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Original title: There is sugar unexpectedly after big cruel! ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” it is a point of a knife to lick candy to rectify understood At the outset, somebody asks Ma Dong ” the very bitter person in the heart, how much to need sweet is talent enough by cram ah? ” and Ma Dong’s answer is: “The very bitter person in the heart, as long as little is sweet OK cram. ” and this word, also suit to be being chased after very much ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” ” raise bead large family ” people — this drama if cruel arrives acme, so want gut to give a dot candy a little only, the audience is met gratified to extremely! You look, a few days ago gut heats up search on cruel everyday, the main actor sends video to brush a tear to the audience in succession, but the two concentration that update in the evening when Zhou San, the story line of 3 pairs of Cp gradually Anacreontic when, everybody feels: Expect long already candy appeared eventually!

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View index of boom of teleplay of heart tower article, ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” as gut development enters a climax, broadcast quantity and heat escalate to come the first, and in such good achievement, the sea city of Yang Mi personate contributed quite tall data. Really, these days show share of Yang Mi is very heavy — female outfit by get behind, be forced to be sealed into palace ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” , in the have a verbal battle with on audience hall group Confucianism, head for even the way that leave no stone unturned seeks Jie Baixi, alone harbor relieve the people in disaster is made the same score on the west… compact gut did not let female advocate illume forcibly golden finger, the force that allows sea city to use her the female sex however goes solving a problem, this kind objective and true processing means, conception of collect letting drama was to rise more a height.

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In newest gut, harbor drought is made the same score on the west, victim countless, message of diffuse of Wang Rangren longing day must be gotten get ” dragon end god ” bless ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” go relieve the people in disaster ability is effective, although all square mixing,Di Xu does not wish by every means, but sea city or resolutely resolutelyingly plead on sb’s behalf, cited ” green hill buries faithful bone, die on the battle field is returned ” renown sentence. This momently, the audience sees just do not wear China the imperial concubine that take, more be before that Xiaofang that builds bow shoot an arrow on battlefield Yours Excellency, be forever the square general with advanced assault.

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Square all (Chen Weiting is acted the role of) poisonous daze confuses many days of ability to wake, be informed sea city went harbor relieve the people in disaster is made the same score on the west, he knows very well he weighs disease to be in personally, dan Xiping harbor is a extremely dangerous place certainly, he must go to the city protecting the sea there helping somebody attain his aim, block the way of brilliance of the rising sun of the Supreme Being does not live, be obliged discharged. Sea city is in harbor is made the same score on the west, face the peaceful false appearance that local official builds, not throw the troops into battle first. Because she sees some kind of flower leaves, the adumbrative meeting inside a few days rains, then him make use of has dragon end god to bless, claim to shut the door not to give rain wanting pray, again secretly men’s clothing goes out, play the part of stream civilian mix mark to be in victim group in the message that make visit.

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Be in victim be about to riot during, did not think of smooth harbor issued rain really on the west, victims its deify is slash, make sea city deify, and sea city also is in after finding out local current situation, exert thunderbolt method, removed local crisis, open a storehouse to put food at the same time. Square Zhu Yuan helps sea city presumably originally, but arrive smooth harbor sees sea city has daring and resolution so on the west, gratified the ground experiences: Sea city is not cageling. Square all did not appear even finally, it is rearward assists her silently only, but sea city still discovered him, give off the message that fall ill, attract an all midnight to show a body. This paragraph speaks, is that is to say sweet to who?

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“2 square ” this candy is big! However, the operation of follow-up of this two people, let me be stupefied again — they are in take the chance to start a career! Although sea city has myriad one’s innermost thoughts and feelings to want to say to the master, after showing true intention briefly, the mouth still is take credit for other’s merit is general: “This relieve the people in disaster, am I done well? ” hear master boast she ” very good ” , sea city is happy unceasingly.

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Later, 2 people deal with the difficult problem that encounters when the official undertook one time discussion, exchanged an opinion, 2 people reach consensus and express to also will continue henceforth friendly negotiate a relation… 2, this is when talking about this! Hey, ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” be worthy of is you! Lovers’ prattle has already very contented, remain still should let for one’s proper business, this is this drama the pattern of develop a school of one’s own and horizon.

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The incident that they discuss also lets a person sob unceasingly — because government-owned businessman collusion and corruption corruption just create situation of the comestible that do not have grain,thinking to harbor is made the same score on the west originally is, it is because of the person of king longing day intended intercept the situation of a disaster informs a book only actually, the official is helpless be obliged commissariat of buy in and sell at a profit buys coarse food grain, just made the army that harbor makes the same score on the west and people much maintain a few months. Although be a bad plan, although guilty, but excusable, can say have rendered great service even. Sea city take pity on such good official, did not punish again then, this is for the people, for the country stable. This aux would rather for overall situation load duty sacrifice oneself cardinal principles of righteousness, perforative whole department theatrical work.

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Be such pathos impression, just let ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” emotional line appears complicated and confusing. Broke away from the little affection little love that pretends to be argumentative, enemy of affection love hate follows as domestic state shake, just let an audience can extremely strong generation is entered feeling, ability is caused in all affection. Also mixing because of the rationality of gut rich sex of the character, so even if big cruel, still can attract an audience to continue to be chased after, join abroad audience people the heart of cardinal principles of righteousness that also fills pathos to this gallop be charmed. With little love in all affection, by lay one’s heart bare of cardinal principles of righteousness, this is ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” the domestic state in China culture cardinal principles of righteousness and romanticism output abroad expression.

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Want final result immediately, gut trend still not knowable… cruel 40 collect, ending gives us ” raise bead large family ” nod candy!

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