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Original title: Have show the teleplay that I love 2021 | Editor’s note: Article collect insurgent news has play column editorial office and contributor the note watching a movie 2021, it is a deflection a sheet of private be fond of, welcome everybody to leave a message compensatory. [homebred drama] note: By head sow time sort, the rank is not divided early or late. ” hill sea affection ” head sow: Although 2021-01-12 is of the theme that help deficient up ” propositional composition ” , but ” hill sea affection ” grand theme, fulfil for clear, vivid, exquisite story, with destiny flounder of the nobody the times since series connection varies, in the story, make, the each respect Dou Zhen such as the performance at perfect. Teleplay has from beginning to end from beginning to end one kind lets old age and youth implementation ” dialog ” active consciousness, it is thematic ” young change ” successful example. → of of By Ceng Yuli ” hill sea affection ” just do not help deficient theatrical work, the destiny that is Xi Haigu’s person more is epic Reyiza talks about | of → special interview ” hill sea affection ” : The destiny is like stone, strike at the life, arouse Huang Xuan of | of spray → special interview: I admire ” Ma Defu ” the spirit of water constantly dripping wears holes in stone ” arousal time ” head sow: 2021-02-01 serves as modern history teleplay, ” arousal time ” be full of ” literature is changed ” temperamental, camera lens is exquisite, take change distinct, detail is excelsior, still the image that makes a person impressive is conveyed — the person that create uses metaphor technique for many times, place their darkest to the history affection. The connotation of massiness, rich meaning accumulate, deep edificatory holds concurrently, ideological content, artistic quality and marketability are unified, ” arousal time ” the thematic drama part that makes another give a group. 2021 of By Ceng Yuli year in the homebred play that has seen, character first-rate, group reach the designated position like depict, lifelike. By breaths out much interest thematic teleplay ceiling, do not rely on to stir also arouse tear of the sort of heat letting a person to be filled with empty infuriation. By Hao solitaries to be enmeshed deeply style experience, that China earth encounters emersion ” had no 3000 change bureau ” always, the intellectual estate that strive saves the nation is in-house, the tremendous confused of the thought is shown with the disorder. Just know after that, the backside that the every time in troubled times chooses, have fumble, have regressive, have hesitation, have difference, and saw those who create the history is true only ” person ” , ability sees true history. | of special interview of → of the first Guo directs By the world Zhang Yongxin: Film ” arousal time ” when, a few degrees burn with righteous indignation we think → to recommend again to everybody ” arousal time ” Cao Lei of | of → special interview: Personate Lu Xun, “Picture ” it is insufficient ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” head sow: Light comedy of article of 2021-02-14 male frequency adapts successful case, guo Qilin, this does not have strange man flatly, such however condole makes one numerous flow. By makes the same score Piao of → special interview 4 times to direct Deng Ke: I accept all praises and critical → consider sth as it stands, drama edition ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” still be go with rice ” the city barracks and the enclosing walls that you are me ” head sow: 2021-03-11 saw drama understand Bai Jingting completely why to be called national the top of a wall. → of wine of wine of By sauce sauce is special alarm the love with the doctor, a bit good crack with teeth in mouth ” drive grants small Wu to make ” head sow: Play of record of explore of 2021-04-29 ancient costume ” drive grants small Wu to make ” be not big IP to adapt, discharge of cast it doesn’t matter, at the beginning video website also is the level with B course theatrical work broadcasts, be stupefied is to depend on public praise to give a group. Establish share of record of body, explore to rely on chart besides the person outside, very difficult is, this drama searched with contemporary audience ” affection couplet node ” . Leading role of male and female has bright female consciousness, both neither breaks away from condition of ancient costume words, gift again the expression of modernization of ancient costume drama. Its are very friendly to woman audience. By Ceng Yuli is complete a cerebral loop is normal, gut not dog blood does not fall wisdom, the ancient costume theatrical work that liked most 2021. Wine of By sauce sauce