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Original title: Ancient costume unyielding man is thin be short of! Ancient costume male advocate general thin into lever, yellow a small room of thunder favorable reply by ” force ” become coarse Chinese Lose in Hengdian give 10 cobble, 8 meetings break ancient costume drama, among them 5 set is division honour and apprentice. Division honour is paralysis of high cold area mostly and military accomplishment excel in, apprentice Gu Ling essence blames early days, final decay becomes bully gas queen.

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The set of this kind of division honour, conversion is strong president in contemporary theatrical work. Calculating is not division honour, ancient costume male advocate that also must be son of a feudal prince or high official of Gao Mengui helmet, rich home, outside and certain demeanour is handsome and elegant, threatening. Ancient costume a tough guy? But,this kind of person is set now ” rare thing ” . Fine number in last few years ancient costume drama, “A tough guy ” figure already rarer and rarer be short of, regard the movie and TV of hero as drama a tough guy, coarse Chinese, it is can be counted on one’s fingers more. One, literary youth Huang Xuan is forced ” coarse Chinese ” ” the Luoyang since wind ” sow, hero Gao Bingzhu is to live in Tang Chao as a child rock-bottom ” bloat Ning character ” , he to give when associate revenges, find out a behind the curtain in Gu body all the time really fierce. To check case, he becomes mad cranky, unkempt, raunchy.

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Leave before sowing, many audiences are interrogative: Of bud bud, can literary Huang Xuan perform good Gao Bingzhu this part? After all the role that he gives prize is compared mostly guileless, simple and honest, for instance ” fragrant China ” the Liu Feng of kind-hearted simple minded, ” bewitching cat is passed ” the crackers poet Bai Letian in, ” hill sea affection ” in the Ma Defu that sureness agrees to work.

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But Yi Xie of Gao Bingzhu Yizheng, disposition is crabbed, there is chains of too much spirit on the body, bright complex.

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Accident is, huang Xuan is explained very actually give prize, with ” Chang’an ” the Zhang Xiaojing of personate of Li Leijia sound is about the same. Gao Bingzhu experience is chased after arms, but the shade when his hold sb under duress takes the lead ferociouses as hot as firm, pursue as follows.

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Gao Bingzhu explore gets really fierce clue, the be clear below the heart kills heart twinkling to rise, pursue as follows.

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Gao Bingzhu thinks he is big enemy gets a reply, see killing when the lethal weapon of close friend pleased with release, pursue as follows.

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This not only acting still has Huang Xuan ” eye ability ” , part firm firm is taken held. Visible, fine actor won’t road of play of bureau be confined to, the people thinks he can perform honest person only, did not think of ” undesirable person ” it is a colour more.

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Say, gao Bingzhu this part indeed intractability, do not have an actual strength and the actor that the age precipitates, still cannot try easily really. 2, from broken bits male to Mang Fu, thunder favorable reply turns over what pattern opened thunder favorable reply red it is to rely on teleplay ” my before half a lifetime ” male Chen Jun gives birth to the broken bits in, before this, he is in always also ” ablactation ” ” my male boudoir is sweet ” the feel vexed good man that waits for resign oneself to adversity of personate of city affection drama.

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Did not think of him always be eye of big-eared of foul smell eyebrow, can ” Chang’an 12 time ” such extensive mixes piece of small Jing Yan in mad wild.

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Thunder him favorable reply is really appear in put together art in that way, lazy, do not love a bit motion, petty trick having a place, crafty. But for Zhang Xiaojing this part, thunder favorable reply desperately iron of fitness, Lu, after all a tough guy cannot soft. Zhang Xiaojing is the part of a two-way extreme, his experience is too Tartarean, but the heart is in as before heaven. The audience evaluates him is ” innocent a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” ” of absolute sincerity veteran ” .

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Thunder favorable reply accomplished divine body to have both, have the performance that Yuan Chao expects even.

