Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Still remember ” pass outside Wu Lin ” the Mo Xiaobei in? Disrelish her at the outset ugly, make friends with a man of higher position does not rise nowadays In us in one’s childhood, also be to a lot of classical teleplay allow our forgetting to return, among them ” pass outside Wu Lin ” , most propbably is the childhood memory of major person, mouth of the Bai Zhantang inside, scholar, Guo Furong, Li Da, Mo Xiaobei is waited a moment, it is to let us very the childhood of the yearning is classical part.

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The Wang Sha Sha that does not know everybody still remembers Mo Xiaobei of this drama personate? This drama fire later, wang Sha Sha also is fire rise, but to it and the doubt sound that those who come is netizen full ground however. Call her this appearance what encircle how possibly in recreation is long.

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Although the netizen’s word is more offensive, but must say, comparative and other when red female star, outer form of king Sha Sha this respect is to be defeated really. Dan Wangsha Sha is done not have by the netizen this word gives Ko. In 4 years when, ” batman piece ” it is to let her appear in the eye shot of the audience, audience people also discover this little girl not the acting of common.

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Be in however in last few years, wang Sha Sha disappeared from the scene slowly however. When the netizen thinks she is hidden by snow, wang Sha Sha is abrupt suddenly change one’s identity, not only Yan Zhi rose, and return pass an entrance examination the Master of Shanghai Thespian institute is graduate.

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Must say, female big 18 change, wang Sha Sha present also is to become more good-looking more, once was disrelished ugly, to now make friends with a man of higher position letting a person does not rise. The effort of Wang Sha Sha we these netizens do not know, but we know is, she is met more and more hard, do not know everybody feels? Also be to expect Wang Sha Sha can bring us more wonderful work.

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