brews → ” drive grants small Wu to make ” : The little surprise in explore record play ” life home ” head sow: The Gu Fei of personate of 2021-05-13 Qiu Ze, the ceiling of homebred drama old man of appropriate appropriate! Cp of Li of uncle trailing plants does not want really too sweet! Begged, come quickly crack with teeth in mouth! Wine of By sauce sauce brews → ” life home ” have inadequacy, but interesting also ” moon variations ” head sow: 2021-05-20 ” day of strong Chu Yu ” Cp too but! Love! ! Sha Diao but not cerebral damage, 3 view are having the part very much very much enterprise. Wine of By sauce sauce brews ” traitor ” head sow: 2021-06-07 2021 year espionage war play One Pick. Chen Mo group sheng of X Lin Nan too above. By breaths out much interest the choice that this is opposite personification, because the author is fan of espionage war opera. ” traitor ” it is very typical espionage war play, openly part almost ” Wei is smooth ” , on a few individual character ” foreign matter ” by eliminate; On the clue, contain the characteristic such as strong plot, strong rhythm, heavy logic, heavy be concerned about. Although a few behavior of heroine are opposite ” fall wisdom ” , but as a whole the defects cannot obscure the virtues. Zhu Yilong hopeful awards prize in next teleplay season wins the nomination that inspect the Supreme Being. | of special interview of → of of By Ceng Yuli ” traitor ” I of Bi of origianl work author: Only domestic state and love cannot disappoint → ” traitor ” : The espionage battle theatrical work that respects audience intelligence quotient ” a day that when become you ” head sow: 2021-06-17 men and women advocate although the stalk of body crossing-over is old, but let a person see not tire of namely, zhang Xincheng’s acting is worth an optimal heroine. If you follow God exchange,wine of By sauce sauce brews → the body ” I had held out in an alien land ” head sow: 2021-07-19 nowadays female group a bit much like drama, but the female need not be anxious basically for the life, sororal friendly feelings was patted mostly ” times sister is beautiful ” , win resonance very hard. ” I am quite good in an alien land ” did not fall into set pattern, pat lead a wandering life the hardship of the girl in big city and distress, have realistic impression. Sweet although conduce to a circle,bestow favor on a line, but create however instead go up ” a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting ” . Theme of woman of the city in By Cengyu innovates make, north bleachs gens Bei to urge daily, field of contemporary youth duty ” funeral is lighted ” record, true, plunge into a heart, and worth while. By is made the same score 4 times see female advocate when hole of black intermediary of road be runninged walks along chummage, feeling I what be the same as experience explode the lamp! Of course ” Yi Chen is not caught ” the very good crack with teeth in mouth with true also Cp. By sauce sauce brews Guo Shuang of the playwrite that brew → : Know the market, the life → that understands instantly ” I am quite good in an alien land ” : Patted a person to be in of an alien land agonized ” the honor that you are me ” head sow: 2021-07-26 sighs with emotion again of Gu Man it is really good to adapt carry ah, the theatrical work of 2021 city talk feeling that like most. Play of idol of wine of wine of By sauce sauce preps according to please this aesthetic pat! → of of By Wen Yu ” the honor that you are me ” : An outstanding idol play → directs Wang Zhi: Communicate the romance in giving Gu Manwen word, this love drama did not pat in vain ” so I love you very much ” head sow: 2021-08-03 did not think of I still was in 2021 for bully the love of total Cinderella is crazy mad… of before half ambiguous period very much atmosphere feels, of second half bully always chase after wife although earthy Dan Shuang. Wine of By sauce sauce brews ” good city ” head sow: 2021-08-12 looked ” good city ” , do not say we take theatrical work of bad job field again. ” good city ” the uniqueness that took field of Chinese type job — the individual hero creed that is not beautiful type, also not be day of type is small I hope truly or funeral lights wind, however in transition ” Chinese type concerns ” . The duty field in drama concerns, it is actually bond and relation, regulation and go the fight between regulation. Although big ending still has distinguishing feature of the drama that nod bright, dan Suxiao’s war did not end. 2021 of By Ceng Yuli year an excellent work of theatrical work of homebred duty field, will go regulation and of bright regulation contend for tell about fascinatingly, a flock of old fox and small fox fight heart child, very wonderful. By makes the same score → 4 times ” good