Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Date of hand over the accounts of in relief company of Zhang Tinglin luck is banned character company of the under one’s name before this is passed because of experience annul by investigation

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Recently, the gregarious Zhang number of Zhang Ting, Lin Ruiyang turns by whack to prohibit character state. Before this, company of Lin Ruiyang Zhang Ting is suspected of passing annul be investigated to cause heat to discuss.

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On December 29 before dawn ” TST front courtyard is secret ” dispatch response says he is managed legally, lawfully pay taxes. In the meantime, represent company operation everything is normal, also work those who cooperate relevant section.

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On December 29 morning, shijiazhuang city makes rich China region market supervises management board to turn over unfair competition division the staff member tells look as far as one can journalist, should send the member that sells constituent development, participate in namely pass sold personnel to be in abundant China area, this is passed sell an organization to have span time long, involve personnel fund of case of much, experience is big 3 big characteristics, time is begin from 2013. This staff member says, will investigated to this matter put on record June this year, “Specific number inconvenience discloses, I can tell experience record amount case of your his experience amount is huger only. I can tell experience record amount case of your his experience amount is huger only..

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To this, comment of People’s Daily dispatch says, a few days ago, in relief company of Zhang Tinglin luck is suspected of passing annul be investigated. The market superintends sectional response, much, amount compares experience case personnel tremendous, already entered property audit phase. Experience record company is responded to, cooperate actively to work about the branch. Concerned case property, responsibility is maintained, still need static wait for findings. The masses that causes from this passes the heat that sells a phenomenon to discuss to the network, what also reminding people to need vigilance to be begun with the name such as electric business, small business is new-style pass sell to be. Law society, hold no less than illegal secure personal gain ” secret ” ; Legal umbrella, protect the management of abide by the law devoir only. Relevant orgnaization and network platform need strengthen a technology to discriminate, tear apart the waists-coat that pack, administer of all kinds line to go up, pass below the line sell an activity, heavy fist hits out cannot stop, dig canvass greatly to see effect.

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