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Original title: ? The Cenozoic Era is worn take actor of villain in drama to knock calm, contest collect: Large small hole of your this heavy also became a traitor Come from the reliable information yesterday, the Cenozoic Era is worn take ” Daikaaoteman ” (also be translated to be Dekaiaoteman) actor of part of villain in drama has been knocked calm, he once was in namely ” exceed decisive battle! Bei Liya is galactic and Caesarean ” in personate surpasses Luoaoteman the Xiaoliu of terrestrial system is friendly, also be the system of the first world since Sailuoaoteman is born oneself at the same time.

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This information comes very quickly, as a result of,basically be ” Daikaaoteman ” the time that films into canopy is earlier, ” special benefit Jia Aoteman ” show share is blueness was killed in October 2021, and the Cenozoic Era is worn take in ” special benefit Jia Aoteman ” after be over with respect to open film the job, by the way, this ” Daikaaoteman ” the makeup girl that there is chivalric series in filming, the character is decided makeup when should do not have ” special benefit Jia Aoteman ” the sword is realized so let a person spit groove.

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The topic returns actor body to go up, return to this ” Daikaaoteman ” 12 years are lain between to go out again when be small Liu You perform Aoteman series, just be the identity with part of villain in drama comes on the stage this, generally speaking in Aoteman series gives the role that perform for many times in, can perform Aoteman already terrestrial system can perform role of villain in drama again, small Liu You should be the first, it is Aoteman commonly the decent actor of series performs negative character in chivalric series, the most classical should belong to 7 father ” the doomsday of false face knight arrived “

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Round cereal likes to start the company of greeting of some of small painted eggshell as, sure it is to cannot let off this opportunity, the villain in drama that small Liu You regards permanent as is sure should play on its body a few ” Beiliya is galactic and Caesarean ” the actor straightens, can consult go out likewise act ” Beiliya is galactic and Caesarean ” join again act ” nimble Deaoteman ” Xiaoliu, if to moment Sailuoaoteman gues-stars ” Daikaaoteman ” actor stalk can appear certainly, the small Liu You that wants to serve as villain in drama escapes suddenly to surpass Luo Yan lens.

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Comb the Cenozoic Era to wear the about villain in drama a few information in taking, this work comes from future like medium villain in drama and leading role, leading role uses calorie of card to change personally, conjectural villain in drama also is to block a card to change here personally, such toys can sell two.

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Additional, this making as ” wear Naaoteman ” greeting work, whether is meeting answer engraved ” take ” medium villain in drama Sifeiya? Perhaps let ” make and Sifeiya ” the delegate of villain in drama that has an elephant as appears, these a few years of round cereal here to villain in drama model what still hold out a heart, and the result is right also, the person energy of life of parts of a lot of villain in drama often compares a few decent parts in drama to go up high many, probably small Liu You also can rely on this work to hint one servent is enraged again.

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Mixed last year look round this year the information here divulges cereal very fast, what the information that a lot of moment allow truly comes than magazine graph is fast still, ” special benefit Jia Aoteman ” arrive on the government when be less than 20 collect, information content gets on for big ending at least, so likely this year ” Daikaaoteman ” had not sowed understand early days gut probably.

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Finally, thank you to see here, if you like the author’s article, can nod assist and attention, author update for a short while ” special benefit Jia ” up to date information, a review of a play!

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