city ” : Can the idealist defeat duty field old fox? | of → special interview directs Liu Jin: Hope bright regulation suffers a defeat go Zhou Wei of playwrite of | of regular → special interview: What I write is human nature ” Qiao Jia’s children ” head sow: The be a comprehensive expression of of the short dog blood element in 2021-08-17 parent person, how tall home this one child the person is too lovely, the dad that connect tall makes fun of that before die, let me see the dot is commiserative. Mental partner of Qiao Jia, those who say is me. By breaths out → of much interest ” Qiao Jia’s children ” : Person, always complaining at the same time loving Liu Jun of actor of | of → special interview at the same time: Acted to won’t perform meaning of Zhang Wan of Piao of → special interview more more: The performance is the career → that I can throw all one’s life says Qiao Zuwang is broken bits dad, not fair ” quick-witted first half ” head sow: The Girls Help Girls of the 4th collect must see 2021-08-18! The fellowship of the girl is too good. Wine of By sauce sauce brews ” sailing: When wind rises ” head sow: The Chinese teleplay that 2021-09-14 this year likes most. The flaw of work itself is not little, but the simple kindness that gets the better of the atmosphere in time and youth, hou Minghao and this pair of CP to contain make a person impressive, nostalgic feeling this kind of stuff still can move very much me. By Shanghai gives birth to → ” sailing: When wind rises ” : Is talking about bit of love less better? ” my Babylonian lover ” head sow: 10 have theatrical work of 2021-09-27 keep long in stock 89 it is sodden drama, serve as to reduced green, keep long in stock 2018 drama anthology of 3 years, ” my Babylonian lover ” become an accident. This is a drama market that develops from female perspective, it tells holder — no matter the girl still is the boy: When youth is junior, we have longing and illusion to love, that is the work that does not pass normally. This is not to say, in making a female abandon be imagined in Malisu, await a prince to save; However even if do not have the presence of love, we still want hope of self-confident, self-love, cherish. → of of By Ceng Yuli this small sweet drama, temperament is not general Min of Jian Yi of playwrite of | of → special interview: Let playwrite become true ” author ” | of → special interview directs Zhou Nan: Comedy is the thing that I settle down and get on with his pursuit ” love is very delicate ” head sow: 2021-11-26 this is Chen Zhengdao hold the female that guide group resemble opera. Its depict to the female, the person that did not fall into the tradition sets framework, 3 heroines are met when facing specific choice hesitant, hesitant, contradictory, double mark, this lets them particularly fresh. The style of this drama, the Taiwan street that couplet letting a person thinks of to circulate on small gain interviews video, those suffer the person that visit everyday, but argute, lively, vivid, having a variety of surprising to think of clever want. Hope Chen Zhengdao maintains his free spirit from beginning to end, this meeting is the good news of the audience. By Ceng Yuli tries reasonable solution and the homebred theatrical work that show city woman truly. Also be in last few years exclusive. Female of city of sauce of By alizarin red group those who resemble opera is correct open way! Brush 20 collect at a heat not laborious! Hear want film edition, happy. Wine of By sauce sauce brews → ” love is very delicate ” : The body and heart are forward Shenyang of playwrite of | of special interview of one pace → is foreign: Regard oneself as Chen Zhengdao of | of audience → special interview: Flatter oneself knows a woman, it is the first condition that loses female viewer ” small quick home ” head sow: 2021-12-11 this is ” sentimental ” teleplay, gut very dog blood, also some ” suspension ” . Dan Xiaomin is the middleaged mom of an extraordinary, not gallinaceous child, do not catch not horse, hysterical, I want to see her how face thick as hail trouble, want to learn to learn her wisdom. Plus Qin Hailu’s Li Ping, quite interesting, laugh at a dot to take on, make gut vivid many. This is a teleplay that lets me have collective topic again with my Mom. → of of By Ceng Yuli ” small quick home ” : The essence of the life, perhaps be ” troublesome ” ” adversary ” head sow: The theatrical work that 2021-12-16 seeks because of Yan Bingyan, however by billows not the Guo Jingfei amusing of Jing, exclaim Tan Zhuo Shen hides the sex appeal that does not show, of 3 people match powers and master worker of make noodles by drawing out the dough by hand is same, tremble at breathed place 3 tremble… actor’s lines is really worth while fine article. Life, think