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Original title: Cross year of high-quality goods playlet ” do not offend a pigeon ” come, take you to walk into the secret of 3 women backside The female this year group the hey that returns pretty much high-quality goods like work, this paragraph of time has ” love is very delicate ” , still have before ” I am quite good in an alien land ” , focusing instantly female all sorts of real difficult position, give aid to each other, grow together, unlike a few foolish is Bai Tian’s person set much sweeter? ” I am quite good in an alien land ” ” love is very delicate ” it is two play that I love most this year, zhou Yutong and king chrysanthemum are two actors that I feel the most surprizing this year.

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Small make up see a new woman today group like playlet, cry ” do not offend a pigeon ” . This is the playlet of a 12 collect, by mango TV, big awn the plan manufactures, king , continuous heavy rain of Er of Zheng Yingchen, Gong Rong, Jiang Yun, Zhang Hao like that, Li Junting presents as leading role to act the leading role.

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Continuous heavy rain of respecting Jiang sunlight, does everybody still remember him be in ” she faulty ” in the mad villain in drama of personate? Acting is too good really, when seeing that play at that time, be opposite simply that his part is hated the tooth is crawlily ah… act the leading role this ” do not offend a pigeon ” , jiang sunlight continuous heavy rain is handsome on the line also will challenge ego, do not look to give this boy to still have opening of two width of cloth.

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Saw prevue, main gut spreads out in the encountering of affection coadjutant group with 3 new wives. And ” vital woman ” resemble a bit, also be 3 women, 3 kinds of disposition, predestined relationship coincidence is together by connection.

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Be in ” vital woman ” in, everybody content relation forms a piece of network, and of popular feeling complex let this piece of net floating with mad desire mysterious and bloodcurdling colour, at the same time flimsy and clinking. See the first season, remember that Why Women Kill forever? Because Men Ask For It.

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But, compare ” vital woman ” dark black department, this drama has more apparently ” cure ” colour. It told about these 3 females to grow in ache, save atone for each other, face the realest oneself story bravely. More resemble ” I am quite good in an alien land ” in with realistically brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy, the mirth of the young people that focusing foreign land struggles and tear. What can arouse most person is resonant, because that is each foreign land,hit the worker’s truest portraiture.

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I feel ” do not offend a pigeon ” set also very joint reality lives, our everybody can encounter affection problem, but not be everybody has pour out an object suitably. ” do not offend a pigeon ” 3 in new wives, think their each other is not acquainted formerly, but be together by all sorts of secret join however… it is to hold a group in the arms to warm oneself, still be the more what one tries to hide; It is real feeling is revealed, still cannot face; 3 women that have never met before, be how from conceal each other, go to what warmth helps each other? Small make up already wash one’s hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water expected! 3 female advocate cruel heart makes fun of greatly, take you to look for the truest him ~

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Just be the end of the year, did the target seeking theatrical work this year finish everybody? Did not finish pile up this drama rapidly, a day of two collect just appropriate; Finished also should look, because we are mixed,the story of the pigeon just just begins.

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” do not offend a pigeon ” already on December 31 midday 11: 30 leave in mango TV sow. Be not member head to sow 2 collect, replace 2 part everyday. The member sees 2 market first, small make up had opened the membership ahead of schedule! In the rain in wind, cross year wait for your ~

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