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Original title: One shows the net theatrical work of the 2 temperament in the move to gut from the name, ” classmate 200 million years old ” the accident is good-looking In how should this 2 words explain? Understand by the masses even if do not give a shop sign with often managing, stand to go alone especially, peculiar to the attention dot of the thing, still lapping at the same time warmth and the milk of human kindness, more complex, it is youth of all previous classics however inevitable result. Often set exceeds quite the drama of common is met by the coronal with in 2 date, for instance ” Balabala is small demon celestial being ” , for instance ” asp A ministry ” , the audience that likes this kind of theme can like very much, detest conversely unusual, although weigh a difficult attune, a drama counteracted science fiction to add youth well however, the actor is mostly 00 hind, however enough touchs each age layers. This drama is ” classmate 200 million years old ” , the name drives a customer a bit, both neither resembles ” Balabala is small demon celestial being ” advocate dozen puerile, unlike ” asp A ministry ” advocate dozen do laugh, want to reflect true youth to still want to be added into subject matter of dot science fiction, big probability of sensory finished product is met nondescript.

20220102020923 61d10953aeca1

When thinking of to broadcast truly however Jing admired audience, can see youth really from inside, science fiction is shirt-sleeve also fair and reasonable, have the plot that burn a brain, still there is no lack of the reflecting of affection of close love friendly love. No matter be worn,bubble surface still is fried chicken, the person that anyhow is watched can forget basically have a thing this thing, look sedulously hard extricate oneself. Reputably with big probability crushing negative opinion, summary rises to reflect basically in the following: The actor’s show is very light eye, perfect agree with gut. Female advocate the Xuan Mo of rare personate experienced Li Geng double identity, although by extraterrestrial appendages of 200 million years old, but her body still has in the final analysis 16 years old only, the actor that uses age similar goes the show can pay close attention to acting respect not only, the key still has the junior feeling of a kind of heavy full figure, come from this heart, enough affects the mood that watch a movie, still include excellent Yan Zhi of course. In the work that adds science fiction in this kind of youth this especially precious, want the audience does not give play, be willing to accept a series of this bizarre set, it is good that that is about to do all things that can bring sense of reality do all things that can bring sense of reality do sufficient, this also is successful only way.

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Gut is compact, figure figure is plump and stereo. Actually ” classmate 200 million years old ” origianl work author and ” asp A cloth ” congeneric one person, its work mostly space is not long, all sorts of set are attracted especially however, be full of the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style, adapt rise difficulty is very great. Because work of movie and TV needs to show detail, the part that the character can be taken and spends is patted absolutely impossibly and pass, set to the person from the full extent of the story, even art design prop wants entirely perfect appear, such ability makes a complete theatrical work. The change of playwrite is clever ground confluence is added into Xuan Mo the love trend after the body, crewel develops simultaneously, every camera lens does not come to nothing, serious expression character relates a story, ensure the audience looks satisfy a craving.

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Jing of specially good effect admires to not be defeated to be made greatly. ” classmate 200 million years old ” supervise the manufacture of of You Xujing bud, character respect nature need not worry, this also is reflected go up in a lot of detail. Wanted to combine science fiction part to be applied with respect to what avoid specially good effect hard only, to drama of a lot of nets specially good effect is to reduce cent normally, this also creates theatrical work of domestic science fiction to the audience the inherent impression of manufacture in a rough way. Do good specially good effect to want to rely on capital not only actually, the manner that is not perfunctory seriously is very important also, the part of specially good effect of this drama special take a heart, every department set is used on drop, like letting an audience feel these specially good effect resemble happening beside oneself, changed bizarre feeling infirmly further.

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The drama that can make a heart heavy come down is good theatrical work, no matter how set has appeal, open 5 minutes of audiences people can make the decision that look or does not view oneself, what so good public praise needs is accumulative power. The main trend is green piece often advocate hit nostalgic, those glad or disappointed is like the sincere feeling that lose really exquisite to be like ever was acquainted, but the audience that all previous passes green age people still can feel some less however it seems that what. ” classmate 200 million years old ” OK really and complemental be short of regret this kind, that is to be belonged to only junior in 2 illusions, a bit exciting, but indispensable.

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