all way, escape hard still going-over and step by step press hard on, emissary how, your bifurcation still is not with me! By plain boiled pork ” adversary ” the play of contemporary espionage war that is instantly of a focusing, what it opened espionage war play is narrative new face, have many breakthroughs: Emissary wind and cloud happens beside the audience, give priority to horn with villain in drama, espionage battle and daily photograph confluence… outside the espionage war that provokes besides insecurity, ” adversary ” reductive the life condition that spy regards Everyman as, the daughter that they also are the trouble that buy a house, anxious adolescence is loved early… the acting clique such as Guo Jingfei, Tan Zhuo, Yan Bingyan, peaceful manage, bring quite wonderful show for us. The subject matter of strange contemporary espionage battle in By Cengyu, middleaged spy funeral comical the useless bavin life of one ground chicken feather, the play is belonged to ” 10 playwrite saw nine must hit what the next of 5 stars remnant does not hit is to stem from jealousy ” level. Do not see anaemia. By makes the same score Zhanmusi Bond 4 times too perfect from me too far, not of be puzzled year basic level spy follows ability of constituent fall out to burn for pension I am middleaged the heart of company cultivate. Guojing of | of special interview of → of By day ark flies: ” adversary ” the dignity → that lets the person that I seek a creative work ” adversary ” : True, never had seen mix so miserable spy [other] ” the first forever ” head sow: 2021-01-08(China Taiwan) proving continuation again is a wretched sequel to a fine work, ” the 2nd counterattack ” many rot, can serve as a foil to goes out ” the first forever ” it is good to have many. The old man student of two hedgehog disposition how compatible story. Subject matter is a bit set of course, but can play a flower to come pretty good — should be Romeo and Juliet is contemporary adapt. Besides this drama, still commend peaceful theatrical work ” two small without tear open ” (interpret ” it is friend or male friend ” ) . By with a ha builds cling to ” common female nurturance writes down 2 ” head sow: 2021-08-08(China Taiwan) the edge sees an edge spit groove ” you are very noisy hey! ” , still can look very coolly, comical, it may not be a bad idea cries. Chen Jialing happens in the story of the native place austral the stage, be also the story beside us? This drama can let you recall childhood, also can make your solution nostalgic. Common of By shepherd → female life, without get sth done once and for ever this thing ” Run On ” head sow: 2020-12-16(Korea) the Han play that loved most 2021, also be the teleplay that reviews above exclusively 3 times. Film stalk is gigantic much, the push-pull of the character that model and concerns is meticulous, echo of actor’s lines around, OST is Orphean. Goodwife is set is very attractive independent woman, men and women advocate xipi feeling arrives by force want to press head marriage. Extortionary say short board, later period male 2 female 2 show share is bit more. By breaths out much interest this is actually 2020 the Han drama of the line on end, but because of Han drama a week the week of two collect sows mode, its major part number is actually broadcasted 2021. Look be like is common talk feeling story, but had essence of life to allow however to the depict of heroine exquisite ” developmental ” . “Can let my mood ameliorate, have myself only. Because of me, feel oneself are more precious. ” run quickly to love, embrace oneself from beginning to end however. → of of By Ceng Yuli becomes his protagonist, who is is such-and-such some ” quick-witted doctor lives 2 ” head sow: 2021-06-17(Korea) the job of 5 people group, life, friendship, love… this is the person has imagined to me middleaged and the ideal state that longing has. ” quick-witted doctor lives 2 ” sweet like a cup mellow coffee, it makes what we have taste to go up agonized, but the full-bodied a faint fragrance that lets a person be infatuated with it again. When hoping to become us 40 years old, in also can standing by the sort of ideal slowly ” quick-witted life ” . The good middleaged life in By Cengyu is vivid, ideal doctors and patients concerns. Pat the 3rd please! → of of By Wen Yu its sweet alcohol is agonized, middleaged perhaps person more understand ” D.P: Army deserter chases after arrest to make ” head sow: 2021-08-27(Korea) Netflix rolled out many original theatrical work that achieve Han in Korea 2021, but should talk hard nucleus and cruelty, I think ” D.P: Army deserter chases after arrest to make ” in ” squid game ” over. If say latter cruelty, be ” metaphor ” ; So ” D.P: Army deserter chases after arrest to