Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Once confused Li Baotian so that mesmerize, zhang Guoli also admires her, fat nowadays

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” happy event of highly skilled doctor comes happy ” this drama, believe to regard as 70 hind 80 hind should special not unfamiliar, the hero of this drama is ” arched of Liu of prime minister in feudal China ” medium Li Baotian acts the leading role, at that time once this drama broadcasts suffer with respect to equipment reputably, and viewing rate is exceedingly high.

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” happy event of highly skilled doctor comes happy ” this drama once still had the honor to win award of 21 Jin Ying outstanding work reward, there is to once confused Li Baotian so that mesmerize in drama ” contest Xi Shi ” do you still remember? And her person that act is Shen Aojun.

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Shen Aojun grows very beautifully, especially she spends a sentence that always can draw a man to a peach-shaped thing that picks high then, do not know to once how many man is confused for it. In this drama her not only acting is good, and Yan Zhi also got an audience approbate.

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Besides Li Baotian, he once still had cooperated with Zhang Guoli, be in ” golden wedding ” in this teleplay, shen Aojun is in drama the part that of personate is a third party, same within an inch of lets Zhang Guoli be not controlled.

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But be in career most summit summit period, shen Aojun chooses finish marriage to give birth to the child however, appear on screen rarely later, set his mind at to be in the home photograph husband godchild, the life is flat however still very good.

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After giving birth to the child, shen Aojun holds to mother milk feed all the time, this also makes her body is out of shape, before was being done not have extremely beautiful, so fat nowadays that within an inch of does not admit. Do you feel Shen Aojun is beautiful still now

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