Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Jiangsu is defended inspect 2022 cross Chun Zhangjing of year of concert Li Yu clever Zhou Shen is displayed with the stage sing

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(Lin Zhen heart / civil) late on December 31, jiangsu is defended inspect 2022 cross year of concert to be in Macao golden light put together direct seeding of art house whole world. On the evening party of 4 many hours, yu Ning of Liu of brother of not easy, fashionable, Tan Weiwei, Xiaojing vacates Cai Xukun, Chen Weiting, Deng violet chess, Li Yu spring, wool, Xue Zhiqian, display sing many board piece, company audience spent a demit old the night that see the New Year in.

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Among them, zhou Shen and fictitious ” Deng Lijun ” figure is the same as a stage, after deducing many Jin Qu, cross again spatio-temporal chorally one ” big fish ” ; Vsinger and hard candy girl the 303 collaboration that be the same as a stage ” common DISCO ” ; Xue Zhiqian sings song ” like wind ” when, arena challenged the dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed of film later period to resemble a technology. Xue Zhiqian breaks up sing ” loess Gao Po ” hind, sang one after another again ” like wind ” ” become useless to be treasure ” ; Liu Yu Ning is brought ” stars sea ” with new song ” Fall In Love ” head sing; Zhang Jie sings 4 repeatedly, of MIXPOP style ” over the moon ” and ” he does not understand ” ” you are worth while better ” ” this loves namely ” ; Yang Qian and Zhong Zhentao are brought hand in hand ” Oriental bead ” ; Chen Weiting besides ” convoy ” ” W layout ” eye waiting for music, returned the spot to perform frame sound; Wool is sung not easily ” into the sea ” , li Yitong a red garment be a dancing partner.

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Before timing, plum Yu Chunxian is sung cross year of hour, brought ” 1987 I do not know to be able to encounter you ” ” divine reply ” ” dance ” 3 songs, head sing new song ” the star in the Milky Way ” , this also is Li Yu spring goes out 17 years to straddle year of stage now continuously. And after passing at 0 o’clock, it is the Zhang Jing that exceeded female athlete 2005 together clever appearance then display sing, bring together with Wang Chuanyue ” navigate ” . Clever around foot is the same as Zhang Jing of Li Yu spring the stage is displayed sing, company audience is stridden 2022.

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