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Zhang Xiaojing and Gao Bingzhu are same, it is ” faulty leading role ” , still have even quite one part audience is fed up with them. Because they are insufficient Guang Weizheng, insufficient the true, but be this kind of complexity, just brought up the glitter of the part. 3, doesn’t iron lifeblood unyielding man deserve to perform ancient costume male advocate? Hu Jun refuses to obey! Press present standard, young Hu Jun cannot perform ancient costume theatrical work, because he is affirmative,can be gotten on by the coronal ” ancient costume is ugly male ” ” strong earth ” label. And the modelling that peak of tall of moustache army edition always is a Jin Maoshi king, put to now to also want to be approved for certain too illegible.

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But, of his main actor ” day dragon 8 ” , made one of theatrical work of golden commonplace knight-errant with the most classic inland. Hu Jun is lofty power fierce, picture wind is thick mad, he himself is a tough guy, perform a tough guy again Qiao Feng, it is have words completely.

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Qiao Feng is a tragic hero, long in big the Song Dynasty, it is Qidan person however, setting of hostile one’s life experience lets his on earth can awkward base oneself upon. Qiao Feng has done beg to help advocate, also should cross king of distant country Hunan, he all one’s life heart department common people, bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of humankind, finally however outside Shanghaiguan of door of commit suicide Yu Yan, all the year round is 33 years old.

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Is hero dead finally? This is impossible to see almost in present ancient costume drama, male advocate ending is to mix certainly female advocate went up too the happy life that unabashed does not have foul smell.

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Regrettablly the growth as the age, hu Jun can perform senile a tough guy in ancient costume drama only, it is brim sex part mostly. 4, in costar ” flashy a tough guy ” , limelight does not lose lead small 8 thought back to, give the ancient costume unyielding man of colour quite in last few years, ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” the Teng Zi chaste tree in must have a full name. In origianl work, teng catalpa chaste tree is a very important role, but in drama, he lived only 13 collect. After he gets box meal, many audiences expressed dissatisfaction, have charm too really because of this part!

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Teng catalpa chaste tree is censorial courtyard member, but he is not know to abide by jussive dummy only, he loves wife fondling, retain from beginning to end to this world kindness and absolute sincerity, so his ability and the Fanxian that conceive the heart that puts a newborn baby likewise become a bosom friend.

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Teng catalpa chaste tree falls in the explanation of actor king this world, jun Lang doughty, a tough guy is enraged dye-in-the-wood, show share lets audience bear in mind constantly less however, visible ” tender feelings of a strong determined person ” can stress popular feeling more. Still have ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” the unconscious large tube-shaped part in is gotten, opposite for, meng Zhi this part more resembling is person of armed strength tool, he does not have the complex one’s life experience like Teng catalpa Jing Na. Excel in of unconscious earnest armed strength, idea is simple, also have below Chen Long’s explanation another glamour.

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Real like this kind unyielding man figure, simple also can special give prize, but see harder and harder however in drama of movie and TV.

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To go up lens is good-looking, when present actor pats ancient costume uniform thin into the scrip person, never mention it a tough guy, be not blown what had calculated by wind. The requirement of drama of some ancient costume is returned very ” deformation ” , for instance Ren Jialun acts the leading role ” shark bead is passed ” , ask he is thin at the same time to acme, ask he shows jacket again at the same time, final result can be to hold the post of Jia Lun to wear false muscle to finish only ” merman is princely ” set.

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A little the actor of a bit performs Zhuang Shuo ancient costume, be gotten on by the back ” ugly ” ” strong ” ” foolish ” wait for bad name. As time passes, who dare still perform ancient costume a tough guy? Review Neozoic actor, can carry truly have unyielding man of 2 words, small 8 wish to nominate Wu Lei. Fitness begins hard after Wu Lei is grown, although a lot of people spit groove,he drills the neck too thickly.

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He what can enrage sunshine, forcedly, had been 95 hind small unripe in put only ” a tough guy takes on ” . If not be him enough and lofty hale, he and heat cling to ” song hawk CP ” also won’t have container of so much person. Carry high after all, the heat of bully gas cling to, not be which actor can Hold lives. Additional, to cater to the market, the person of the ancient costume hero in the play is set coessential change serious, model is similar with each passing day also, it seems that ancient costume male advocate only standard is celestial being gas and fine are thin. Inside unyielding man of amusement ancient costume is thin be short of, when can you fill this breach go up?

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