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Original title: Drama of another a dark horse appears, the 3 large window in drama are too wonderful, stay up late chase after also stop no less than coming Should say do with sb unconscious, conduct propaganda is very few 2021 however what does the teleplay with very good public praise have? ” drive grants small Wu to make ” and ” Zhou Shengru reason ” must have a full name, former be small cost teleplay ” counterattack ” , just kill a tight encirclement in drama of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of one numerous celestial being, gained the tall cent of 8; Latter is be loved with cruel and acting becomes a dark horse.

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Again a teleplay is in now numerous show itself in good theatrical work, it is ” the lion inverted image that bilks a cat ” , small make up just beginning to listen to so long name to think is the film, and this teleplay can say is ” 0 conduct propaganda ” , but will leave on December 30 after sowing, echo is very enthusiastic, of a lot of all of one suit reputably. Sowed the first day to arrive the first place that violent wind rises a list of names posted up, enough proves the consequence of this drama.

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This drama acts the leading role by Zhu Yawen, Yang Zishan, He Junxiang, Li Yuan, it is drama of affection of a modern city, according to the novel ” wife falls in love with me ” adapt, those who tell about is Liu Qing (Zhu Yawen is acted the role of) with Mu Wanqing (Yang Zishan is acted the role of) this pair jubilates the story that enemy loves after marriage first. What at that time we may think of is general and homebred drama ” dog blood ” cover a region, but not confused, see your meeting discovery stay up late slowly chase after also stop no less than coming!

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Hotspot one ” idol play male god ” join in as male 2 He Junxiang, can say going up is our childhood ” idol play male god ” , very few at that time someone had not looked him ” devil is beside ” ” bullfight, otherwise wants ” , and the idol play of a lot of inland male advocate also be a basis of his figure set in drama, for example male advocate general very arrogant, chill, do not take respond a person, very the appearance of the cruel that drag cruel.

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And when lie between so much year, ” the lion inverted image that bilks a cat ” medium He Junxiang still does not see exhausted state, condition is very good, in the personate in drama male advocate Liu Qing (Zhu Yawen is acted the role of) good friend Lei Shuo, he in drama is the celiac black boss that constant belt laughs at a corners of the mouth, but to Liu Qing this good brother is first-class however of one good, close after brother is driven out of the door by wife take sb in he.

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Hotspot 2 of Zhu Yawen ” contrast bud ” in us before in impression, zhu Yawen is much with a tough guy figure appears, impression is the deepest should count ” red broomcorn ” medium ” Yu Zhanao ” , the gas of haggard, Yang Gang is us to him the understanding of this part.

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But be in ” the lion inverted image that bilks a cat ” in, he however personate have a place ” eat soft meal ” ” slow-witted bud male ” , once he of family background of special type military nowadays is an impecunious hobo only, still be arranged to marry directly by parents, the elite female president of be under one’s control of object or oneself green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, power, this ” female strong male weak ” marriage does not know to be able to go much further, go in even oneself job or wife arrangement, scatter namely at ordinary times act like a spoiled child, sell Mai Meng.

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But he is right the thing all round oneself however very acumen, thick in the band is thin, it is he discovers Mu Wanqing’s grandmother to become seriously ill above all, and return conceal Mu Wanqing together with grandmother. When be dogged, also swing them wittily. Regard a garage as the administrator, he also can discover from inside clues incorrect.

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Wonderful unsurpassed of 3 dozens of play says the hotspot dozen of play, the likelihood thinks ancient costume drama just has dozen of show, and ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” hit play to leave oneself sow 2 collect to make show with respect to the chamfer that be spat too slow. And serve as contemporary theatrical work ” the lion inverted image that bilks a cat ” however incisively and vividly of the deductive that make show. The movement is exceedingly fluent and not messy, also have the sense of reality of the sort of the real thing, the audience that wants to watch dozen of show people can go having a look, absolutely won’t disappoint your expectation!

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Above sees the likelihood 3 times nod even if pursue the matter that this drama stays no less than coming! The Liu Qing that what at present we can see is Zhu Yiwen personate is late to admire of fine one-sided good, and response not within the foreseeable future of Mu Wanqing, when to know to you just can see Mu Wanqing ” chase after a husband ” fight greatly? Did everybody see this play? The welcome leaves a message.

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