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Original title: 2022, still have these ” Shanghai manufactures ” movie and TV is worth to expect 2022, still have these ” Shanghai manufactures ” movie and TV is worth to expect20220101233048 61d0e428e43fc 20220101233049 61d0e42909cbf ① film ” miracle ” placard. ② teleplay ” surmount ” placard. ③ teleplay ” big gain weichis ” placard. ④ film ” anonymous ” placard. ⑤ teleplay ” the heart is resided ” placard. N/arc drafting: Feng Xiaoyu ■ Wang Yan of our newspaper reporter pass through the territory of a country of the first 2022 sunshine, each had walked along the seed in the winter, concern Yu Chuntian’s dream. Every dream to reach, it is travel of hair of pair of Chuo Li Fen, earnest not the gift of idle. 2022, new Year of Shanghai movie and TV is displayed mirror, it is the sidelights of the person that pursue a dream of struggling dedication with good story. The dream is us live to happiness period make. Resemble the movie ” miracle ” , struggling be in harmony of the nobody submitted times great plan, individual the dream with domestic state can grow in the jointing in the resonance that be the same as frequency. Also be like teleplay ” the heart is resided ” , be in and urban pulse the place of 0 distances, about ” house ” unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader pulls a department to wear closely Everyman is right of wedding day appetent. The dream also is our correspondence like that the acceptance of the thing. Asymptotic of Beijing Olympic Winter Games, “Together to future ” the attitude when placing our nation to face the mankind to be challenged jointly. Will see teleplay in such times aside ” surmount ” , drive girl dream circle some closer again some closer, more than and individual ideal flies upwards, still spanned the incomputable ordinary hero of for generations and district, with the acceleration that assemble of day after day gives. Vernal road still can have muddy, the world of the person that pursue a dream is done not have ” easy ” and ” lie smooth ” . So, open all these New Year are made newly, in teenager miracle but period, before the hero pays no attention to the ideal boundary tablet of provenance, still pressing certainly struggle difficultly, gritty destiny is inscribed board. The dream collects the Milky Way 10 thousand lis, twinkle be not without foreword, this is actually below the mental totem that astral awn mirrors worldly the simplest the most important also composition: Each act vigorously enters you. Season of boiling ice and snow, ” winter abstruse prelude ” it is the Beijing Olympic Winter Games that how ego surmounts times during entering the last month, teleplay ” surmount ” be about to sow. As ” our new era ” thematic teleplay priority discipline, this drama goes out to inscribe and coach mainly by total bureau of national broadcasting television, industry of movie of bud of lemon of stage of stage of Shanghai broadcasting television, Heilongjiang broadcasting television, Shanghai makes jointly. Be in related latter ice and snow in work of movie and TV, in advocate achieve respective go to already in work, no matter place,be in which coordinate, ” surmount ” it is alone. ” surmount ” the circuit that masterstroke is girl Chen Mian grows, told about this name short way fast slippery young general goes all out in work to be surmounted all the way all the way from local team, the winter on station of final delegate nation the story of abstruse competition ground. Total producer Su Xiao and director Zhang Xiaobo cooperate for many times before this, the work that leaves well known includes ” little be willing to part with or use ” ” 30 just ” ” nice gentleman ” etc, urbanism flows held great majority. ” surmount ” in cast, plum Geng Xi, Hu Jun, Sha Yi, Tu Songyan, Ma Li, Mei Ting, Tong Yao, Zhang Guojiang, Wang Zijian, Wang Xiao, also be a piece of white paper of sports athletics subject matter. 0 experience player should go up new circuit, and go straight towards a winter continuously abstruse cent in the countryman spends top short line fast slippery, be in even most serve as in the schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater of grand meeting of press close to ” winter abstruse prelude ” meet with the audience, how to look to approach the job that finishs impossibly. Before arriving at season of boiling ice and snow finally, ” surmount ” the lens that drama name already became reality is illuminated, create every to advance one pace to need ego to surmount. Differ with true match ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, the trend of drama of movie and TV of sports subject matter is more very beforehand of make public. From small when tell case, the challenge that issues from life begins, subsequently break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties, never character is abandoned. “Form ” can sentence beforehand, how is the story told fascinatingly? Tear open solution before this difficult problem, might as well see another problem first: That one act of national anthem of achieve of ascendant ensign of Olympic Games competition ground, relapse instead answer, why we 100 see not tire of, often contain tear? Because everybody knows, succeed on the remote region of that backside sometimes, fail more constant; Fatigue its bones and muscles is inevitable, suffer from its heart annals to be constant long; What award platform gets on the station is individual, honor belongs to collective. Sports included namely look of patriotism, collectivistic, idealism, realistic popular feeling world, chinese sports is close development of a few years more bearing the weight of the pursuit of dream of powerful nation of construction of sports of times process, the whole people, sports. ” surmount ” play only then Spring 2020. 