make ” touch the hard kernel that comes up against reality, it is sensitive subject matter, make our peek so called ” Yang Gang ” how does education Min bring up devil. The group in barback of the Korea in By Cengyu and individual, again test and verify ” mob ” foreknowledge — sleep deeply what go up in every individual body is cruel destroy force, once enter irresponsible group in, can get apolaustic thoroughly. By the world the first Guo ” coastal village just just ” head sow: 2021-08-28(Korea) play body quality does not have illness, after the push-pull before love compares formal love more above. The chemical response of a few pairs of xipi is good, like the old grandma of the village especially. If do not have the farce outside the play when big ending, can be become probably and ” Run On ” paratactic first Pick. If,do not have regrettablly. By breaths out → of much interest ” coastal village just just ” ” cure force ” Jin Xuanhu of → sketch | : The Hong Ban that you know and does not know is long ” terrestrial disqualification ” head sow: 2021-09-04(Korea) although ” terrestrial disqualification ” viewing rate disastrous defeat, but the simple sense that this does not mean this theatrical work ” fail ” . This is anthology of a mood drama, rhythm is extremely slow, narrative and gently, exert oneself builds a kind of strong sentiment, it seems that what thing did not happen, but part heart has had stormy sea however. It patted the gray scale of life, patted human gray scale, do not call a person to feel complex right-down however, however the resonance that a kind of heart has Qi Qi: What there can be you from beginning to end on this world is congener, still live hard in darkness. → of of By Ceng Yuli spends tall of love of beautiful, Li Ying, Song Hui completely, why does new theatrical work anticipate Korea TOP actress not as good as ” squid game ” head sow: 2021-09-17(Korea) the play is to escape greatly kill and the old stalk that a lot of day overflow. But can fire alls over the whole world, profit from writes and direct the gut detail that a variety of human nature change, and the making level that has imagination quite. It is good to ask oversight ending! Korea of → of of By A Shushu makes ” squid game ” why can does fire all over the whole world? ” my name ” head sow: 2021-10-15(Korea) the plot of a play that noes keeping anything from each other is quite good guess, letting what I hold on is to be part weightening finish 10 jins, what can play a gang smelly man every time is sincere the Han Suxi that sees the flesh, true belt feels! By plain boiled pork ” some day ” head sow: 2021-11-27(Korea) Jin Xiuxian 100 kinds of painful appearance, assist catchs urticant formula 100 kinds with Che Shengyuan, gut is bit vulgarrer, but does family God clique have acting so how? By plain boiled pork ” that year, our summer ” head sow: 2021-12-06(Korea) year old of end ” that year, our summer ” with the beginning of the year ” Run On ” formed wonderful echo. Beautiful, exquisite, stamp person, whether is so that someone speaks,playwrite in be in be passionately in love, how to meet otherwise keep the detail in love of that many person reached the designated position. Playwrite is the person of a heart that knows a person, complex person that also is understanding person certainly, even if be the person that love each other,so she knows, also can have faint make trouble hard the self-respect of open one’s mouth and self-abased. Drama of Xian Youai affection can draw up accordingly administrative levels, keep the person that get stand sth on end, ” that year, our summer ” accomplished. of By Ceng Yuli ” 1000 astral fokelore ” head sow: 2021-01-29(Thailand) like major peaceful drama, this drama rhythm is too slow it is a big question, but want to be able to be used only 2 times fast look, this drama or can the much that the second kills home broadcasted 2021 is sweet bestow favor on drama. Her heart transplanting gave him, can you still resemble loving her to love him in that way? By with a ha builds cling to ” the love that explains me with your heart ” the 2nd season head sow: 2021-05-27(Thailand) look to talk about love to person of a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center, enjoy really. As to grouchy vermicelli made from bean starch people, understandable, age of past in former years is not old, vitreous heart is the biggest. Although By plain boiled pork changed a director, cannot continue the first god makes public praise, dan Yide and Europe the road of the love of two Pu Jidao’s teenager serves as an impression, still do not break view a sex. The first is like the poem of a teenager, the 2nd spreads all over reality, deceit, disappointment, go alone, but also have finally excuse and more