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Original title: Ni Dagong has his moment rear: Because of ugly seek by Zhang Yi speak, ceng Yan is big oneself often make fun of 5 years old the old father of bone Ni Dagong of bone of old recently show is really ” bright red ” , since ” Dou Ting is good ” after broadcasting, the father making evil spirit of his personate was aroused a lot of discuss, even if ” Dou Ting is good ” receive an official, search still can be heated up on frequency, because the netizen discovers not only he can wear very wet dress, return the song that can hear Lu Han, Zhou Jielun.

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Of course, ni Dagong most let what the person admires or he performed a lot of classical roles, had performed the father of a lot of people, can says ” father specialist ” . Give a mark in fabaceous valve for instance of 9.7 ” big bright dynasty 1566 ” in, ming Dynasty of Ni bright red personate is ministerial a complementary Yan Song, an aherents is densely covered, the chancellery of the government and the public of power use up all one’s resources.

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” big bright dynasty 1566 ” leave when patting, ability is 47 Ni Dagong years old, and of his personate is Yan Song of 86 years old, director Zhang Li wants to part is picked in the actor from 60 years old of above originally, but saw Ni Dagong go up makeup after trying play, maintain him.

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Do those who laugh is, the Zhang Zhijian of Yan Shibo of son of personate severe fleabane, at that time already 52 years old, more bright red than Ni fully old 5 years old. Zhang Zhijian everybody should very look familiar, classical part has ” terrestrial correct path is vicissitudes of life ” Dong Jianchang, ” people’s name ” Gao Yoliang.

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Ni Dagong is good to act Yan Song this part, very devoted, designed briefly hand to tremble not only, conversation is slow take the behavioral detail such as halt, when calculating a field to rest, also let oneself be in the character from beginning to end, still avoid to be mixed with spot staff member ripe, the meeting when lest pat,making fun of is abstracted. Final, he does not lose people’s expectations to had performed a role, no matter be appearance of sitting position, station,still walk, can give a person the sense of anility.

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Before the emperor, aged Yan Song likes pretend to be deaf and dumb to fool very much in the past, it is the character of an experienced and astute. Ni Dagong gives a person a kind of drowsy sense below the circumstance for the most part, but the moment of truth, his eyes can let a person see the one side of part a past master of machination and manoeuvre, shen Yishi’s Zhao Lixin is profuse in praise even personate wealthy businessman to him.

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Get on an university to begin actually, ni Dagong because appearance is experienced, be elected as male monitor not only, classmates need a person to act father, grandfather, too father when large part of this kind of age, do not forget to look for him, accordingly he obtained a monicker to cry ” Ni uncle ” .

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Besides play the part of old, in play the part of ugly side Ni Dagong also very can go ahead regardless. Zhang Yi is sought ever looked for his personate ” 3 guns strike the table is amazed ” Wang Wu is pitted, one ugly explode the part of earthly surface.

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Ni Dagong just made up, zhang Yi seeks speak before everybody’s face he: “This is good Chinese cabbage let pig arch absolutely (show the Yan Ni in play performs his wife) , this who wants to be able to go down too with you, still give birth to a son to you, it is impossible thing. ” still say to Ni Dagong: “Bright red, the person of such hemp has not appeared on Chinese screen. The person of such hemp has not appeared on Chinese screen..

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Besides should play the part of ugly, the most difficult to Ni Dagong still is to dance, he is when the university shape course is bad, the dance movement Gang Xin of the design suffers from experienced meeting, changed again immediately, relapse so, and go also change will change. With the actor actually at the beginning this does not have a predestined relationship Ni Dagong’s appearance all right, but his unremitting, took an examination of 4 years of art school eventually on, go up play, medium report of play, north, army art try, the play in finally just admitted him when comedian.

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Ran later old utility man, just rely on what each screen part won an audience more than 10 years to approbate recently. Ni is bright red nowadays the play in was being become is the famousest in 82 performances department, also be the actor with classical maximum part, such achievement, how many sweat and feel sad be rear?

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