3 many months, creation group interviews people of nearly 100 ice and snow, form material of 60 more than word. Stay in brandish of Zhang Xiaobo bottom of the heart do not go, it is to put snowman mouth on the ice to narrate the nick that those hand in miscellaneous outdoors to put a face on the ice in memory. Acting 1980, chinese weak point fast slippery motion just started, indoor skating rink is rare, teenagers are in early morning goes to outdoors training in the algidity 5 o’clock. 0 20 much Celsius, dripping water freezes, the playground that irrigated ice is training field. Glacial face can use local materials, skate is solid however hit solid Jin Gui. The skate that changes is hated to part with touch the ground, the coach endures face of the ice on back of child of one or two. Most move of playwrite Li Jia, not be the honorable hour of champion likewise, however exploit trainer can put his hand into spirited glue to secure skates, the bubble of full hand when be being taken again; It is to took the place of to did not prevent cut to take 1990, ice happening hit trip, what skates may cut artery is shocking; Still be the regret that countless common athletes are climbing struggling road of the bank on slope to go up, be in a dilemma, be willing finally make sacrifice help sb to fulfill his wishes the story of other. The past a few years ago did not shed the cloud to drop off as time, get together instead posse fire, illumed to put the people beyond face backside aureola on the ice. Accompany personnel of research and development of the member that drill, division that irrigate ice, homebred skates, the play is in model athlete and trainer while, also present one’s compliment deep feeling hero of behind the curtain. The inheritance that showing spirit of sports of two acting athletes gives change with what gold watchs at the same time, also eulogize ” sacrifice ” spirit. Keep a person, write group picture, write history clarity of train of thought rises, the play is final around ” surmount ” theme, two generation of focusing Heilongjiang, Shandong are short path fast the inheritance of slippery athlete and surmount, refract a few years of development of project of Chinese ice and snow. The story is used double spatio-temporal and narrative, neozoic athlete is drama is medium when undertaking. The message of Beijing application Olympic Winter Games activationed the dream of ice and snow of round of slippery girl, qingdao weak point fast the device of slippery team is new in, she lets go one wrestle, the clever light of the flash on the body is drilled by the bishop Zheng Kai is new catch, athletic career of the girl from now on shunt, with ” exhibit south boreal ice ” ” drive the ice and snow on 300 million people ” old age and course. The ice on Chen Mian’s accident also was lifted on generation athlete by the secret of years conceal. The youth of father generation is spatio-temporal in, the first batch of short a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest of the China before half many century how from 0 begin, era chased a dream to grew the youth of wild Olympic Winter Games to choose life of what kind of sports 1990, engrave till all alone new generation athlete is broken after the Olympic Winter Games empty, crewel is handed in collect. Zhang Xiaobo says: “Whatever time, full of from beginning to end move goes all out in work to national condition of spirit, love is conceived and always argue first hero lofty quality on bodies of these good athlete of ice and snow. The contact jumps over much heart to jump over a shock, we are patted more feel proud more. ” the play is bad, it is more difficult to film. The professional class of sports story films the left and right sides is worn work success or failure, huang is talked ” surmount ” of focusing still is competition ground of national level player, world-class. In the 12 size match that behaves early or late in drama, smooth prosperous Olympic Winter Games is in awesomely row. Face every second to be able to amount to 15 meters high speed motion to film, the play staff devised a series of plan, earthy method, new idea go up together, group of hookup of invite CCTV sports is aided blast, flying cat of erect much angle, change one’s costume or dress remote control car, still groom the athlete into cameraman, film in mutual angle. Advocate it is clearer to achieve, of professional class film can ask outside help, of professional class ice the movement has many 100 athlete that save a band admittedly assist pat, but the mental spirit that should show national level player and raise one’s hand are cast sufficient, still need actor consign hard work. Then the play boosts level, another contingent also leaves early was versed in. All and young actor is entered training field goes up first before the group, physical ability, basic skill arrives again on ice, the training of great strength for fictile character some truer again some truer. The training of two many months has feeling everyday almost, but flesh wound does not leave front line, zhang Xiaobo says, “Here does not have discharge star, have eligible actor only ” . ” surmount ” in have one act, that is detailed of the have not in the play is written but be in a field let everybody feel an upsurge of emotion. After the part in drama gains the championship, the Five-Star Red Flag rises gradually in magnificent national anthem sound. The hero ignores source, “Miracle ” maniple Dai Yan ” the times has opportunity ” the Wenmu of stranger is wild 1985 + the easy melt that was born 2000 1000 royal seal, such combination is one of models that at present Chinese film holds an actual strength and appeal force concurrently in young generation undoubtedly. Fame far raise of Wen Muye only then 2018. That year, by him hold guide and participate in playwrite ” I am not medical god ” become realistic movie in order to exceed 3.1 billion yuan of booking office to explode paragraph. After this, handed over 2019 ” I and my motherland ” ” convoy ” after unit, wen Muye concealed enters the life. Rise from 2019, by right of ” of the teenager you ” ” send you a small safflower ” ” long ferry lake ” a year of one department an excellent work, easy melt 1000 royal seal obtained the masses