 30 seconds when; “Antecedent reviewing ” and ” next collect are premonitory ” content is not in when positive inside long range, chief in principle all does not exceed 30 seconds when. Teleplay had a demand, so move free domain to whether the opportunity also is changed before condition. Mystery science and technology is the celebrity that uses free field all the time, it is normal to grow to still calculate when the work previously, ” the bright moon when the Qin Dynasty ” ” fight Luo Daliu ” when at first positive has those who wear nearly 20 minutes, grow, arrived however now not only gut water, long side also has not small shrink when, ” fierce age age ” positive gut was to be overwhelmed ten minutes more the following, let a person not have really language.

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