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Original title: When red female role collocation as club for amateur performers of Beijing opera male god, costar also is actual strength clique, ” female psychology division ” the battle array is too luxurious Infrequent ” psychodrama ” subject matter scan widely looks, between type of drama of domestic numerous movie and TV, the work of psychological subject matter is very few however, look for a few years not to come out.

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Because the domain of drama of movie and TV of psychological subject matter is more infrequent, film rise difficult and heavy, how to hold society and theatrical work of movie and TV between this kind ” degree ” , became a kind of difficult problem of many directors and actors, common for it is directors do not know psychodrama how to should be patted, actors do not know how psychodrama should act. Stalk or branch however director of benefit of short of Wenshui River, yang Zi, actors of a series of actual strength clique such as Jing Bairan make jointly ” female psychology division ” , the drama of movie and TV of psychological subject matter that is home however initiated a beginning, made a kind of model, sow explode greatly namely.

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” female psychology division ” gut at the beginning, explained modern society to have how need psychology division: The whole world exceeds 700 thousand person every year to die at committing suicide, every 40 seconds have one person suicide to die, come when current, the suicide has been one of main reasons that cause human death. Such data is by no means exaggerate sth just to scare people, in pressure greater and greater modern society, the youth is involute and serious, the psychology of a lot of people is existing more or less a few problems, but they do not know how to should be solved however, how to go pouring out, how to go avoiding tragic happening.

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Then ” female psychology division ” the story that plans to use real case of a paragraph of Duan Zhen to adapt, the appeal socially more and more people pay close attention to psychological division this industry, let everybody be in when feeling confused and helpless, division of OK and afferent manage seeks a help, such doing can avoiding a lot of tragedy to happen is a very important thing. ” female psychology division ” this drama the consequence to the society is very heavy it is very big, was full of energy. But want to move audience people heart, it is not easy to be done, besides directive building site of the director, it is important that the acting of actors and actual strength must comparative as much. Nevertheless fortunately, ” female psychology division ” of this drama advocate start a group, each is actual strength clique. Advocate achieve have a strong lineup name of benefit of director Ke Wen everybody should won’t feel unfamiliar, accompanying ” manslaughter ” the conflagration of this film, more and more audiences people realised this treasure is directed. Between the director of drama of suspense type movie and TV, home of solid muscularity of benefit of short of Wenshui River stalking or branch be obvious to all, and the element that also blended in drama of a lot of suspense this between division of new female psychology, mix in specially good effect especially turn on field, benefit of short of Wenshui River stalking or branch is done quite marvellously.

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Main actors also are one large window, in fact Yang Zi and Jing Bairan are not collaboration the 1st any more, before they cooperate to still be in 12 years last time ” girl in a state of excitement is strong ” . Some closer year come two people encircle medium development in movie and TV is very considerable. Yang Zi by the audience people call ” viewing rate goddess ” ” after new countryman is inspected ” , and Jing Bairan is ” male god of film booking office ” , such combination is really very let a person expect.

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Wang Jia is among female psychology division of personate is male 2 Xie Jiahui, namely the most mysterious part among drama of this movie and TV, there is too much and too much secret on his body. Gao Leng of from time to time of appearance of this one part, from time to time is warm male, be just as like having dual personality, such part is very large to acting test of the actor, but Wang Jia’s show is very light however eye, controlled faultlessly this one part.

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Zhang Renan comes to also be special fire nearly two years on the network, she is being depended on ” sadness becomes a river upstream ” the melting school flower in the center goes out successfully. However a model that she in reality is network shop, no matter be temperament or Yan Zhi particularly tall, and give the theatrical work of movie and TV that performs campus force subject matter this once more, expressional movement is taken those who hold comparative reach the designated position, very let a person enter sport.

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The Shang Lili of Jian Renzi personate, also got many audiences people favorite, and speak of her to make most audience people impressive part, still should count ” why sheng xiao silent ” in the center why Mei one horn. Be in nowadays ” female psychology division ” in the center, behave quite bright also look, a lot of audiences are commented on very envy has a Shang Lili such boudoir is sweet. Easy of Ni Ping, Ma Su, Huang Jiao, Yang Tong, Zhang Yao each is depending on masterly acting, in numerous audience people in the heart famous degree special tall, drama of this movie and TV can say to assemble in old in 3 acting actual strength send blueness actor.

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Outstanding acting, rare the subject matter kind that lack, plus main social force, it is difficult that such drama does not explode, is everybody how of look upon?

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