thorough to love unscramble. Sauce of By alizarin red ” serpent ” (The Serpent) head sow: 2021-01-01(England) guest of 10 class knapsack persuades to withdraw a guideline. The proposal looks to go again the thing of archetypal He Yi of search search leading role, let you what dare carry to say the trip that takes again absolutely. By the world the first Guo ” her double eye backside ” (Behind Her Eyes) head sow: 2021-02-17(England) look at a heat, ghost the upper part of the body is told so spicily colourful of simple kindness, true not much, it is good that the soul gives the subjective camera lens of a key to do sth to let small plot be advanced. By plain boiled pork ” the people of everythings on earth 2 ” (All Creatures Great And Small) head sow: 2021-09-16(England) ask besides it, who is returned can give or take an injection to the animal all the day, the worm, vet that handles fart of excrement make water lives, pat so smally pure and fresh? But in scene beauty’s picturesque British countryside vet, doorsill also not low, the one’s style of work as well as one’s moral quality that always should maintain dress at least and delicate, even if you are to go of cow deliver a child. By the world → of the first Guo ” the people of everythings on earth ” : What does flocks and herds have good-looking? Cure ah ” horticultural killer ” (Landscapers) head sow: 2021-12-07(England) the middleaged actor with two contemporaneity best generation together, pare in a few heavy illusions the appearance that gives love. Love has figure, bloodguilty truth knows hard forever. By M. → of Wood is the same as for generations twice best actor, performed couple of this pair of killer ” east city nightmare ” (Mare Of Easttown) head sow: 2021-04-18(United States) see Kate Wensilaite act the leading role in those days ” holy smoke ” , with respect to exclaim this is a good actor that can overlook him indulge role forever, no more than of attractive part standard 4 words — the defects cannot obscure the virtues. Besides can carry a play too, she is not hit dividing the face that creases a needle is vivid really! By plain boiled pork always is attracted by such actress, fulanxisi Maikeduomengde, Ao Li Weiya Colman, Kate Wensilaite, doughty tender woman, their put shortly faith, original person need not dread predicament. By M. Piao of sketch of → of Wood is middleaged Kate Wensilaite, the role that performed to be close to his most ” white lotus goes vacationing village ” (The White Lotus) head sow: 2021-07-11(United States) in a haven of peace of wealthy person, same meeting produces the business that makes a person very sad. The disposition of every part is oriented oneself ending. The teleplay that can have kept outcome is too little, this very assist. By M. → of Wood is Hawaiian advanced go vacationing the village, what bad thing can you produce? ” see ” (See) the 2nd season head sow: 2021-08-27(United States) can is compared ” authority swims ” , once equestrian father is hormonal explode canopy, making machete is to you do not have me! By plain boiled pork ” the dosage that become addiction ” (Dopesick) head sow: 2021-10-13(United States) this is an education that prohibit toxin piece. Group of complex Sino-US nations that developed drug industry like the character all living creatures 100 condition. Hope state theatrical work is on all sorts of realistic theme of future, also can a lot of bold, true, serious society side are written. → of of By A Shushu ” the dosage that become addiction ” : American edition ” people’s name ” ” loss aerospace ” (Lost In Space) the 3rd season head sow: 2021-12-01(United States) good science fiction does not calculate really on, but the pleasure of the one collect much accident that has type of an army suddenly appearing from nowhere that seize treasure, if not creed of hero of kink old beauty and character Bug, drama of this family science fiction can see parenting is sufferred from completely, admire a someone, can hate to part with the child to cover really do not wear wolf… By plain boiled pork ” the story of my home ” head sow: 2021-01-22(Japan) new theme, accident ending. Theatrical work of day of → of of By Hong Sanyu ” the story of my home ” : The light comedy of an earnest topic ” the man that the world VS that can become BL absolutely does not consider to become BL absolutely ” head sow: 2021-03-27(Japan) 2021 it is BL caricature movie and TV adapts a year when erupt greatly absolutely. Among them, adapt difficulty the biggest blame not is belonged to this. When seeing caricature, did not think of such work completely unexpectedly can true person is changed, and actually the god is reductive origianl work Ga comical let a person again in a dilemma — unplug for leading role the banner is