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Original title: Because appearance is melting and into for use of an emperor sweet bestow favor on drama daughter advocate, 21 years old of Zhao Lou are thought of slow-witted bud all is shown outside the play in play lovely Last summer, a Qing Dynasty that draw wind is strange, yan Zhi’s absolutely beautiful ancient costume theatrical work ” oh! My imperial Majesty ” will raid, xiao Zhan gathered together in drama, gu Jiacheng, wu Jia is become, xia Zhiguang one batch wants Yan Youyan, those who want height to have height is handsome the boy. And Zhao Lou is thought of to regard as female advocate become for the existence like month of numerous star arch.

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Regard ancient costume God as drama, zhao Lou is thought of by right of this drama little famous energy of life, qing Chun is leaving big Cha of a northeast actually under beautiful face child word, also be to make a person much to this schoolgirl a few minutes pay close attention to. Compared with ancient costume, the contemporary theatrical work that Zhao Lou considers is in the majority.

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Because appearance is too melting, the scenario that so Zhao Lou considers is more a few contemporary sweet bestow favor on drama. Just receive an official for instance before long ” the most pleasant thing ” , partner Taiwanese enrages small unripe Wang Yiguan, the picture is very pure and fresh raise a key point, young lady elder sister to this kind of part take holding also is very reach the designated position, resembling completely is instinctive quality goes out act.

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The Valentine’s Day when, the Chinese edition that Zhao Lou is thought of and makes triumphant main actor ” blue life and death is loved ” the film also is shown in the cinema, the Zhao Lou in drama is thought of as before a Hei Changzhi, resemble extremely the about of schoolgirl of the first love in impression. Nevertheless this kind takes sad style not to suit a girl apparently slightly, look a little abrupt.

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The Zhao Lou with melting appearance is thought of receive personation to also be more argute and lovely, slow-witted bud is moving type. Grew hurtless of cultivate of a piece of person inherently after all face, because hard to avoid of this play road suffers,be restricted. Little nevertheless elder sister also does not have overmuch kink it seems that, return now after all young, zhao Lou is thought of still is an undergraduate of 98 years at present.

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Regard melting department as the girl, what Zhao Lou thinks of is daily wear building also is to raise a key point but person. The girl prefers to put in order it seems that all sorts of pattern, before red hairpin of elegant net of drip of period of time is popular, the girl also cannot help proceed with took a piece of picture, this girl heart of full screen, let a person see desire for love stir.

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As an undergraduate, what Zhao Lou thinks of is daily simply too ground connection is angry, eat basically namely eat and drink drink play, now and then pat take sport. The girl went out to travel again recently, all sorts of flowers will open roadside April, be the good time that take a picture. Zhao Lou thinks of a suit blue small skirt of tight institute wind, plunging into plait of two fried dough twist simply, pure and fresh girl. There still is a pink squirt on the hand, decrease age inapproachable.

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Wave dot shirt is the closest very fire, nevertheless a bit one careful can fall into convention, zhao Lou is thought of without do sth on a large scale, choose jeans of tie-in light color however, a pair of sneaker and wide sunshade cap, whole person is carried high conspicuous, very simple and relaxed, give a street to wear rise.

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Wave dot shirt is insufficient still, skirt with shoulder-straps of dot of a wave also is very bright look. A simple black T-shirt is built inside, laugh slightly, whole world is bright. Zhao Lou is thought of most cured place is a smile on the face, let a person see sights and sounds of spring beautiful, the mood is auspicious.

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Spring goes out take a picture dozen of card, the dress should choose light color department as far as possible of course. Bull-puncher of tie-in light color covers white Wei Yi, on the head cap of certain blue baseball echo each other at a distance, integral modelling is clean and relaxed. Wrapped the baby on the bag to expose girl heart completely however, show as expected think classmate or pink girl.

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On recreational group one I feel to leave Hei Changzhi’s good-looking female star or Liu Yifei, nevertheless the individual feels Zhao Lou is thought of is to suit black sincerely long hair, decrease age girl, clean and relaxed, let a person cannot help be close to, laughing is sweet more cruel attack, is such for use of an emperor sweet bestow favor on female advocate do you like?

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