Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: It is to go out together act ” tornado girl ” , unboiled water of Tan Songyun wind rises nowadays, and she however as before not lukewarm not fire ” tornado girl ” it is very much 00 hind the summer vacation theatrical work that likes very much. Leave in those days when sowing, do not know to have how many person chasing after, the girl heart that also lets a person cannot help it seems that now repeatedly explodes canopy. What make a person fix eyes upon most is a few among them actors. Very much at that time person still is new personality, had become a gleam of in the circle nowadays nevertheless, or midstream is touched.

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In welling balanced like Yang Yang He Baijing at that time is drama male mix male 3. A tall cold responsible feeling, one is the first love face that everybody likes. Lie between when so long, looked to still be met enchanted. Divide this beyond, tan Songyun was the actress with the best development in whole department theatrical work. The backwater compared with someone else not before not lukewarm perhaps not fire, her development is close of past upper reaches all the time.

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Since tornado girl after broadcasting, a lot of resource also sought the door accordingly. What we are familiar with most is discriminate pass and best we. Discriminate among them passes the honest noble in, argute and lovely, although show share is not much, left deep impression however. Also let more person remember this all over the face the face of collagen albumen. Subsequently be troubled is conflagration more. Although compare Liu Hao Ran big full 7 years old, but Yan Zhifang face is very convincing however.

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Can you see without the person is this younger brother of a pair of sister? Plus the acting of pure and fresh nature, the instant conquered the audience. These a few years put together art and resource of movie and TV also are one catchs. The netizen is evaluated to hers also very the front. Can saying is very wind unboiled water rose. Compare nevertheless under, another actor with respect to meaning of within an inch of.

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She acts the Zhao Yuanyuan of square graceful appropriate namely. At that time can be attractive goddess. See the figure that is less than her almost now. Before paragraph the there is her however in heating up the youth that sow drama to fight show of time, but the pity with little however scene, female a few rank is not to know ten more. Look not lukewarm not she igneous still must continue hard.

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