Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: ” 3 unripe sansei ” 4 the most beautiful costar, black female the 2nd, the first without doubt

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” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” broadcast, caused the upsurge that seek theatrical work, believe everybody is opposite up to now do the character in drama and gut forget hard? Now the season is young write 4 the most beautiful supporting rule in giving everybody check theatrical work, does everybody look to still remember them rapidly?

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The 4th rouge. Rouge is the young daughter that gentleman of ala of alar a group of things with common features props up dark green, although father and elder brother brother are part of villain in drama, but the heart that there is a goodness however in the grown rouge below this kind of environment. As the princess, be nothing difficult of her Yan Zhi naturally.

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The 3rd little laborious. Little Xin Ben is snake of a Xiaoba, be rescued by Bai Jian later, become the slave-girl beside Bai Jian, do not come afterwards she however the fiance with Bai Jian 2 emperor child love each other, caused other people despise and of the netizen spit groove, actually she also is very kind-hearted.

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The 2nd black female. Xuan Yu is in drama cruel and evil have some of poor woman again however, the degree that her Bai Lian spends and ” the strategy that delay happiness ” medium Er fine is about the same. Nevertheless her appearance still is very congenial.

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The first name phoenix 9. Phoenix the 9 niece that are Bai Jian, it is the four seas 8 barren the 2nd beauty. Do not press the word of play set actually, phoenix 9 want than Bai Jian a lot of more beautiful, and in drama phoenix the vermicelli made from bean starch of 9 also exceeds Bai Jian far. These a few female costar, who do you like most?

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