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Original title: Of character make 20220102002126 61d0f006964f0 20220102002127 61d0f007d23aa 20220102002127 61d0f007e36cb 20220102002126 61d0f00662c30 20220102002126 61d0f0068181a The doorsill of quality theatrical work wants prep above to explode money theatrical work, want a hand to grasp only ” big IP ” ” kilocalorie manages ” ” make greatly ” wait for a keyword, basic and OK ” book ” close inspect explode paragraph, but resemble ” arousal time ” ” great river great river 2 ” such quality theatrical work, do not have shortcut to be able to go. 2021, chinese teleplay is limitted very hard absolutely explode the borderline of paragraph and character, ” hill sea affection ” and ” arousal time ” high component public praise, it is the quality theatrical work of be worthy of, the lung-power of the temperature that brings by public praise, gregarious media also absolutely no less than exploding paragraph. This year, many thematic drama walks into the heart of the audience, be sealed to be by the youth ” Yyds ” (forever divine) , all without exception because their make free with ” youthful appearance ” words condition goes the temperament of that glorious time mixes depict spirit, also cannot leave advocate achieve from take turn choice of path, actor and performance, and even each place detail is drawn the outline of achieve perfection. In epic of big play surround, also have a few ” small and beautiful ” green drama becomes public praise a dark horse, gas of their ground connection, word saying a person, with young audience exquisite experience get resonance, also become condole to make the conscience beautiful theatrical work of S course sodden theatrical work. No.1 ” arousal time ” the history is highest heat up degree of 69.86 audiences 31.87 have average age rarely the name can become a teleplay year catchword, “Arousal time ” ascend a list of names posted up, flank also confirm its hot. Regard heavy this year pound as the thematic an excellent work that roll out, one is sowed be like tide reputably, what make award of white this year yulan magnolia finally is the biggest win the home. Besides make excellent, this drama is the most commendable depended on attracting large quantities of young audiences. With traditional thematic drama heavy Jiaohua differs, ” arousal time ” try to give bright activation the person of those Wei banks in textbook, li Dazhao is generous and honest and straightforward, chen Duxiu unruly is proud again charming, of Cai Yuanpei include and fatherly… pull successfully close the distance with the audience, let everybody discover great person aureola besides, the one side of Everyman. Follow the camera lens of teleplay, audience be able to one explore the times of that like a rising wind and scudding clouds, to warmth of much portion of that paragraph of history and devoir. No.2 ” great river great river 2 ” the history is highest heat up degree of 78.68 audiences average age the struggling story since 30.54 reforming and opening, itself has rich story sex. ” great river great river 2 ” broke add to make demon cuss, carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future falls in the first high public praise, 80 time end goes to 20 centuries of its focusing China the social evolution at the beginning of 90 time, fresh the history that the ground showed that paragraph of roiling on with full force. This drama changes in suspension of theatrical work of outback duty field make a group, showed true duty field with many details, at the same time it still is bureau of an official circles, savour the implication of character actor’s lines, also be the one great pleasure of this drama. The heart-stirring classical dialogue in drama, it is too numerous to mention one by one more. What drama makes force of actor’s lines work is deep, matched the disposition characteristic of each part properly, shaped part image stereoly. ” great river great river 2 ” public praise wins, one is created with the type after enough is become ” bemoan one’s inadequacy in the face of a great task ” height. No.3 ” sweep black storm ” the history is highest heat average age sows 85.2 audiences 29.31 to heat up search and friend circle with respect to sweep anything away ” sweep black storm ” , was 2021 of a dark horse of archives of summer vacation time make, also be one of homebred play with the biggest in recent years measure. This drama buries the Sun Xiaoguo case of resounding whole nation, playground the series connection such as cadaver case to be adapted together, hold an artistic quality and sociality concurrently, erected new surveyor’s pole to sweep drama of black subject matter. Be in narrative on slam the door the problem that anti-corruption drama preachs types of facial makeup in operas of serious, part is changed, yi Xie of character nature Yizheng, the case advances annulus annulus photograph to buckle and flat and agile. Sun Gonglei of bone of a few old show, Wang Zhifei, Liu Yijun and Wu Yue depend on masterly acting, make share of show of rich play chess wonderful turn over times, increased drama volume greatly can view a sex. In the meantime, explode in woman theme the instantly of canopy, ” sweep black storm ” appeared to also make up for subject matter of the male on teleplay market to lack the issue that miss. No.4 ” I am quite good in an alien land ” the history is highest heat average age does not have 66.2 audiences ” 30 just ” after conflagration, female group explode like drama canopy type emerge in large numbers, but great majority because story in suspension, conception is peripheral and denounce, ” I am quite good in an alien land ” be among them of god-given hardheaded taletelling, with one action takes the tall fraction of below 8.2. “Ground connection is enraged ” it is the feature with this the most distinctive theatrical work. The struggles in big city average office worker of depict of the place in drama, true to the shadow that let an audience see his from their body, express in succession ” be defeated to prevent ” . More commendable is, predicament of female of this drama straight face, waited for duty field angst, emotion angst, appearance angst the problem to be shown bitterly come out, fundamental key is not relaxed, but also releasing kindness when analysing reality, let an audience see a woman between the awake photograph cherish, friendship that gives aid to all the way. No.5 ” drive grants small Wu to make ” the history is highest heat average age does not have 78.95 audiences 28.72 money, not discharge, doing not have big IP to add held small network theatrical work to be stupefied is give a group by actual strength, became this year most a of accident letting a person ” a dark horse ” . Serve as ” case of ancient costume explore + love ” drama, explore record share respects audience intelligence quotient, did not open golden finger, also did not fall wisdom clue, each step of inference is reasonable have according to, logic is online. The part of love also did not resemble drama of most talk feeling scattering industrial saccharin wildly euqally, let a men and women however advocate in examining the process of the case jointly, mutual understanding, mutual appreciation, let love happen naturally. ” drive grants small Wu to make ” the success is paste undoubtedly ” only discharge is from ” person spank, also make an audience clear want good with heart burnish content only, even if small network drama also can give a group by actual strength.

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