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Original title: ” small happiness ” become famous very quickly, person cultivate is harmless first love face, is he 25 years old returned can again fire? Civil / still remember without dirt last year ” send our pure small happiness ” when broadcasting, hu Yitian enrages the favor that is proud the about of charming earned myriad girl again by right of Jiang Chen commander in chief, vermicelli made from bean starch is one night increase sharply more. And be in love with sweetly in drama is relaxed and happy letting a person more, extremely yearning. Recently, another campus pure beauty that acts the leading role by Hu Yitian is in love with ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” kill blueness, hu Yitian is good in achievement of Yan Zhigao of the personate in drama ” south Cheng Huai ” , cause the discussion upsurge of vermicelli made from bean starch, everybody states Hu Yitian grew face of a pair of first love in succession, put on school uniform to have the feeling of grass of high school officer very much.

20220102021115 61d109c385722

” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” as August Chang’an ” Zhen Hua trilogy ” last, those who tell about is the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces 15 years are as long as south trifoliate orange and Cheng Huai from dark love the green campus story that love each other, small make up when still remembering reading a novel at that time, what like most is that mark move of trifoliate orange of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces dark a word that loves Xiu Chengzheng fruit: “Trifoliate orange of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces loves south Cheng Huai, the whole world knows ” . From will look on the other hand, also be opposite because of everybody just about this novel special love, ability can have taller expectation to teleplay. Announcing to act the leading role by Hu Yitian and Hu Bingqing ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” , very intense discussion appeared on small gain, each have each view. Small nevertheless make up feel, the acting that every actor has him style, cannot blindly negative or affirmative, everything still should talk with work.

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In green campus dark love and love always is hazy and blueness is acerbity, we always also can answer the days in recall campus or the boy that are school uniform of the dress in memory, believe Hu Yitian can receive the play of green campus theme continuously, because he has the temperament of young acerbity girl in campus really,also be, it is beyond question that this can say. And the Yan Zhi of Hu Yitian find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind also is a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch really a bit what like very much, comely appearance often can give a person very comfortable sense.

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Hu Yitian since personate ” small happiness ” since, from ” the Summer Solstice did not come ” minor minor role enrages God nova into humanness very quickly. In very right the person looks, his success is very abrupt, and in explode red afterwards, his every act becomes conspicuous all the more, even every little detail can be magnified again by enlarge, no matter be good,still be bad, hu Yitian can say is was surrounded by public opinion.

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But what we cannot deny is, hu Yitian is having congenital advantage, that is face of first love of hurtless of cultivate of a piece of person, although his acting is in all the time,be oppugned, he also is trying hard ceaselessly on this way that makes an actor, is this a teenager this some appearance? No less than his new theatrical work ” green beard is early ” be said: “The name with struggling, go to youth to make an appointment with ” . No matter the outside has how many scandal, doing his simply is.

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Hu Yitian performs green teenager in campus drama not only, a lovely big boy also is in the life! He sent a paragraph in small gain recently oneself are playing skip the video of the bed, the character that match is ” eat too full impact to develop ” , in video Hu Yitian is skipping on the bed small jumping result of itch to try bends over finally was in on the edge, vermicelli made from bean starch comments on below video: “Thinking formerly is Wang Zhe, the result is plastic ” , more vermicelli made from bean starch says for fun: “Hu Yitian’s mouth, the ghost that cheats mahjong ” . And the entitle of vermicelli made from bean starch that Hu Yitian gives him ” mahjong ” also be very lovely, it is OK that the vermicelli made from bean starch that makes him allegedly goes hitting mahjong ” introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad ” a day.

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Hu Yitian interacts with vermicelli made from bean starch constantly on small gain, play extremely, also do not forget humour in interview. Hu Yitian’s tall man is be obvious to all, interview in a of recently in, hu Yitian lets vermicelli made from bean starch receive for fun machine when remember shampoo, because he can see everybody’s the top of head, when still saying to make fun of to pat, appear in with the partner same in the picture, he has made the greatest effort is ” do the splits ” , and think the tall man’s not quite good a bit reason is a balance actually oneself feel bad. The word says, it is not certain also that if growing shortly, balance feeling is looked like the meeting is very good, for instance small make up even if such.

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Additional, another of Hu Yitian new theatrical work announced to leave formally recently pat, in this drama Hu Yitian will go out perform sound of god of a high intelligence quotient, this drama is act the leading role by the person such as Hu Yitian, Zhang Yunlong, Xiao Yan ” surprise visit of the Republic of China ” , hu Yitian is very lovely more new theatrical work publicizes on small gain: “Want to make bit of penny only, did not think of ‘ explore ‘ on important matter ” . Whether do you expect Hu Yitian changes to become the detective of crack a criminal case of a high intelligence quotient toward figure of teenager of day school garden?

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No matter be,just kill blueness ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” or piece the flower already went out ” green beard is early ” , or before cause discussion upsurge ” peerless double arrogant ” and ” sweet juice stews a squid ” , can see Hu Yitian is trying new role ceaselessly, and the new theatrical work that will welcome a big to belong to him this year, the hope can see a different Hu Yitian, do you get ready receive him?

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