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Original title: ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct one branch plum ” lie Hu Canglong, build Hua Liushi suddenly so Li Ya of Tong of poetic horse sky amid ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct one branch plum ” it is the drama of knight-errant of an ancient costume that broadcasted 2010. This drama tells about changeable Ming Dynasty year, from song laugh Ceng Shijin garment defends a head, suffer circumvent painful after breaking love wife, become excessive drinking is Bohemian, the with matchless of small meritorious service Yan Sanniang after final requicken, He Xiaomei that is good at Yi Rong and gest Oh the root of Chinese thorowax, establish a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct 4 people group ” one branch plum ” the story of travel wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling. In those days this drama does not have special fire, but small make up feel this theatrical work is particularly nice, the look back on concealed big Ga of so much star unexpectedly now! Huo Jianhua personate leaves song laugh. Have outstanding brains and talent, painful because of calculate of treacherous court official break love wife, cast be frustrated of street of days of next high position and great wealths are whole drunk wine to be able to ‘t bear, weigh an all corners of the country to help brother, maneuver lets additional 3 ace that conceive stunt each and he cooperates. Huo Jianhua’s acting is to be done not have so that say then, assume personal command of abstinency department male god, the viewing rate of this drama of course also won’t low!

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Yan Sanniang of Liu Shishi personate, the small meritorious service of Yan Sanniang, time that opens map of lock, picture is a special skill each, join ” one branch plum ” before aloof and proud is elegant, magical Long Jian head does not see end. Liu Shi Shiyin is better dancing strength, the movement of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance in drama also is cheesy and fluent. With Huo Jianhua after sword of afterwards celestial being cooperate again, also be very tacit. The form that she discovered when seeing this play at that time?

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Ma Tianyu, in He Xiaomei of the personate in drama. Wen Wenru is elegant, idea in a subtle way of exquisite, observation, act in an opera of be fond of, it is a dye-in-the-wood play crazy, be goot at imitating other and easy look art, have a good command of again dark implement with medical skill, still load cure to get hurt at the same time teammate responsibility. Of Ma Tianyu handsome appearance, suit the He Xiaomei in drama very. ” shed dripping good time ” heating up now in sowing, welcome everybody great attention oh!

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If chaste tree of Tong Liya personate is recalled, it is a thousand pieces of gold of Jing Tongwei of the general that press down a country, be killed so that the family broke up by Yan Song. Clever appearance is beautiful, understanding, be a standard virtuous wife fine mother, follow to have paragraph of chilly is beautiful and brief love story from song laugh. Of Tong Liya handsome appearance is everybody’s accepted element colour belle, go out mediumly in drama acting also is special Jing admires! This is like unexpectedly in thinking of this drama how old Ga, did you recognize?

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Familiar face of the so much in this drama, did you recognize?

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