Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Was not broken up to take the theatrical work of 5 classical ancient costume that pass, expose the age what had looked completely

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The 1st teleplay ” inapproachable county makes ” . But this teleplay is the impression that gave our audience to leave profundity by Su Youpeng and figure of figure of Wang Yan fictile. Be it is one of a pair of Cp that my childhood likes very much.

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The 2nd teleplay ” renown flowering is roused ” . At that time because like the name of this teleplay particularly. And saw end from the beginning. Inside female the part of personate is very good, I what return the right season or time am to like to see this very much.

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Still have ” life god sword ” . The name that speaks of this teleplay is very familiar, but had written down not be clear about the gut inside. What must say nevertheless is, because A Le knew Zhang Weijian,be at that time really. In those days when feel this movie is super and interesting. But seem to also did not see final result finally.

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Still have snowflake goddess tomorrow of Ouyang of Long Li face this part. When still remembering once seeing the appearance of an actor of this part ancient costume, feel she is very beautiful. Although when lie between old, but still meet now and then remember. She is Jiang Zunmei.

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Still one wears Shaoxing opera. The name cries ” pass through to be in love with spatio-temporally ” . Feel small a round mass of food is particularly beautiful in one’s childhood. Ancient clever Jing likes this part quite particularly. That king father is interesting more inside. He blows air to the duck actually. Opposite for this theatrical work is good still.

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