Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Besides the fairy of Lin Yichen version, these 7 fairy are very wonderful also, last most accord with an imagination One, universal 2006 of personate of Lin Yichen of flying celestial being small 7 lively and lovely, the celestial being Fan Zhi that wrote a paragraph of romance with the Tong Yuanpu of personate of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song is loved. They also became classical screen sweethearts accordingly.

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2, the 7 fairy that a beauty matched Huang Sheng to depend on personate 2007 are dignified virtuous kind and gentle, because of descend to the world of privately of yearning world life, the Dong Yongxiang that acts with Yang Zi knows to love each other, final jade emperor is touched by their love place, be willing to help sb to fulfill his wishes this paragraph of the fate brings lovers together. Huang Sheng is depended on and Yang Zi lays condition because of play, turn real life into medium husband and wife from screen couple.

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3, the fairy of personate of rice of tribute of fairy 2012 lake is small 7 simple goodness, the blame with old dragon personate loves each other between Le Zaifan, knot of final happy event manages repeatedly, repair Cheng Zhengguo.

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4, overjoyed 2005 the childhood that this drama is a lot of audiences really remembers 7 fairy respecting, every fairy in drama very the imagination that accords with an audience, having belong to oneself distinctive dress, having different individual character, experience a variety of cross, what also found him happiness is attributive. Numerous sister make concerted effort, defeated shade corrode king finally, let the world and peace and tranquility of regain of the middle of forhead. If break up,pat, who is the appropriate person selected in your heart?

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