cheered already, expect to be able to produce the marrow of what again. Sit back and wait the 2nd season! of By Tuo Yanzhen ” soybean field is permanent child with 3 former husband ” head sow: 2021-04-13(Japan) tonal and special like. Had not seen make so the trailer MV of the intention. The most important is divine playwrite slope yuan abundant 2 tell us, middleaged person besides love, more those who care about is the life friendship that wonderful lot brings. By A tree cultivates slope yuan abundant 21 skill, know to have. 3 male unforgettable story of one female Ma Li Su, arrived in his hand, also be infinite and daily trifling, preposterous, it is good that solution compose gets just, it is good that warmth gets just. By makes the same score slope 4 times yuan abundant 2 Yyds! Funeral warms again piquant, in loneliness ecbolic the kindness that go out, clement and to life open-minded, and exceed interesting the actors that have love, yield love of National People’s Congress. By Hao solitarying → ” soybean field is permanent child with 3 former husband ” : Slope yuan still be slope yuan ” playlet begins ” head sow: 2021-04-17(Japan) the year in this person mental view is optimal foreign language teleplay. Lachrymal dot and Qi Fei laugh a dot, type of blame chicken broth cures encourage annals classical, from the beginning funeral arrives end, can give birth to the courage of subsist to you however. If you also are a confused to did not feel person, ought not to miss this theatrical work. Theatrical work of day of By Shanghai unripe → ” playlet begins ” , can you make a good fun? ” the counterattack of woman police ” head sow: 2021-07-07(Japan) the light comedy that raises a key point. toda of By Hong Sanyu is very lovely, baa sauce good vigour, the theatrical work of a day that liked most Spring 2021. Wine of By sauce sauce brews ” the melancholy of the Tian Chuan that is betrayed ” head sow: 2021-07-13(Japan) looking much ” soja Tian Yongjiu child 3 former husband with her ” need this kind like red wine fine after tasted drama anthology, be like cheap this drama accident like firewater can bring a kind to the person ” above ” ” blame happy feeling ” . By receives of silver-colored Yuan Xiaoqiu ” alone epicure ” the 9th season head sow: 2021-07-09(Japan) ” Doctor X ” the 7th season head sow: 2021-10-14(Japan) say with its 2021 why to recommend them even, because just should see them more 2021,be inferior to saying is. Theatrical work of life of this two ministers to the audience people for already that’s all right is new feeling, but the now that still did not appease in epidemic situation, this kind is familiar with became instead the biggest comfort. More god-given is the effect that two drama showed epidemic situation with his means. What never fail is sealed child that one party that became need accidentally this to be treated; And thrust deep into the enemy forces is in ” Gu is beautiful ” in be in to the memory of past restaurant let a person plaint affairs of human life is variable, also told everybody to walk out of contact from inside disaster toward need from have a meal this one ” of course ” begin daily. By receives of silver-colored Yuan Xiaoqiu ” this is love! Bad boy and white cane girl ” head sow: 2021-10-06(Japan) hare of bud cruel Xiaobai meets knife scar to guide blind dog, ah I am dead. By makes the same score → 4 times nobody can stand in the mainstream all one’s life this one party ” love most ” head sow: 2021-10-15(Japan) was destined from the gut trend of the first collect this is a small Bai Wangwen is female advocate love story. Suspense is to talk about love. But director grave former inferior You Zifei often deserves credit, moving every time is high-quality goods. Is colourful follow-up of Jing of begin of By A Shushu low go? Yes. Is the clue simple be to rot end is a bit very? Yes. Should that look even? Should. Because facilitate the quantity is produced, one collect of a story ” unit drama ” held each country TV almost absolutely most country, then, can tell a whole story patiently ” successive ” drama appears more and more commendable. The aspirations of more perhaps audience depends on: Even if for this drama outstanding Ost is mixed Yu Duotian always is the thematic song that essence of life allows to stepping on a dot to appear solely also should see it. → of of Xiaoqiu of the member that By receives silver ” love most ” broadcast, ” for N ” went up to heat up search [work of in former years] some ability look, some is reviewed again and again. ” path leading to a grave ” (2007, chinese mainland) ” ghost blows the lamp ” the fantastic like already showed exhausted state, return critically realistic road, appear truly ” rob a tomb ” the condition of unripe storage sample of