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Original title: Xiao Zhanxin drama ” jade bone Yao ” give out premonitory, and ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” meeting be pointinged to is airborne Already went 2021, can much ministry teleplay left 2022 sow, you most where ministry to expect? On January 1, 2022, of the main actor that resemble battle ” jade bone Yao ” , the government gives out newest prevue, after seeing this drama gives out prevue, the netizen leaves a message instantly: “” does survive give advice or comments more please ” still meet far? ” but partial netizen thinks this drama will be airborne however, how is this to return a responsibility after all?

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(The article is all picture, come from a network entirely, thank former writer, if violate your right, contact this date author to delete please. Picture and content have nothing to do, please not check the number is entered) ” ace army ” after sowing, person energy of life of Xiao Zhan rises quickly. Recently, xiao Zhan’s vermicelli made from bean starch loves a beans very happily to publicize new theatrical work for oneself again, because ” jade bone Yao ” Guan Xuan the New Year of 49 seconds is premonitory, in this paragraph premonitory in, xiao Zhan and Ren Min are performed spend the New Year play code, atmosphere feels dye-in-the-wood.

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Look from the prevue that give off, this paragraph of play should be when shadow and the extract that youth feeling is warming up, although two people are division apprentice, but fated thing is already rooted and gemmiparous, they 2 people are right inspect, there is each other only in each other eye, must say, xiao Zhan and Ren Min have CP to feel very much.

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Most audience begins to notice Xiao Zhan, because,be ” Chen Qing makes ” , be in ” jade bone Yao ” in, ancient costume modelling of Xiao Zhan lets a person shine at the moment again, just, this part much silk is composed, it is more mature to look. Look from the word that the government utters, this drama already killed blueness in August 2021, believe before long hind meet with respect to meeting and audience. Besides ” jade bone Yao ” outside, the netizen cares Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi to act the leading role more ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” when to leave sow.

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” survive gives advice or comments more please ” it is a basis popular novel is adapted and become, those who tell about is Lin Zhi make the same score between school and Gu Wei make the same score light emotional story, in follow in each other process, they are become better oneself. This drama is in 2019, had filmed finish, did not broadcast up to now however, yang Zi and the vermicelli made from bean starch that resemble battle are become ” look at a husband (wife) stone ” . ” survive asks many ” later period is made finish already, did not broadcast at first, because be like the influence of battle,be, the government fears to broadcast can cause bad effect, will broadcast directly so after time is delayed, be in when everybody curious when when this drama broadcasts, the government is announced broadcast time will be on September 8, after seeing this information, audience people state oneself are ready in succession, letting what everybody did not think of is, this drama announces suddenly to withdraw file unexpectedly.

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Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan also utter a word at once, comfort the vermicelli made from bean starch of oneself, but no matter what the main actor does, metropolis influence traces the mood of drama to netizens, because they feel they are sneaked away pink, regrettablly their whats are done, can see the government make a few operations only. Filmed 2019 finish, did not broadcast 2021, can you broadcast certainly 2022? Huang Jingyu and Xiao Zhan act the leading role ” ace army ” heat is sowed, pass the part of energy, the negative news about Xiao Zhan is less and less also, after believing this drama broadcasts, ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” can leave sow.

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No matter be the film or teleplay, conduct propaganda and warm-up can undertake before broadcasting, with will raise booking office or viewing rate, because of such, the netizen just can feel ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” official smooth pink, decide not to broadcast again after time, but some teleplay are not pressed however cover a road to give a shop sign normally, they do not shift to an earlier date completely Guan Xuan, broadcast stealthily directly, although this kind of behavior meets those who let partial netizen do not know theatrical work show, but it is right really drama has hope, ability so do.

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See ” ace army ” do not have Guan Xuan to leave sow, partial netizen thinks ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” also meet such, exist to change schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater after all, should meet a bit more low-key, affirm after broadcasting, ability can increase conduct propaganda. Each reader, do you think ” does survive give advice or comments more please ” is the meeting low-key sow? Make us collective expect Lin Zhi school and Gu Wei!

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