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Original title: TVB ” law card pioneer 4 ” kill blueness 82 years old Xie Xian is high-key appear, avoid Tan Zhangbai Zhi 3 sons topic TVB ” law card pioneer 4 ” get attention with respect to equipment since prepare, the whole thing prepare pat also last a period of time two years, eventually this TVB year is made greatly film before April 2019 eventually end, whole a few days ago play staff held the Qing Gongyan that kill blueness, the actor that the portion shares this theatrical work one by one appears, and in this one numerous actor, most those who get attention is not the actor that main actor instead is a few special shows, include Xie Xian, Bao Qijing.

20220102021139 61d109db6b13e

Be Xie Xian of 82 years old is ” law card pioneer 4 ” the actor of the special show that makes public the earliest, formative time tries early in this drama he has been publicized along with the play staff together, can say ” law card pioneer 4 ” since Guan Xuan, want to hold relevant press conference only, try modelling for instance, open a factory to do obeisance to divine ceremony, can see his figure. Say nevertheless, xie Xian is not ” law card pioneer 4 ” main actor, his show share in this drama is not too much, also have before mentioned, he just makes special show, but because,be probably too long did not answer TVB to take sport, and he also is in without too much job personally, because this wants to have relevant propaganda only, he very attend eagerly.

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Although Xie Xian is not ” law card pioneer 4 ” main actor, but because his itself is a topic,be in, at the same time ” law card pioneer 4 ” also be he separates the work that the participation with old TVB films, his limelight compares then one numerous leading role is even big. A work that shares TVB to film was 1988 ” tarry tomorrow ” , once was in he was participated in 2017 ” the gathering of heroes that bet a city ” film, nevertheless ” the gathering of heroes that bet a city ” do not be drama of very dinkum TVB (the work that is not TVB supervise the manufacture of, also do not film inside TVB) , calculate so come down, xie Xian has 30 years to did not film the drama anthology of TVB. And additional, be in ” law card pioneer 4 ” in the show share of Xie Xian and Mi Xue of another specially invite actor is most, and the collaboration of bone of these two old show can lift a topic again, this also makes of Xie Xian suffer attention degree house not to fall high.

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TVB of regain of 30 years of Xie Xian is lain between to take theatrical work when, he is to appear hysterical, every time is attended ” law card pioneer 4 ” relevant activity he is incessant to TVB assist mouth, special meeting sells a mouth good, attend this ” law card pioneer 4 ” banquet of evil spirit division is not exceptional also, left an acknowledgment TVB, right one expresses to be done not have without TVB today’s oneself, still do not forget to help a family, speak bluntly is TVB supported a family, fed Xie Ting sharp edge. So listen to Xie Xian to say to have bit of hyperbole really, but undeniable also, once because Xie Xian films the drama anthology of TVB also aided him to have one’s moment very long period of time, in those days ” snow mountain flying fox ” , ” the trials of a long journey always is affection ” , ” 1000 Wang Zhi king ” , ” day dragon 8 ” it is his masterpiece in TVB, and 80 time are worth when Xie Xian serves TVB at that time, just thank thunderbolt sharp edge to be born at that time, so hyperbole of Xie Xianzan beautiful TVB is hyperbole, but also all without exception spoke a fact.

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Additional, be in ” law card pioneer 4 ” on Qing Gongyan, xie Xian still expresses, the hope is in ” law card pioneer 4 ” later the drama anthology that still can continue to pat a bit TVB more, because market of Hong Kong film is bad now, invite his film 9 this years without what person (the film with show much share) , fortunately Mei Xiaoqing invited sincerely him to answer TVB 2018, just had this collaboration so. Because this collaboration makes him feel this is good,also begin, as long as time, scenario is likely he is willing to participate in TVB drama anthology film.

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Somebody suggests he and thank thunderbolt sharp edge to take sport together, because impression is medium, they two father and son did not have collaboration in drama of movie and TV, to this Xie Xian expresses to defy, his speak bluntly, xie Ting sharp edge has the kind that Xie Ting him sharp edge makes money, have oneself mobile space and range, had better not pull him, because he does not think,be thanked thunderbolt sharp edge grabs lens. Mention whether to often see two grandchildren, xie Xian states every month is interviewed at least, can use up the Sun Zhile that enjoy father, and in be asked about when whether seeing 3 prince of Zhang Baizhi, xie Xian expresses to not be clear about, do not know, because with them the home has nothing to do. ” law card pioneer 4 ” although had filmed,ended, still need later period to make nevertheless, if believe quite in time to be in the most quickly,can broadcast, if the fruit rate of progress that make is slow, estimation wants when next year ability sees Xie Xian’s elegant demeanour. PS: The picture all comes from Internet

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