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Original title: What Yang Zi’s acting also cannot save homebred elite theatrical work is pigheaded cling to Last night, ” the Luoyang since wind ” sow.

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Also was to appear suddenly a small twists and turns, leave before sowing, timing Guan Wei still is falling to send small gain suddenly to say ceaselessly before: As a result of technical reason, we want a bit late ability to meet with everybody, brother of IT little elder brother been clutchinging the platoon is checked, ask everybody to await patiently, see a little while.

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Do sth over and over again after a many hour, leave eventually sow. After all how? Elder sister or plan look to say again. Current take change for, make more elegant, the appearance of an actor of a few leading role also very suck eyeball, ancient costume of not let sb down.

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We continue to be about originally today for saying Yang Zi Jing Bairan acts the leading role ” female psychology division ” , as the development of gut, comment however even more polarization, dillydally the fabaceous valve grading that a many chapel just opens branch, also can show the kink of backside.

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Like feel this drama ” true ” , ” professional ” , ” popular science psychology is significant ” , do not like feel it ” coxcombical ” , ” awkward ” . The feeling that tears open younger sister to look is: Just thought boast a few, next awkward; Just wanted to abandon theatrical work, next nice place. Circulate so ceaselessly. The manner of practitioner also is to commend related the psychology in commenting on an area differ.

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It is the first concentration merely of Yang Zi personate female advocate the part that He Du lays You Na to undertake suicidal intervening to high school has very big controversy.

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You Na calls suicidal interpose center, after He Du receives immediately self introduction: “The psychology that I am Chinese psychology society seeks advice from division, believe I have sufficient professional capacity to help you please. ” practitioner comments on fabaceous valve related intentional manage: This word was reflected professional, the person that let appeal built the confidence that can gain assistance, also have additionally letting the other side be experienced was not to look for an individual to deal with his anyhow, it is somebody helps him really, established trustful relationship.

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It is move topic next, he Du asks, “Why to choose this special time? ” . This word here, it is to let the other side jump out the mood of instantly, 2 it is prescind force.


He Du is subsequently farther in the phone He Youna in all affection, she is mentioned, “If I have a brother little sister, if they encounter you this kind of helpless circumstance, if this moment has a person to be able to listen attentively to them, perhaps meet of feel better a lot of. ” the understands the other side unfavorable situation of be considerate, take him give an example, also can pull close the distance with the other side.



Want to ensure the temporary safety of suicide namely next, the He Du in drama is to let You Na reach a safe place.


At the same time the He Du in drama makes You Na right oneself suicidal apiration undertook making component, the suicidal apiration that answers her in You Na has 95 time-sharing, he Du asks immediately: “That is additional 5 minutes ” . This problem is the key that instantly prevents You Na to commit suicide not only, after You Na replied to say father and mother, after also was being become likewise, the important clue of a few concentration is mixed foreshadowing.



The psychological expert that gives off in the government is online accompany look ” female psychology division ” in short, the psychological expert that also can hear major to this paragraph approbate.



So many psychological expert endorses for its, interpose of this paragraph of suicide ought to do not have any problems on flow, but the impressions that comes out in expression is goodish however. “Mood is uncomfortable ” , ” frozen ” , ” strong ” the feeling that is a lot of audiences, let a person give out even ” this is not psychological advisory division, this is in direct sharp-shooter ” sigh with emotion.



In because He Du exhibits the person that comes out now to set,be like theatrical work of field of traditional still duty female advocate set, yao Sa, ambitious. Come on the stage from He Du interrupt the operator’s word to be able to see, her individual character is strong, even some ” rancor ” , the part of such disposition and her psychology division brought a not harmonious sense. Understandable director wants to be reflected in one begin female advocate professional actual strength, but spread out with such means, on impressions hard to avoid brings oppressive sense to the audience.


Other part often also is having in drama do not coordinate delicately. ” female psychology division ” did not drop chain on professional popular science, after He Du resigns, boudoir honey lets He Du open advisory room of a psychology in his sitting room, and He Du says however ” too brash ” , derivative next a paragraph of big concerned psychology seeks advice from the popular science of the room.


