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Original title: New theatrical work of Liu Hao Ran will raid, female advocate 9 years old had gone up spring late, interpret of Zhang Jia of gull of the king that allow a fine gives them play a supporting role The teleplay that Liu Hao Ran, Song Zuer acts the leading role ” dimly discernible of a poetic name of China is recorded ” had filmed last year, will broadcast this year. This teleplay adapts the homonymic novel from Changjiang Delta, caused a lot of origianl work vermicelli made from bean starch expect. It with ” a poetic name of China ” for setting, told about a flock of people to stand fast the story of faith.

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Of personate of Liu Hao Ran is a world child, he is sent by father in 12 years old when proton, he became the chief on the prairie later. Song Zuer is inside of personate is birds princess, everybody evaluates her to fall for involuntary discharge of urine the female disaster water of chiliad. They accepted a series of challenges because of the reason of the identity, they produced feeling gradually later.

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In ” dimly discernible of a poetic name of China is recorded ” in, interpret of Xu Qing, Wang Ou, Li Guangjie, Zhang Jia still has Zhang Fengyi to be Liu Hao Ran and Song Zuer support a leaving actor in succession. Making what the fine acts inside is long princess, overturned before all her parts. Long princess is good at tactics, want a palm to accuse overall situation, her scheming is deep it is one has authority to have the woman that seek.

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Xu Qing gives the ancient costume teleplay that act not much, she goes out perform the film and modern drama to be in the majority, her small pear nest laughs very attractive, she in the film always gives a person the sense that a kind of charm still keeps. Xu Qing already 50 years old, but she still resembles a small princess, she also very enjoy this kind of feeling.

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Song Zuer follows Xu Qing same, what she acts also is a princess. Just Song Zuer does not like dispute, she does not like to manacle more, she has liked carefree life. Song Zuer is 95 hind Neozoic floret, she is in 9 years old when ascended spring late stage, performed a program ” the flower below sunshine ” .

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In Song Zuer 11 years old when, because go out,act ” pass before treasure lotus lamp ” medium small where Zha one horn and by audience place hep. Song Zuer is taken an examination of later went up performance of Beijing film institute is, she gradually active at performing art circle. Because she is in true person excellent program ” flower with the teenager the 3rd season ” in argute and lovely wonderful performance encircled a lot of pink, she got of a lot of audiences like.

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And Liu Hao Ran is to walk along actual strength to send a course, he is held in both hands by Chen Saicheng force all the time. Because he is in the film ” Beijing love story ” go out mediumly act to cut a figure in recreational group, he still entered true person excellent program ” right man ” show went out to not be afraid that suffering does not fear tired show. Also be to be in this year, liu Hao Ran is taken an examination of with achievement of first of of reinforced material of professional, culture went up the Thespian institute central.

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Some closer year, the resource of Liu Hao Ran is pretty good all the time. He still is in piece perform Chen Saicheng hold the film that guide, he still followed old paean director to cooperate the film ” bewitching cat is passed ” . Liu Hao Ran is on the job all the time very hard, he also is 95 hind a when the person makes value most in Neozoic actor.

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Liu Hao Ran and Song Zuer are in ” dimly discernible of a poetic name of China is recorded ” medium modelling still has clothing line to change great beauty, their group CP gave origianl work novel pink more expectation.

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