Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: “Grow uglily to be not however perform unique beauty male ” 5 male stars, last see laugh upset stomach In everybody’s impression, beautiful male should be long very handsome, standing over bring charm oneself, our imagination is not however in some teleplay however in that way, though the part is a peerlessly beautiful beauty male, but actually the actor of personate is mixed however of our phenomenon different, come to everybody today check 5 ” grow so that Chou Fei performs unique beauty male ” 5 male stars, last see laugh upset stomach! 1. Makemake once was in ” consider beautiful woman ” in personate Qu Yuan, original Qu Yuan is in the set in this drama is a great beauty male, although Ma Ke’s Yan Zhi is not low also, but model the Qu Yuan that come out to feel, did not reach the great beautiful male figure that says in drama, although Ma Ke is in ” spend 1000 bone ” in also personate Guo Meinan kills crisscross footpaths between fields, still can see in that drama the dot is beautiful male temperament, what the form that submits former Apollo differs really is a bit far.

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2.Actually Feng Shaofeng grows Feng Shaofeng or be not Chang Shuai to enrage, acting is possible still also, also had performed a lot of teleplay, he ever went out perform teleplay ” Lan Ling king ” Gao Changgong of medium Lan Ling king, in origianl work Gao Changgong is unique great beauty male, the orchid hill Wang Que of personate of peak of Feng carry on very let a person give play, do not know the reason that is dress or gut, always feel those who blame a bit strange, the feeling is not carried on unique beauty male title.

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3.Ceng Yin of day of classics of Ruan Jingtian Ruan ” fated I love you ” be paid close attention to more very much, person morale is very high also, nevertheless that also is a long time ago, he goes out later acted ” help up shake ” inside personate son’s eldest son is not had extremely, in drama set also is an Apollo, but Ruan Jingtian’s ancient costume is dressed up is not very good-looking really, more look not to come out he is an unique Apollo, likelihood or contemporary outfit had been met.

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4.Everybody knows Huang Xuan Huang Xuan’s acting is very good, but light looks from appearance, his Yan Zhi does not calculate very tall, belong to the sort of comparison to be able to bear or endure look, he also has performed a lot of teleplay, public praise is pretty good still, he ever went out had acted ” maritime Mu Yun is written down ” inside of personate is an unique beauty male, light sees the model inside, or very those who give play, those who sufferred a lot of people spit groove.

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5.Wu Jianhao Wu Jianhao ever was in ” samite not ended ” in personate an unique beauty male, but come on the stage really spit groove with respect to what suffer a lot of netizens, no matter be,be on figure very of failure, the contemporary outfit that visits him at the outset is quite handsome still, the likelihood is not to suit ancient costume very much really, still many netizens spit the upset stomach that after groove sees this model, laughs in succession!

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“Grow uglily to be not however perform unique beauty male ” 5 male stars, last see laugh upset stomach!

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