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Original title: 2 strong the thing that knows small Mo finally? The person that seek theatrical work looks surely Be in ” Qiao Jia’s children ” the 2 strong character in this drama are kind-hearted, have a kind of foolish mind, but he is very obstinate also and responsible. Ma Suqin was encountered in the workshop, had a feeling next. But married with small Mo later, that 2 strong the thing that knows small Mo finally? The person that seek theatrical work looks surely.

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Actually finally 2 strong knew oneself are worn by small Mo the thing of green cap. Actually this thing has two twists and turns in drama: The first, small Mo mother says small Mo child is 2 strong; The 2nd, small Mo personally admits caps of 2 strong Dai Lu. Actually, because Ma Suqin is compared 2 a lot of more powerful, his family does not support them with neighbour, this ability had the thing from the back.

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So the detail is such. The first, after Ma Suqin is missing, family is arranged 2 strong date with small Mo. 2 mix by force after small Mo divorces, be together with Ma Suqin. Later, the mother of small Mo tells 2 strong, the child of small Mo is him. Ma Suqin left a letter sadly to answer northeast.

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The 2nd, actually 2 strong do not suit originally with the marriage of small Mo. 2 strong after be being dated by arrangement and small Mo, marry, but often produce conflict. Finally, small Mo puts forward to divorce, severed a relationship with Qiao Erjiang. Small Mo is off the rails also be to be in reason, just do not divorce not quite honest and kind. Small later Mo cannot bear deceit 2 strong, to him honest everything. Finally, 2 chased after Ma Suqin by force.

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Actually inside this drama, ma Suqin also is too too kind-hearted, so the means with modern woman, the thing thed whole thing comes to light early.

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