to approbate on big screen. Now, calm archives of 2022 first day of the lunar year ” miracle ” cooperate by these two youths of filmdom not only, ” I am not medical god ” the the old cast also came. Wei of bell of Ning Hao of supervise the manufacture of, playwrite, photography coachs Wang Bo learns, li Miao of art modelling guidance, musical guidance yellow of superior grade advocate achieve all to return to. Play by Han of Zhou Chucen, Xiu Mengdi, Wen Muye, Han Xiao, Zhong Wei collective burnish. Cast returns assemble Wang Chuanjun, Zhang Yu, Yang Xinming, Qi Xi, Huang Yao, each has the actual strength that relies on chart. Can let this group of people hand in hand, ” miracle ” is the story beautiful be in where? If citation herd is wild: “Let oneself go from a story, reentrance goes to another, what this process matters is change state of mind. Compare ” I am not medical god ” the social value that cuts the people’s livelihood, ” miracle ” the inner drive that pays attention to common person to go up in life journey more. ” ” miracle ” it is the work of the 2nd full-length film that 3 years separate when Wen Muye is directed, by bad monkey (Shanghai) movie industry manufacture, xia Qiu of over or across two season film. Story focusing new era, told about a paragraph to happen in southern Shenzhen to heat up earth, of nobody changeover life go all out in work legend. Piece in, personate of 1000 royal seal hits easy melt worker Jing Hao, obey the order go all out when carry is the most embarrassed case, hurry off to hot-blooded dream. In prevue, warmth and happy sex are very outstanding film temperament. The mother dies, the warmth in the thing of hereat of scene grand sibling that depend on each other takes on. Him elder brother sleeps pallet board, prepared mattess for the little sister however; Elder brother bicycle is received when sending a little sister, did not let her sit after one’s death, protect closely however before the bosom. The destiny gives sibling the two fun that opened a cruelty, red of little sister scene is weighed by fish ill, for collect enough operation is expended, jing Hao decides ” strike one bank note big ” . In the start that the nobody struggles, close affection is impulsion. Doing poineering work is not individual wool head groups small informal can of accomplish sth, then ” miraculous maniple ” gather together, old in green young, all trades and professions, commercial hotspot passes experience, it is group of group of this gang forces and the process that start a career. In poineering road, they can encounter all sorts of obstacle naturally, include but not because be confined to drives time to be bumped into by the car, in the van of dirty night hurricane the nearly in running quickly is swung outside dispatch a vehicle, follow person quarrel even to grab sheet… warm favor and commercial hotspot each doing his own job open a phase, realistic kernel is multiplying a story to drive straight in. What kind of land can the seed of miracle of be pregnant with? The mad flower that what kind of times can urge Everyman? The placard that decide archives gives trifling answer fully. Close circuit board the mark of 4 Shenzhen ground such as 100 edifices, ground king edifice builds center of banking of headquarters large building, as restful as Hua Run international, Beijing radical, one word is discharged. Electronic industry overlay reforms hot earth, it is ” miracle ” cards in one’s hand. By newsreel ” north of Hua Jiang of decipher Shenzhen · ” in below true record bottle turn the star moves, 2012 around, smartphone industry in the ascendant. The Shenzhen when those is admitting countrywide each district to come the person that this seeks an opportunity. Jing Hao and his ” miraculous maniple ” also be a member in boundless and indistinct sea of faces, they are in Hua Jiang north the night before last that from the electron a street encircles transition towards omnibus business, they will be testimony ” 3 feet square a meter of bar ” to the tide go-between with bristly high-rise. ” miracle ” the detail that wants the story with suitable rub one’s palm along smooth out with the fingers, fill, if where,be this group of people a place with a draught of good luck takes off, the lay off in the difficult, struggle light be mixed of the warm, life in close affection a my life do not go up by the destiny of the day by me raise line. In line of courtyard of the 21st whole nation homebred film is recommended on the meeting, wen Muye recommends when making newly, say: “We saw many years old of 20 a lot of youths that do poineering work in Shenzhen after 2012, experienced the time in agitate to fall, everybody has the poineering space of the opportunity. On hot earth of China, the every pursuit happiness, person that never abandons becomes a miracle possibly — this is me what understand ” miracle ” theme. ” he still emphasizes designedly, measure miraculous definition and do not care about simple lay level. “We more the proposition of apt life and death, because of it can the test person choice in the moment of truth, what proposition of life and death bears the weight of negative the biggest load, often point to popular feeling in. Compare for money, I hope we present the miraculous old practice that give more, it is for health, for what go after to love to go is happy, itinerary. ” the view of this and industry happens to have the same view. Have the opinion after the expert been seeinging a flower: ” miracle ” not be terrestrial myth, however a kind ” the hero ignores source ” the likelihood that succeeds in China, be struggle difficultly only first, the Chinese story of miracle of unremitting ability creation. Resemble Jing Hao and ” miraculous maniple ” teammate people mutual beat is strong, “Want us hard only, with respect to it doesn’t matter it is impossible ” . The times has opportunity, against the wind breaks up dish person, certain desperately encourage crosses harships. [editor: ? 7 Sui of Lu?

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