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Original title: Tu Long leaning on a day is written down in, zhang Moji loves two women that spend greatly, but still be disappoint she! The setting that leaning on Tian Tulong to write down is tussle only not just is more absorbing, a lot of moment we also can feel individual glamour of Zhang Moji also is exceedingly pretty good, but Zhang Moji liked two women in drama, one is Zhao Min if,one is Zhou Zhi, even if arrived finally, playwrite still left a paragraph to let Zhang Moji choose namely designedly, zhang Moji should have loved to two women actually! This return blueness of the Song Dynasty of be not a patch on the book is so persistent, although Qing Shu has really,nod helter-skelter. Such he is at that time in drama saying, I am to had loved, but two people are completely different, zhi is like him love to be afraid of again again, zhao Min he is to love to be hated again again. We are analysed first, this Zhou Zhi that loves to be afraid of again again is like.

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First for say what when begin to their emotional experience is. To week, two people are nevertheless young when the old friend that has the grace that feeds a meal to him, two people do not meet. (Yun Yiyun of a lot of everybody, say a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of what green plum, the meaning of this want to understand first term) after be brought up, come before barren island, never mention it get along alone, say the opportunity of two words is done not have more repeatedly. On barren island, face the blackish red that has contract with Zhang Moji, pull a hand to hit spruce Zhao Min with Zhang Moji in public, if Zhou Zhi is like,still do not move, return Central Plains to do not have a bit opportunity again. So if Zhou Zhi does her first-rate to choose.

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Actually Zhang Moji and week Zhi are like true emotional foundation is those 3 months that the Zhao Min on clever snake island is absent, just on the book a bit did not write, new long edition returns cutout some, appear more obscure. Have a hotspot more a few. Zhang Moji Zhou Zhi is like them to go barren island about the same beginning of spring before long, when coming back spent the New Year already quickly, second year June 15 hold wedding (if get married to two people,Zhang Moji encounters grown Zhou Zhi all previous equation of time is not much year half, was in < fragmentary time to add up alone > 10 months left and right sides,

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To ending leaning on a day, one year 8 months influence last a period of time, they are with friend of male and female the identity interacts really terminal last a period of time controls Dan Yitian one year partly, love talked one year to be controlled partly had not married, very normal, because understanding is insufficient still. Be like unlock of knot of Zhang Moji heart till terminal Zhou Zhi, they just calculate real love, the last few years still has said before Zhang Moji’s elder brother in necessary if,should marry Zhou Zhi, still have quite long time, zhang Moji special be sure to if marry,come home Zhou Zhi in this paragraph of time. < declares, the Zhou Zhi of ending leaning on a day if, ghost is done not have in the heart, also loved to laugh, it is very lovely. The political ability schoolgirl that Jin Yong points to is loveless, those who point to is Zhao Min, can the person of idea of detection Zhao Min, can feel Zhao Min is fed up with > ) . Zhou Zhi was like Zhang Moji to be in on the island also have 89 months the least, upstairs have a woman goggle say lie, if Zhang Moji handled 3 months on the island,say Zhou Zhi, if had not seen origianl work, cannot make wild guesses, teleplay and origianl work have a few difference really.

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The word for summary, early days is based on the favour that feeds a meal and light to carry all sorts of helps on the head to have good opinion for certain, real feeling upgrades is after thinking to be betrayed by Zhao Min in clever snake island, be like what rise with education of maiden spouse name with Zhou Zhi. If do not have Zhao Min appear, if Zhou Zhi should marry namely object. The distinction that this likes namely and loves possibly.

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How does Zhao Min say actually, be like is a more contradictory feeling same, want to say true word actually, zhang Moji is very sentient still to him after all the person that Zhang Moji has told him others to like truly at that time is Zhao Min, and still want to marry her, if be fond of,do not know Zhou Zhi do not like, to having feeling without avoid elder brother I dare decide not quite, but to Zhao Min, he is sentient really to Zhang Moji, but two people because of the identity different the station was in on contrary. But the word in light of the experience later, zhang Moji really to Zhao Min be real love, a passing traveller that Zhou Zhi is like the likelihood is his life only,

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Zhang Moji may choose because of very much reason with Zhao Min get married, but I feel Zhang Moji heart does not resemble actually, if,he likes Zhou Zhi, but the degree that did not reach love, still have, do not have at that time extremely say he is right if Zhou Zhi loves what be afraid of again again, how to say, should be a responsibility that goes up personally, but Zhang Moji is wrong however like to regard as frontal love, if want to choose, if suit more,be Zhou Zhi really of a few, but but, think in Zhang Moji heart still have do really slowly push to Zhao Min, still have even if Zhang Moji is actually everywhere show mercy ah. Is you also should want to be less than him also to you can be met like spider? The spider in the book can be strong very ugly very black swollen, small clear early days is very ugly also, zhang Moji is very good to them, also be willing and spider together. Zhang Moji is amorous be it who be based on is good to him to who be based on it to who is good that he thinks do not wish disappoint, have nothing to do appearance, is not to be based on randy. Actually Zhang Moji this individual also is very pitiful, basic who is good to him who does he like, week is actually good still to Zhang Moji, I feel Zhou Que fact should have liked Zhang Moji, and did not put down all the time, regrettablly is, final Zhang Moji chose him to love. Also be to compare regrettablly. Of Zhang Moji pay a debt of gratitude the emotional view of style, no matter was used,be like before this true love really is.

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