Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: “Destroy childhood ” the camera lens that wear a band, was what shown here? See the Tang Dynasty Seng Xiao became mad! To the camera lens wearing a band inside drama of a few movie and TV, everybody should be often can see. After all present play staff to pay the high specified number of these actors remuneration, nature is whats are saved come down, what bring to everybody next so is: “Destroy childhood ” the camera lens that wear a band, was what shown here? See the Tang Dynasty Seng Xiao became mad!

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1. ” on the west travel notes ” it is a very famed teleplay, go up every year in TV rebroadcast. Return the home when you, the old person that you can see your parents often is on TV televise. But in ” on the west travel notes ” in also have a few ” assistance passes through ” setting. In letting us see teleplay now ” assist ” setting.

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If 2. does the divine theatrical work that fights day the word of a pop chart, so ” fight day of strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” absolutely the first of all, it is no matter the characteristic from the character still is for the inference from gut for, the drama is a god that can say! Resemble this camera lens ” my grandfather is 9 years old when was killed bloodily by Japanese ” , how do you come then, never mention it you, your father is how come!

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3. ” on the west travel notes ” it may be said is the classic work that men and women likes to look. However, watch this scene below carefully please, do you notice the Tang Dynasty there is a white shirt actually inside monk cassock? A so apparent shirt, can pass through to go in face of archaic the Tang Dynasty, this also has a place rather too do laughed.

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4. ” abandon me, clutch I ” this kiss of favour of goddess Chen Qiao and Wang Kai, let together of person thoughts or recollections flashing across one’s mind really. The attention looks, tongue of old tall favour is extended came! Is this is fokelore medium enter sport too deep?

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In 5. shooting, on success of scheming Biao Gu Yimei hind, be used to betray Hu Ge by Yuan Kun. Hu Ge is decisive part company help her clear away thing general her discharge. Just began upstair company inside, there is the thing of adhesive plaster of a few cylinders in the case, the thing in the case when next buildings went however.

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