Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: What she ever relied on a relation to grab Yang Zi is female advocate, can make supporting rule to Yang Zi only nowadays, geomantic turn by turns! Yang Zi it may be said is now most igneous Xiaohua dawned, want Yan Zhi to Yan Zhi wants acting to have acting, no matter be before paragraph time heat sows ” dear, have deep love for ” , or ” boy of my Mo Ge benefit ” , yang Zi’s acting got of everybody reputably, also encircled not little vermicelli made from bean starch, also let a person remember again ” the home has children ” the light snow of little joke bone in!

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Speak of ” the home has children ” this drama believes a lot of friends are to had looked, after all the childhood memory that this drama is a lot of people, that time mobile phone still is done not have general now, to a lot of people teleplay is exclusive pastime, and that moment resembles such opera is choose of a lot of people’s killtime one general election, mention this drama nature is about to say the main actor in this drama, the Zhang Yishan of the Yang Zi of girlhood and green difficult period can say is national girl and national boy.

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But let very much person,those who feel puzzled is, ” the home has children ” the 3rd, 4, the act person of light snow, changed another actor Ning Danlin suddenly however, this also lets a lot of love ” light snow ” the audience is disappointed, say to look at in succession can give play, without a before 5 feeling!

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Interview in before, yang Zi spoke truth, when patting the 3rd actually she also has entered group of preparation to film, but be in those who pat before today oneself part is abrupt substitution, female one became Ning Danlin by oneself, because she is the daughter that sends those representing capital, this also lets a lot of netizens be its aggrieved, spit groovy Ning Danlin to lean in succession ” relation ” the drama that robbed Yang Zi.

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Although be spat,do not pass groove, but Ning Danlin’s acting still can encircle what can nod. She what having particular actual strength, also be to go out later acted ” change youth ” ” marry prelusive ” the heroine that waits for teleplay, but fail to lift what spoondrift all the time.

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Say artful also, ning Danlin cooperated with Yang Zi 2016 a drama ” marry greatly fashion ” . In this drama Yang Zi goes out those who act is appropriate appropriate is female, and Ning Danlin can give Yang Zi to do only in this drama match.

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Many netizens also breathe out continuously is geomantic as expected turn by turns, but the Yang Zi nowadays is become hotly in recreational group female star of red a gleam of. Watch Ning Danlin instead some closer year red is heard ceaseless, and person energy of life also is to fall to 18 lines above.

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How does everybody look to this? Do you like the light snow that the light snow that Yang Zi performs or peaceful red beautiful jade perform?

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