Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Lin Yongjian also is chased after ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” , see gas get Yu Ming of interrogatory plum graceful to add, the reason lets netizen yock Well-known, wait for a main actor by Chen Jianbin, Mei Ting, Tu Songyan, Yumingjia ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” had broadcasted half, can say to enter the most pleasant stage gradually, contradictory more and more concentration, also appear more acerb, be in simply next in premonitory gut, seem the idea that the plan does poineering work independently, be this and advancing hard, can say simple every act affects the heart of each audience deeply, of course this opera actor’s lines speaks or very withstand exquisite, very literate details!

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And the Mei Ting that serves as a main actor, her expression can be encircled can nod, the simple eyes that she acts is very downy, look place reachs the smile that bringing shop sign, you can feel she has a kind of affinity. The mood of every time erupts, reflected a face faultlessly to go up, she a big girl bear feel relieved finally, get incisively and vividly, cong Mou is planted tell on degree, mei Ting can be the typical delegate of actress of domestic Mesozoic Era.

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Recently, when Lin Yongjian is publicizing the new theatrical work of he and plum graceful, he speaks: Also chased after recently ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” , shallow, Jian Xing lights Feng Chunsheng, simple, Qiao Qing, these 4 as a child the county walks out of comer. They are in this severally ” content desire crosscurrent ” hit in city going all out, can say to cause everybody intense resonance, of course graceful of my good friend plum, yumingjia braves the wind and waves twice of the elder sister wonderful deduce, add cent many, hahaha!

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Subsequently, lin Yongjian discloses: Look last ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” hind, oneself are so angry that Yu Ming of interrogatory plum graceful adds! And when reason be askinged about, lin Yongjian speaks: Advocate if want to ask Mei Ting wants simply to pass ninety-nine thousand seven hundred and ninety-one difficult ability and Maliewen,be together, still want to ask Yumingjiaqiao Qing Dynasty is shallow final final result how, raise a proposal to them even, yu Ming of interrogatory plum graceful is added, give them the proposal, ultimate goal still wants to visit a member, hahaha, this reason also is to bring netizen yock!

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As ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” of more gut broadcast, yumingjia and plum graceful can let plum graceful Yu Ming add again fire rises, what can you still bring an audience brilliant old practice? We expect together.

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