Say to boudoir honey ” client ” , he Du also can be corrected, they cry ” the person that call in ” .


And small to place choose to also have a demand.

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Also have a theory to the decoration of the room.

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To this paragraph of professional popular science, caused the resonance of many netizens that learn psychological major.

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This paragraph of popular science is very professional, also enough sees play staff rearward makes great efforts, but must be popular science used such ” the bag that drop a book ” means? The director alls over drama to hope to be maintained with professional term female advocate professional person is set, but appear coming out is curt however and as dry as a chip, each professional friends in the life meet, also won’t harangue comes to a paragraph output. If female advocate major can rely on just like to read aloud the actor’s lines like schoolbook to reflect only, such person sets a likelihood to also can stay in the surface only merely. Be in after all a lot of hour, female advocate be like more is to lean ” exceed capacity ” will survey the world. Choose horological this, did not explain a reason, the expression that is thinking of a few female subjective examine only merely is knocked decided horological.

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Female advocate discovery coming home mom possum will cheat his, this paragraph reviews the part that discovers from clues in food market information mom just is cheating him finally to as if come to suspense every piece field.

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is the 2nd concentration without giving thought to female advocate jump down diving stage accordingly to save You Na, or from the back male advocate to do not let female advocate the long hair placard that sees oneself can’ts bear childhood remembering since memory, cord is being dragged to destroy placard in bazaar. . . . . . Let a person as if again come to the movement piece channel.

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Be really ” connate different report ” construable? The psychological problem that this drama focusing may appear at the everybody in the life, arranged however far stand aloof the heroine at part of general psychology division, the likelihood just is this drama lets a person feel ” lack fidelity ” main reason.

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But fortunately, the psychological problem of the focusing in drama is done not have lack fidelity. When no matter be the You Na that is like Nan personate in the chapter,having psychological problem, can awake in the middle of the night oneself a slap on the face, caused the resonance of small gain netizen.

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Still be in female advocate suggest You Na does a psychology to seek advice, and You Na’s mom says however, “You let her jump really building she not dare. ” the closely guard a secret that the everybody in real life seeks advice from to psychological problem and psychology is ignore even, the tragedy that also lets can be avoided originally more very much happens.

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And a lot of feel at ordinary times the habit of be accustomed to sth, the likelihood also is psychological problem those who appear is bodeful. The Jiang in the 2nd unit is static, oneself a person when wearing earphone to listen rock and roll, mom opens the door to become gentle and quiet girl.

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Eat and drink too much at the same time, urge at the same time spit reduce weight, guzzle disease may refract deeper administrative levels to lack the account such as safe feeling.



The 14th collect, jiang Jing sent posthumous papers to He Du.


Do on detail in drama very reach the designated position, even male a piece of 2 diploma, also be signed by the president above netizen discovery and can go up correspondingly in reality.



The hot line of front of the first market, also be true and OK dial.


Caused small gain # even female psychology division is fine think of extremely the foreshadowing # that fear discusses, newest premonitory in, the foreshadowing that the family of concerned He Du below buries before also is in open slowly.



And male the 2 person call in that Xie Jiahui was close to He Du again, the existence of this line also invites an audience to later of gut spread out to expect somewhat.


Although have inadequacy, but of advisory content of psychology of subject matter of this kind of society film resemble wearing the dance since shackles originally, how to balance deepness mining and easy to read and understand understanding easily is a difficult problem all the time. Can cause the audience attention to psychological problem probably, go announcing from masses level, gain ground, ” female psychology division ” appear to also be to start. To drama of duty field elite, beautiful theatrical work, flower drama, day theatrical work, Han drama does not say, once TVB is pretty good still, for instance ” memoir of card of ancient bronze mirror ” , it is OK to review #20 of memoir of card of ancient bronze mirror of # of → of stamp → _ year tear of reunion violent wind is killed! In those days who does not want to become Nie Baoyan!

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