Sat. May 21st, 2022

Original title: ” Ding Daming ” deduce revolutionary soldier to grow history Report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Guifang) by Lin Heping playwrite, meng Liang hold guide, of the main actor such as Lin Jiachuan, Zhu Rui, Li Saibo, pigeon, Chi Jia ” Ding Daming ” , today 19 when defend 30 minutes in Tianjin inspect broadcast. This depict nobody grows history teleplay clue rich, brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy is exquisite, the comedic element that blend in also added more to be able to view a sex to this drama. ” Ding Daming ” pass two masterstroke — ” revolution ” with ” love ” , told about nobody Ding Daming to be hit by accident bump by accident join guerrilla, help guerrilla finish the job for many times, experience cross jointly with Shan Xing, face test of life and death for many times, grow finally to be experienced for the legend of revolutionary soldier. ” Ding Daming ” it is the work that Lin Jiachuan cooperates with father Lin Heping once more. The one big bright characteristic of this drama added the comedic element that has northeast terrain feature more very much namely, the Lin Jiachuan that serves as northeast person is right do a familiar work with ease of this it may be said.

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