profession of this one gray. The glorious of Mr. Yang Xinming, perhaps be in till him ” I am not medical god ” the sermon in just is known by person place. He is in this teleplay personate bright to drink the tea, young section member that reads a newspaper, solid those who be the pilfer on loess tall slope to peddle cultural relic ” magnate ” , perform the work force that go up it is thus clear that already. of By Wang Zheng ” so lovely we ” (2020, chinese mainland) the individual thinks homebred youth is nostalgic in drama, have most ” 1988 ” flavour a, listen to a director to say to won’t give the 2nd season certainly, particularly sad. Wine of By sauce sauce is brewed ” memoir of card of ancient bronze mirror ” (1997-1999, chinese Hong Kong) fill time original intention is to see newsreel, because looked,female legal medical expert says to produce professional ideal is ” memoir of card of ancient bronze mirror ” … Nie Baoyan has charm very much really! Wine of By sauce sauce is brewed ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” (2004, chinese Hong Kong) say ” discriminate is passed ” inspiration originates ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” , looked eventually 2021. Can say only, TVB helper too firm, everybody is fought in what strand animal, of the sort of human nature struggle, the sort of penetrative Bei is cool, dare not look the 2nd times again easily. By shepherd ” the story of time ” (2008, chinese Taiwan) chase after ” Qiao Jia’s children ” midway climbs a wall to went to this filling, let a person cry and laugh at the same time too above, climb to feel again with each passing day the tall home dull of dog blood insipidity… wine of By sauce sauce is brewed ” reply please 1988 ” (2015, korea) to now, answer double door hole into De Shanmeng, push the door to see 4 a bit of a clown sit on the floor to see harbor piece setting returns constant flashback. Dare not look the 2nd times, because their youth is like,be oneself. By A water ” 365: A year of changeover destiny ” (2020, korea) ” return the past ” old stalk plays gave new pattern. Tell true, suspense drama wants photograph of logistic annulus annulus to buckle only, how be good-looking. By the world the first Guo ” the memorial law of that man ” (2020, korea) men and women advocate double business is all online, amative part is very bright and clear and direct, crack with teeth in mouth letting a person gives birth to crack with teeth in mouth to die. Wine of By sauce sauce is brewed ” ancient Ren Sanlang ” (1994-2006, japan) in April 2021, village of well-known actress cropland is mixing Japan to die due to illness. To Asian audience he keeps part of the deepest impressional to the person is ancient certainly this one ” gent police officer ” . This drama although who every collect told everybody in one begin is a murderer, but recumbent and compact gut, outstanding atmosphere is built, still have actor of of all kinds’ powerful acting, let a person be in old hind still retain distinct recollection. By receives of silver-colored Yuan Xiaoqiu ” the mood of indigotic color ” (2019, japan) lubricious energy of life is full, japanese dare be patted really! The sexual tension between the sort of man, the flow of the sort of desire, pat very hard, wave of this drama spring is moved, be patted. Camera lens and dub in background music are the artwork of film level. By shepherd ” encounter Istanbul ” (2020, turkey) the film feels character, female people crosses between the different estate that is in Istanbul and belief, city and country. Female group silent, devotional, confused, high, painful, affection is billowy. Grow so and progressing is not only way, the person still can have other option, be listened attentively to for instance and trust. By M. Wood ” millions upon millions ” the 5th season (2020, the United States) before the interest, without forever enemy, also do not have forever friend. ” millions upon millions ” the deep passion that uses a kind to dance with the devil, the people that tells all is in in this lay world You Yi — belong to the gain that wins the home to weichi, money and intelligence quotient are a doorsill only, victorious key depends on you be willing to be on the way that discovers dark self through the interest after all, go much further. By the world the first Guo ” Babylonian Berlin ” 3 season (2017-2020, germany) look ” dark black ” when what admire heart theatrical work is rigorous with hard nucleus acting, this up to now the most expensive heart theatrical work, incisively and vividly behaved the photograph of all living creatures of period of republic of Ma of the Kingdom of Wei, what I had looked 2021 is optimal. By plain boiled pork

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