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Original title: Discover ” go with rice is small sweet drama ” , the first collect performs big fight of break off an engagement, do already laugh above Recently two years, sweet bestow favor on drama + light comedy + the teleplay of ancient costume drama is very much. The marked characteristic of this drama is very simple, need not audience give a lot of care, need to be in a kind of relaxed rhythm only goof. Broadcast even recently ” Xu Chunchun camellia carries ” it is one is had already undoubtedly explode easily the ancient costume light comedy that laughs at content, can satisfy an audience to be opposite again sweet the expectation that bestows favor on a story, so it whether Where is the expectation of contented audience?

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No matter be contemporary theatrical work or ancient costume drama, happy enemy love won’t disappear forever. Without doubt, ” Xu Chun camellia carries ” spread out with this one mode namely.

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Goodwife is at large the mother that struck the ground to help male host by accident is played by accident in marriage process, because week mother did not coerce, female advocate want to escape marriage, borrow temporarily so male advocate in the home.

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But 2 people never meet, because this does not know these two people already encountered in downtown streets, and still became a friend. And 2 people fall in the condition that does not know identity of the other side, do not think get married, lie between then performed big fight of a break off an engagement for nothing, the story also is pulled open subsequently.

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The reason with not big information content can bring a lot of humourous scene to the audience necessarily. To remove affiance, male advocate in government office battle of wits fights brave, but every time shade differs positive difference to invite week of parent more a pair when be certain two people are created by nature.

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E.g. two people thrasonical the other side, allude them to do not deserve to go up the other side. Male host pretends intentionally loafer, the food that feeds a fish to had been done by goodwife however with the foot ate male advocate in the mouth.

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And be male advocate be met by chance by week mother after the dress that cut out, be regarded as however virtuous, should be male advocate tailor dress.

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Host of male and female is make the other side cheesed, exhaust uptake divides contract, result things go contrary to one’s wishes. More the capacity that does not raise the person that needs the animosity below two knots from the point of magical perspective to understand each other finally, more do not carry joy.

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In fact, from ” Xu Chunchun camellia carries ” in light of whole the story of a play or opera, the identity of the actor in drama, famous degree, acting is not quite outstanding, especially the appearance of an actor in hero figure and drama is too handsome really.

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Nevertheless, as a low net drama ” the brigade of Xu Qingchun tea ” , there were a few breakthroughs and innovation on character design, still appeared even a few the opposite, make a clue relaxed and interesting.

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For example, the heart is deft, but have have greatly small, lovely disposition, it is a miser. To save expenditure, gained economically freedom, below the pilot circumstance that does not have stepmother, she makes some of cake every time. Original with male advocate because,be close to also is male advocate beautiful big price lets her see.

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Male brunt value is very great, like dish of walnut, a little small still be proud charming. In took off male advocate after appearance, and swagger off.

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Because the mother is urged marriage and escape, week mother browbeats with Hu Tao he, he immediately give in.

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As the affection secondary attack of hero, week mother surpasses the cerebrum return at the ordinary person in character set. This is one resembles a bit ” mischievous kiss ” in Jiang Zhishu’s mom, she is the love that does not have a head almost to female compere. Female compere thinks female compere is lovely and conspicuous, the wife and mother that shunned convention is contradictory, natural leave out when the audience sees play cranky.

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In the final analysis, as a light comedy, weakened useless conflict, emphasize relaxed sweet bestow favor on can achieve dined goal. Dramatist need not add big fight of some of bloody wife and mother again of course.

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With make excellent teleplay photograph compare, ” Xu Chunchun’s camellia carries ” character nature is not weak, and of the actor famous degree not tall however. Nevertheless, regard the network of a low cost as drama, if the audience wants to let his be loosened only, still time can see this teleplay.

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