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Original title: She is rustic drama one elder sister, choose have an abortion to act in a play, nowadays as all ready as marital young man and woman happy conjugal love Mention Wang Qian China this name, a lot of friends think of the first times should be rustic drama, as the actress that performs rustic drama one’s previous experience, wang Qian China is weighed for rustic drama one elder sister is complete be worthy of the name. Do not cross even if Wang Qian China very also go all out exceedingly hard, but she is not red as before however not fire, this lets a lot of people also feel exceeding indissoluble, the classical part that nevertheless she has shaped is not Chang Lingren gasp in admiration however.

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Of Wang Qian China act art the road is not smooth, in those days when she applies for a job from college firm graduate by close the door on of a lot of company of movie and TV, the Wang Qian that this lets be full of one antrum warm blood China big stricken. Wang Qian China tries to go again again after the mood that was arranging his nevertheless interview, this she chose taller the one Peking Man of the layer art, did not think of by her of close the door on of a lot of company of movie and TV however by Peking Man art bring into general. However Peking Man art it is a big company, want to be mixed in this company piece a variety is far more god-given than entering this company much.

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Wang Qian China at the beginning by the person object of education of key be treatinged as is when art action goes in, however the new personality of this company everyday in an endless stream, plus Wang Qian China did not have powerful connections, can be imagined her road goes it is difficult to can have many. the Wang Qian after person art stayed for some time China begin oneself to seek a few roles, the director that makes greatly chooses bos she then she looks for a few minor minor role to act, just thinking of this utility man runs is several years. And those who make Wang Qian China the most stricken is not walk-on, however two work that she ever had received change character temporarily before switch on the mobile phone. Filmed 1997 that ” northward story ” at the beginning the heroine of make choice of is Wang Qian China, what after be informed this message Wang Qian China practiced hard a week in the play staff is equestrian, the result is about to leave when patting, the director tells Wang Qian China he feels Mei Ting fits this part more however, this thing is right blow of Wang Qian China is quite big. Although Wang Qian China expresses him to be able to understand later, but still can feel from inside her utterance this thing is affected to hers, originally this kind of thing has made very much once the person was accepted hard, but Wang Qian China still encountered the 2nd times.

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” army song loud and clear ” the leading role of this drama this city Wang Qian China, but in switch on the mobile phone to be directed before today inform substitution of leading role of Wang Qian China again again, do not cross what Wang Qian China looks this to leave, because China ability had this Wang Qian that change character to go out,also be act ” n/COL the head of a family woman ” the opportunity of this drama. Blame of Wang Qian China often respects property, ” n/COL the head of a family woman ” the carries a brick on the back camera lens in this play is her relative strength is in person, she even for alarm bandit piece and choose have an abortion, can be imagined she is to acting in a play how serious. Wang Qian China is to respect property exceedingly in people look, but be irresponsible however in eye of her former husband, because of abort that thing two the individual’s marriage also shined red light, final two people in order to part company terminal. The man that nevertheless Wang Qian China follows him nowadays special conjugal love, and her husband is favorite to her also have add, two people returned Yo to have a pair of adorable children, such life is opposite had been very perfect for Wang Qian China.

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Nowadays Wang Qian China although already grow stout, but her acting is very outstanding as before, hope she has an opportunity to be able to bring the work of more high grade quantity to us as before. Do you remember her?

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