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Original title: How to evaluate Wang Yibo to be in ” the Luoyang since wind ” in the great of a hunderd li of personate firm one horn? You Huangxuan, Song Qian, Wang Yibo acts the leading role ” the Luoyang since wind ” leave eventually sow, from head in light of sowed 6 collect, figure of construction of the gut of this drama, setting, figure is modelled very successfully, sow first days of heat to exceed ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” , fault of public feelings heat gains the championship.

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Sow heat up greatly namely, be worthy of is the audience expects theatrical work of long already ancient costume suspense, this should have the meritorious service of half the number among them, come from what love fabaceous Wang Yibo at discharge to go out act, when discharge love beans took a good work, that resembles undoubtedly to the heat addition of work is overlay Buff is same, not only large quantities of vermicelli made from bean starch are blown explode, the audience also applauds one piece.

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Wang Yibo is in drama personate official great of 2 acting a hunderd li firm, it is the 2 childe of a high official in ancient China of the Ministry of Works in feudal China, great of a hunderd li firm come on the stage in drama take lambency specially good effect oneself, na Xiao asperses forceful back, that is inclined 45 degrees carry lens means, that helps a woman view dumbfounded expression greatly, this is ancient time simply large vermicelli made from bean starch meets meeting site.

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As the 2 childe of a high official in ancient China of the Ministry of Works in feudal China, wang Yibo is in grind only respect of craftsman secret art very be good at, chat with attendants at the same time, spell a lock of a rash class easy to doly at the same time, also this is day-to-day operation.

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Thinking great of a hunderd li originally firm it is with Gao Bingzhu, Wu Saiyue such of one mind investigate the fierce role of the case, before thinking of two collect from great of a hunderd li firm person taking money saw set on the body, come on the stage even if taste cate of ancient bronze mirror, arrive from Chinese ink slices of fish meat lotus seed a thick soup, arrive again hotpot soup, the great of a hunderd li that has research greatly to cate firm the existence that is that times alien simply.

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Because normally on the meaning, the dignitary that amount to an official is paid attention to very much ” gentleman is far kitchen ” , especially great of a hunderd li firm such house world child, in archaic unlike it is the person that can be bent on cate grinding only.

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Great of a hunderd li in drama firm epicure person is set, it is for only probably dash forward show great of a hunderd li firm this individual is perfectness the manage of everythings on earth, like to grind only of all things everythings on earth essential, the purpose is for great of matting a hunderd li firm this character has mind of very strong case other people, think the gut from the back makes bedding.

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Nevertheless, gut comes with the means of epicure great of matting a hunderd li firm this character, take the lead in the impression of small fish is great of a hunderd li firm epicure is idiosyncratic the essence taking money of oneself is not sought and mix with Wang Yibo however.

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The netizen of familiar Wang Yibo should be clear, wang Yibo also is a model take money, the engorge that figure can ignore completely even before the cate that likes in oneself eats especially, this are in program of put together art have more reflect.

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Because this puts Wang Yibo in ancient costume drama to model an epicure, this is instinctive quality goes out undoubtedly act. Especially in drama numerous female group act in great of a hunderd li firm before the mesmerize picture that expression comes out, be pair of real worlds simply is true and reductive.

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Overall for, before looking at a heat 6 collect, the great of a hunderd li of Wang Yibo personate firm one horn, model in the character on this part did not let small fish give play, instead because of great of a hunderd li firm the character that has deep love for a domain what belong to a model to be obsessed with to oneself, so he is compared to love, close affection, the way of the world this bit cooler, it is the viewpoint of value that pretty accords with small fish.

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Because small fish is graduated from manage engineering course school, an engineer also is before this, the domain hardship that ever also had deep love for for oneself in scallion years grinds only, so small fish simply too great of understanding a hunderd li firm the set of this character.

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Think conversely nowadays, great of a hunderd li firm this part finds Wang Yibo to come personate, this why is not the instinctive quality on real significance goes out act, the domain that Wang Yibo has deep love for in oneself also is all the time the heart of cherish a newborn baby, for instance dance of autocycle, slide, street these melt namely simply the true love into his life.

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Conduct oneself in society from humanness will tell, wang Yibo’s disposition is compared inside collect, just be not the person ability speak out freely of Changshu all with oneself, although had been in ” every day up ” the platform is so long, but still can see those who reach Wang Yibo is acted greatly do not stop chair, however the part of permanent honored guest.

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Him Wang Yibo with great of a hunderd li firm of this part agree spending is almost of 100% , believe a lot of audiences so can from great of a hunderd li the sign that sees very much Wang Yibo is familiar on firm body, the collect inside tacit, antisocial, disposition, idea is for instance dark. Great of a hunderd li firm one horn is modelled very successfully, expect great of a hunderd li firm can make a thorough investigation of at an early date die father be murdered one case.

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