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Original title: By ” blessing Er rub division is suckled ” litres person energy of life is great! Male star of 56 years old of TVB: The audience likes me enough private parts is wet Click top right corner ” attention ” know newest TVB information everyday article editor drama shows a company: Jackson now, TVB actor Zheng is respected base general showing a body bay TV city, look for TVB person integrity ” shed go by to be in charge of 50 years ” hold the position of sing a honored guest to undertake kinescope. During, the business suit that sees he wears fluorescent peachblossom appears, appear very suck eyeball! Suffer when visitting, zheng Jing radical discloses will take off with Lirilang, Lin Shijie sing ” elder brother ” Zhang Guorong a few fast songs.

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He does again laugh call: ” can sing ” wind continues to chase after ” , want to take the sport of a concerned elder brother very much later, he is my God, but this thing should be conceived with Lirilang again first, want tread lightly. “

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The TVB drama anthology that speaks of oneself a ginseng acts ” blessing Er rub division is suckled ” big last week ending, the response of the audience is very enthusiastic, drama market closes inspect reach public praise perfectly. Act in drama ” shade department money ” Zheng Jing radical more litres person energy of life is accordingly great, hold in both hands by the heat of audience and netizen, to this he expresses very be thankful reach happy.

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He laughs point to, early before drama assemble meets him twice to dare not go, the issue closes the whole people is in at that time who is suspecting hand opening chest after all, he fears he is not careful inadvertently blurt out: ” be! Namely very be afraid of be asked about me to who is hand attending a meeting chamber to explode noisy mouth! Although this drama was sowed, but hear someone I perform assist well nether world is wet I am very happy. “

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Additional, mention TVB uptodate arrangement rebroadcast of late night archives is classical old drama ” card pulls house look forward to ” , days of his deep feeling is fleet, show an actor held ability and play staff a few days ago again party, play very happily! He says: ” how will surely I sit every night now watch, see less than returning can get online chase after. (does can much dot do a party? ) meeting, hope everybody is not lain between next time so long get together again. “

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The Zheng Jing that is 56 years old base, inherent face of a pair of baby, believe a lot of people cannot believe his actual age. Zheng Jing radical most antedate the member that 80 time are synthesized with group of band of wind and cloud goes out into martial music altar, he what have musical talent quite from small have deep love for sing, he still meets himself at that time compose of compose a poem to a given tune of ci, ceng Huo has gotten music of popularity of the 3rd CASH to create a contest one of Shuang Guanjun.

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1989, zheng Jing radical is converted fall in TVB banner, begin brunt to receive the part that take theatrical work, what act basically nevertheless is ordinary small part. Be in later 90 time the middle ten days of a month, he ceases temporarily shadow immigrant Canada. Till 1998, zheng Jing Jicai returns harbor to develop, and continue is received pat TVB person to enrage drama anthology ” blaze great ambition ” , make him famous spend the gas that reach a person to increase greatly.

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Later, he is joined in succession perform anthology of much department theatrical work, the work of relatively close a particular year has ” Xin Baoxi meets ” , ” feminine club ” , ” faithful serpent ” , ” receive compasses China ” , ” Zhang Baozi ” , ” one house lad is written down ” , ” scampish emperor ” , ” , graduation La! ” , ” benevolence days ” and ” blessing Er rub division is suckled ” etc. Expect Zheng Jingji continues to bring more for us wonderful!

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