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Original title: ” adversary ” receive big final result, the audience looks thoroughly cry, but 4 place a faulty expression in writing is too clear too regretful! ” adversary ” sowed 37 collect eventually, a lot of audiences are touched and do not abandon.

One, say share of the most touching lachrymatory first especially finally a few collect, li Tang the happiness for Li Xiaoman of Ding Meixi, daughter, Li Ting, choose him sacrifice, let a person use a facial expression.

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Use safety him menace of the daughter to Duan Yingjiu, his violent rage nohow, the audience is touched, li Tang knows, this is forest the daughter of , but accompany 18 years with her, this daughter is him almost in life all, pay everything for not close daughter, let an audience touch.

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Li Tang has removed emissary status outside, he is one has absolutely take on, responsible good man. Still fire is passed rash, this man of anxious firm personate, grow badly to look, for Ding Meixi, he flings caution to the winds, loving Ding Meixi and Li Xiaoman low-down and oblivious of oneselfly, block a knife for Ding Meixi finally, the hand covers to be pricked to defeat cardiac wind by the knife, blood gurgle is gushing, he returns a face to take a few cent joyance, attack to love to accomplish flying moth fire, old fire touched a lot of people.

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Still have the story of good man Chen Hua and Duan Yingjiu, especially terminal this paragraph, face the New Year that firework is all over the sky, the scene of lean close to of photograph of two people depend on each other, very sweet very beautiful.

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Main actor Guo Jingfei says, the audience does not sympathize with the Li Tang that I perform, he did bad thing, should do not have good end. But, this drama, we are right however Li Tang of two villain in drama, Ding Meixi has too much care with touch, because had divided a profession,be outside, bright brightness is in their human nature.

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That serves as middleaged person namely, never say to love you, but the thing that do is to be the other side to go dead. The essence of love dedicates namely and big news hopes sound, so we are touched. Still have, the scene that final Li Xiaoman and maternal Ding Meixi meet in the jail and bursts into tears on the bus, a lot of people look cried.

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” adversary ” actual it is to wrapping around appearance of espionage war play, report is middleaged person affection world and live a real theatrical work of the crisis. Fabaceous valve gives a mark 8.1, the specification gets everybody is approbated, there is 4 to be in a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting in drama of course, if had been repaired, this drama can achieve the result of full marks. A faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting of which 4 places is there?

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2, this line of Yellow Sea and Zhu Hui compares unsuccessful Zhu Hui to be together for He Dingxiao standing grain, install does she also come to the country bureau, but this thing needs feeling your affection I wish, ding Xiaohe does not like Zhu Hui, then, be in with Yellow Sea in getting along, marry very abruptly, taking do sth in a fit of pique to shine it seems that marriage.

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This kind of mood changes showing marriage reality is actual existence, love is frustrated brought sadness, can magnify in special period one the individual’s advantage, a few when get along with Yellow Sea, zhu Hui magnified the advantage of Yellow Sea, marry with him.

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However after they marry, every time comes on the stage, to the audience, it is a kind of experience that torments vexed: Yellow Sea bets a ball, black rim of the eye, drink every day, one face is depressed, smell of gunpowder of two people conversation is dye-in-the-wood, misunderstanding is deeper and deeper. Many barrage play the audience piece: See these two people are irritated. Really this two people come on the stage, compare cruel.

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Later, everybody discovers the misunderstanding of Yellow Sea and Zhu Hui, it is Duan Yingjiu arranged Yellow Sea so ” lie bottom ” , for derivative catfish. Finally, yellow Sea and Zhu Hui contradiction were troubled by should divorce, duan Yingjiu just lies Yellow Sea the truth of the bottom tells Zhu Hui. Is this why bother? Zhu Hui also is the person that the country brings, still be the wife of Yellow Sea, duan Yingjiu says to Zhu Hui, yellow Sea does not let us say to Zhu Hui, the director thinks how outstanding Yellow Sea stresses negative character this kind for the country, the spirit of sacrificial individual family, but the audience was not touched, feel to feel puzzled instead. Of course, yellow Sea for derivative forest , he needs to stay up late, bet a ball, drink, do oneself into to be the person of money insanity, but the kind that does not tell Zhu Hui, defective still and reasonable.

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Finally, yellow Sea is beaten dead by hellion almost, not bad Zhu Hui is beside him, yellow Sea paid tremendous sacrifice, but he is done not have derivative forest . The audience also is done not have by Yellow Sea pay touch deeply, this character did not stand actually, although the director wants to show a country how to catch the hardship of villain in drama: The country installs personnel to handle a case, it is to be able to have a lot of tremendous sacrifice but the circumstance of end in smoke.

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This line handles may better,

3, strong aureola of Duan Yingjiu, let an audience feel abrupt the Duan Yingjiu of Yan Bingyan personate is really natural, this is the glamour of play bone. But everybody discovers Duan Yingjiu became stupid 35 collect, capture Li Tang finally, forest after 36, 37 collect, she at a draught much cleverer. Duan Yingjiu faces Li Tang, the design of nicety of Li Tang heart, use oneself verbal inference, said a De Chaotian, handle a case the language that relies on oneself is advanced forcibly, and does great majority accord with reason?

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The Duan Yingjiu previously, suspect Li Tang and Ding Meixi obviously, midway is puzzled by an operation of two people, abandon finding out; Ding Xiaohe and Duan Yingjiu are all but is captured forest , should right forest has very deep impression, but do not catch namely.

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And still let Yellow Sea lie the bottom will bring anguine unkennel. The feeling is very stupid before Duan Yingjiu, must be turned all round by dally of villain in drama, caught Li Tang to become clever light became much. The audience feels abrupt, should see, this drama is least the system capacity of 40 collect, cut 37 market finally, apparent to cross careful, cut out a lot of clues, do not eliminate this to plant abrupt it is this reason.

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4, forest processing and capture not quite reasonable forest there are many homicide cases on body, install personnel to had had 2 reason with the country, and courage is very great, stay to mansion city all the time namely old, commit the crime ceaselessly, according to present weather eye, in a city, it is not difficult to arrest such person. He stays in mansion city all the time namely, and the country is installed even if people searchs not to see, accord with gut logic, but always feel not quite actual.

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Still have last market, catch a past master of machination and manoeuvre forest , too simple. Forest opens an umbrella finally in photograph too abrupt like the clue below the head, this person although so 100 close one scanty, also won’t so clumsy, also won’t have put away umbrella, have the complacent feeling that puts flying ego. Li Tang and Ding Meixi are caught, he should be the most dangerous! V/arc a well-traveled, the meeting is so babyish, with the child, be still in photograph picture is Duan Yingjiu provoked below the head?

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5, the confess of 37 collect records Li Tang Li Tang is caught, last collect has a paragraph of big monologize next, I think help my daughter, can be forest , I am wrong, help my person truly so, it is state of mansion state city is installed bureau, it is Duan Yingjiu, it is Ding Xiaohe, they are the people with exalted heart.

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This paragraph of monologize, the audience feels redundant and abrupt, cannot blame Guo Jingfei and director, this is one goes up somehow ” beautification ” Li Tang and Ding Meixi the drama of these villain in drama, cross careful for subject matter, be necessary to be done painstakingly. Playwright-director is not foolish, this paragraph of word must have.

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Finally two collect, be brash. ” adversary ” it is a good theatrical work absolutely, the author speaks these problems, it is individual my opinion only, if these had been handled, this drama can have higher mark on fabaceous valve. How does everybody look? How does # evaluate teleplay ” adversary ” #

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